2009 NFL Power Rankings Week 16

NFL Power Rankings Week 16

The Elite: The Saints magical run finally ended, while Peyton was still able to conjure up some of his trademark genius to beat the Jaguars. The Vikings laid an egg, while the Patriots are doing just enough to win.

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. New Orleans Saints
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Minnesota Vikings
5. Philadelphia Eagles
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Dallas Cowboys
8. New England Patriots

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The Contenders: A large group of mediocre teams just waiting to sort themselves out. The Steelers finally righted the ship at the expense of the Packers.

9. Arizona Cardinals
10. Green Bay Packers
11. Baltimore Ravens
12. New York Giants
13. Denver Broncos
14. Tennessee Titans
15. Jacksonville Jaguars
16. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Wannabes: The mediocrity continues… As previously reported, Alex Smith is not very good.

17. New York Jets
18. Miami Dolphins
19. Atlanta Falcons
20. Houston Texans
21. Washington Redskins
22. Oakland Raiders
23. Carolina Panthers
24. San Francisco 49ers

Eric Mangini and Friends:
Somewhere Bears fans are pining for Moses Moreno to come back… The Seahawks are putrid.

25. Chicago Bears
26. Buffalo Bills
27. Seattle Seahawks
28. Cleveland Browns
29. Kansas City Chiefs
30. Tampa Bay Bucs
31. Detroit Lions
32. St. Louis Rams


5 Responses to “2009 NFL Power Rankings Week 16”

  1. Anonymous says:

    At least you didn’t put the steroid abusers from San Diego ahead of the Saints like some other wankers did this week….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday was the first blackout for KC in the last two decades. Obviously, the people who came up with this list didn’t actually see the Chiefs either. They should rank 33rd in a thirty-two team league.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the panthers should be up there about 18 they beat minnesota and matt moore is maturing watch out next year

  4. Anonymous says:

    NFL Power Rankings Week 16 = Patriots 8? Homeriffic.

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