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1. Joe Haden, Florida (5-11/190)
Haden is easily the most productive corner in this draft. His run-support is great, while his hitting is insane for a corner. The only thing held against him is his lack of instincts in anticipating routes. NFL-caliber receivers will take advantage of him if he doesn’t improve.

Pros: Technique, Hitting, Run Support, Athleticism
Cons: Anticipation
Verdict: 1st Round

2. Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest (6-0/195)
Ghee is an intriguing prospect that is still developing after spending two seasons on the sideline (redshirt/academics). He has good speed and bulk, but also has a history of minor knee injuries.

Pros: Speed, Bulk
Cons: Injury History
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

3. Donovan Warren, Michigan (6-0/185)
Warren doesn’t really have any holes in his game. He is very fluid in coverage, while having enough strength to effectively jam receivers. Should impress during positional drills at the NFL Combine, while his athleticism will be good, but nothing spectacular.

Pros: Fluid, Press Coverage
Cons: None
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

4. Kyle Wison, Boise State
Very fluid hips and makes great breaks on the ball. During Freddie Barnes record-setting season, Wilson held him to just 4 catches and 26 yards. Decent tackler as well.

Pros: Fluid, Ball Skills
Cons: None
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

5. Amari Spievey, Iowa (6-1/195)
Spievey has taken on all comers in the Big 10 and succeeded nicely. His athleticism and size let him match up well with receivers, and also give him the ability to make an impact in the run game. He has great tackling skills, but he could get his head around a little quicker in coverage. Spievey has great ball skills, and will take the ball to the house if given the opportunity.

Pros: Hitting, Run Support, Fluid, Ball Skills
Cons: None
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

6. Syd’Quan Thompson, Cal (5-9/190)
Syd’Quan wasn’t tested much his senior year, as he shut down his side of the field pretty well. He can play inside and outside, with significant experience in the nickel. Will support the run, but size is an issue.

Pros: Ball-Skills, Coverage, Consistency
Cons: Size
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

7. Trevard Lindley, Kentucky (6-0/175)
Lindley is a smart player that understands the intricacies of the game, such as re-routing receivers and covering men rather than space. Lindley is quick, but not fast – which means he may need help on deep routes.

Pros: Football IQ, Ball Skills, Quickness
Cons: Strength, Speed, Bulk
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

8. Javier Arenas, Alabama (5-9/200)
Arenas is a great zone coverage corner, able to shed blocks from WR’s and make the tackle. He struggles with deep routes due to the lack of top-end speed and will require safety help over the top. Javier has great ball skills – a true threat to take it to the house on any pick or punt return.

Pros: Ball Skills, Return Skills, Acceleration, Run Support
Cons: Speed
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

9. Patrick Robinson, Florida State (5-11/195)
Robinson is a playmaker that is a distinct liability in the running game. He is a poor tackler, but his top-end speed allows him to chase down his misses from behind – like Noel Devine. If he can shore up his slow hip-turn and poor tackling, Robinson has the skills to be a Pro Bowl corner. Right now though, he has too many holes to be a 1st round pick.

Pros: Speed, Ball Skills, Hands, Instincts
Cons: Stiff Hips, Tackling
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

10. Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State (6-0/195)
Similar to Arenas, Cox is a good corner whose value is increased due to superior return skills. Cox had some off-field issues at Oklahoma State, which led to his suspension for the Cowboys’ bowl game. Cox’ speed and bulk are a rare combination.

Pros: Return Skills, Speed, Bulk
Cons: Off-Field Issues
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

11. Kareem Jackson, Alabama (5-11/195)
Jackson is a nice prospect that would have been a top pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. His size and speed are both above-average, while his ball skills (former RB) are incredible.

Pros: Ball Skills, Speed, Tackling
Cons: Gambler
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

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