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1. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska (6-4/300)
Suh embarrassed linemen on a weekly basis during the college season — only being bested by Texas Tech’s Brandon Carter. His incredible balance and functional strength make him a nightmare to block one on one. Can disrupt both the run game and the passing game. Will fit best as a 4-3 DT.

Pros: Speed, Strength, Technique, Motor
Cons: None
Verdict: Top 3

2. Gerald McCoy (6-4/300)
McCoy is a near-equal for the talented Mr. Suh. He really has no holes in his game, while being able to disrupt offensive plays seemingly at will. Has a good repertoire of pass-rush moves. Will be a great 4-3 DT.

Pros: Speed, Strength, Technique, Motor
Cons: None
Verdict: Top 5

3. Dan Williams, Tennessee (6-2/325)
Able to win at the point of attack due to his sheer power, Williams hasn’t developed a good set of rush-moves. He is constantly doubled on run plays, but is still able to get in on tackles. Best suited for the 3-4 NT position, but could play 4-3 DT.

Pros: Size, Strength, Anchor
Cons: Moves, Motor
Verdict: 1st Round

4. Brian Price, UCLA (6-2/300)
Price is an enigma. He is absolutely dominant for stretches of a game, but then will disappear. Often times, he can out-quick an OL and disrupt the play, but if the blocker latches on, Price just goes along for the ride. He will have to up his ability to shed those blockers in the NFL. Could play either 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE.

Pros: Disruption, Quickness, Strength
Cons: Consistency, Shedding
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

5. Jared Odrick, Penn St. (6-4/295)
Probably will find he fits best as a 3-4 DE, but he will need to add a little bulk. The bulk will help him stand firm against the run, although his upright technique sometimes hurts him their too.

Pros: Motor, Speed, Disruption, Hands
Cons: Off-Field
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

6. Terrence Cody, Alabama (6-4/370)
Mount Cody is a huge man that will anchor well against the run and demand a double team. Probably only a two-down player, as Cody doesn’t generate much of a rush. Gets winded easily, and will need rotation. Best suited as a 3-4 NT.

Pros: Size, Anchor
Cons: Motor
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

7. Arthur Jones, Syracuse (6-4/295)
Though best suited as a 3-4 DE as he has trouble keeping his 295 pounds, Jones could also be an option for a 4-3 DT spot. Jones is a disciplined player that can firm up well against the run. He disrupts run plays on a consistent basis.

Pros: Strength, Disruption
Cons: Size, Injury History
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

8. Vince Oghobaase, Duke (6-5/305)
Vince is a big man that plays like he was 30 pounds lighter. He needs to improve his ability to shed blockers and make secondary plays. Could play as a 4-3 DT or a 3-4 DE.

Pros: Size, Agility
Cons: Shedding
Verdict: 3nd-4th Round

9. Tyson Alualu, California (6-2/295)
Alualu is a good fit for a 4-3 DE, but he could be used in sub-packages for a 3-4 team. Tyson just doesn’t quit on plays, and disrupts due to his sheer will. Has a good bull rush, but could use a better repertoire of moves.

Pros: Motor, Quickness
Cons: Length, Size
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

10. Geno Atkins, Georgia (6-1/295)
Atkins is a player that has trouble wrapping up in the run game, although he does manage to put pressure on the QB consistently. Not tall enough for some scouts.

Pros: Pass-Rush, Quickness
Cons: Tackling, Size
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

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