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1.Carlos Dunlap, Florida (6-6/285)
Dunlap is a freak of nature in the Julius Peppers mold. He is stout enough to play 3-4 DE, but is ideally suited to a 4-3 rush DE. His physical gifts, however, mask his laziness and lack of work ethic in developing new moves. If he is properly motivated, he will be great. If not, he could easily be a big mistake.

Pros: Athleticism, Speed, Frame
Cons: Motor, Work Ethic, Off-Field Issues
Verdict: 1st Round

2. Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech (6-4/270)
Morgan is a highly productive lineman that can play at right or left end. He isn’t good enough in coverage at this point to play anything but 4-3 DE — teams that envision him as a 3-4 OLB should stay away. Teams need to let Morgan do what he does best: set the edge, and apply pressure to the QB.

Pros: Athleticism, Speed, First Step
Cons: Playing in Space, Agility
Verdict: 1st Round

3. Everson Griffen, USC (6-3/270)
Griffen is a tough guy to evaluate. There are plays that make you think Top 10 talent, but there is lots of tape with Griffen loafing and getting dominated. Griffen is a versatile prospect though, having the skills to play 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB, as he has great agility, balance and speed. He will need some coaching wherever he plays, as he doesn’t read plays very well yet.

Pros: Athleticism, Speed, Agility
Cons: Motor, Awareness
Verdict: 1st Round

4.Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida (6-6/260)
Although Pierre-Paul is still a very raw and inexperienced football player, teams will covet him for his ability to disrupt the offense on their side of the line of scrimmage. He still needs to up his repertoire of pass-rush moves, but his outstanding athleticism allows him to survive without them. Pierre-Paul has the versatility to play 3-4 OLB on the strong or weak side as well as DE.

Pros: Versatility, Speed, Athleticism
Cons: Raw
Verdict: 1st Round

5. Brandon Graham, Michigan (6-1/265)
Graham plays the game hard every play and loves to compete. His pass-rush repertoire is without equal in the college game. Graham can play a bit in coverage, so will get a look from some 3-4 teams needing someone to play OLB or maybe SILB. Graham is relatively short, so will get engulfed at times by huge linemen.

Pros: Motor, Versatility, Pass Rush, Hands
Cons: Size
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

6. Greg Hardy, Ole Miss (6-4/270)
Hardy had a sudden presence on the football field. He gets to the quarterback so quickly, that teams that want Hardy to play 3-4 DE will have a tough time assigning him to coverage duties. Hardy’s relentless pass-rush will be a great fit for a team needing a right end, as Hardy is better with a hand on the ground. Hardy could improve his ability to set the edge, get stronger, and show teams that he can stay healthy.

Pros: First Step, Explosive, Speed
Cons: Size, Strength, Injury History
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

7. Corey Wootton, Northwestern (6-7/280)
Wootton will be a great 3-4 DE if he can show that he is fully recovered from a knee injury that hampered him in the early part of the season. When 100%, Wootton is a disruptive force on the line, setting the edge well against the run. Wootton isn’t a huge sack guy, but does apply consistent pressure to the QB.

Pros: Versatility, Strength, Agility
Cons: Injury History,
Verdict: 2nd Round

8. Jermaine Cunningham, Florida
Cunningham is built like a prototypical rush end that isn’t horrible against the run. His quickness/agility allows him to run at linemen from a variety of angles. He has had some injury/off-field issues, but those seem to be in the past.

Pros: Agility, Speed
Cons: Strength, Off-Field Issues
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

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