Pre-Game Meal: New York Jets

Moving On, J-E-T-S Week, + More:

If you clicked this blog to hear me whine about a bad spot, a terrible call, or any “4th-and-2” related subject matter, you’ve come to the wrong place. In true New England style, I have moved on from the heartbreaking loss to the Colts. While the pain may not entirely be gone, there’s just nothing anyone can do to make a difference. A regular season loss is a regular season loss and all we can do now is focus on getting our team into a position such that we can get revenge in January. Forget all the talk of how New England doesn’t historically lose back-to-back games often and look at it this way: We have a bone to pick with the Jets. In week two, we let one get away in New Jersey and there is a score to settle; best believe it won’t be 16-9 either. There is no way that Bill Belichick and the boys allow a regular season sweep to Cryin’ Ryan and the Jersey Jets (not just because that sounds like an Elton John song).

In regard to this weekend’s AFC rivalry match, the 3rd straight one for NE, Tom told reporters, “I’d like to think we’re a better team now than we were in the second week. This team really challenges us. [Week 2 was] probably our lowest output of the season in points and yards, third-down, all the way across the board and we had a bunch of yards in penalties also. Playing them once, I think that can help you. We can’t play much worse.” The same doesn’t hold for NY, after opening the season 3-0, they have dropped their last 5 out of 6 games with their lone win in that span coming against the Raiders. WOW! Good Job, guys! Hell, even I would cry if the only win i could muster up in 6, technically 7 including BYE, came against Oakland. In the NFL, wins against Al Davis and JaMarcus Russell shouldn’t count.

New York’s Least Favorite Weekly Match-Ups:

* 4th-and-Belichick vs. Rex Cryan – Both coaches have made headlines this week for one reason or another. Bill Belichick has been scrutinized by every analyst, columnist, and satirist for keeping his offense on the field late in Sunday’s game while possessing a 6-point lead. Even Tedy Bruschi had something negative to say about it, which I have to admit, hurt me a lot. Big Rex, on the other hand, finally broke down during a team meeting in New York while proclaiming that he still had faith in his Jets. I’ve heard from eye witnesses that his tears are actually composed of cooking oil; take it or leave it. Either way, Sunday’s game is on the horizon and it means big things for the AFC East. The Jets would feel great about making .500 and sweeping the Patriots. It would put New England at 6-4 and themselves at 5-5 right back in the division race. The Pats need to do everything humanly possible to keep the Jets in tears and away from the top of the East.

* Randy Moss vs. Darrelle Revis – Come to think of it, it seems like everyone is making headlines before this divisional clash. NBC’s Pro Football Talk published an article Thursday that spoke about Revis’ comments of shutting down Randy Moss man-on-man. Their studies showed that more times than not, the cornerback had safety help over the top in zone or what not. Darrelle got pretty heated in an interview with reporters who asked him his thoughts on the article. I’m thinking that Revis, who really is a phenomenal CB, will let some of his emotions get the better of him when he comes to Foxboro this weekend. The secondary will have more work to do with Wes Welker and the other wideouts not named Joey Galloway catching passes all over the field. That being said, it just seems likely that the Jets will have to pick their poison: double Moss and let Welker, Edelman, Stanback, and Watson run wild or play single coverage. If Randy gets one-on-one with Revis, expect the deep ball. Ian R. Rapoport shared some thoughts about Rex Ryan, Revis, Moss, and whether they use safety help over the top:

“What about on Revis’ interception over Moss? What coverage were they in?

“We call it Cover One,” Ryan said. “Some teams call it Cover Zero. It’s just man-to-man and you’ve got a centerfielder. Kerry had great range on that play. If they think it’s Cover Two, then hopefully they think it’s Cover Two this week too.”


OK, everyone got that? They were in man-to-man coverage… kinda. And they didn’t cover Moss with two guys… unless Rhodes went there. Whew. Glad we got that settled.”
Don’t be surprised if Revis gets called for contact or makes some mistakes trying to play “super corner”.

* Did You Seriously Fumble In The End Zone vs. The Jets Defense – I like Maroney a whole lot less right now because of his “performance” Sunday. I don’t give a crap if you have four consecutive games with a TD; you’re a starting back and that’s expected of you. Another thing that’s expected of you: holding on to the ball for 2 freaking yards, putting the opposition away, and keeping your coach/teammates out of screwed up, 4th quarter, game-deciding plays. Little Laurence is going to have to regain my, and I’m sure many of yours’, trust back this weekend. I know that fumble is under his skin and I want him to come out strong, hit the holes hard, and run like he’s never ran before. The Jets are a little banged up on defense and they seem to have lost a step or ten in the “swagger” department. Kris Jenkins is out. Carrying the assumption that New England tries to massacre New York though the air… 60 yards and a touchdown or Maroney is still in my doghouse.

* Tom Brady vs. The Red Zone – Lets be real. Regardless of last week’s outcome, Tom Brady looked pretty damn good. He is making all the right decisions and has now thrown for 300+ yards in four consecutive games and five times this season. That is something even Tom hasn’t done in his career yet. He now has 2739 yards, 19 TDs, and 6 INT with a 100.6 passer rating. See, that’s pretty damn good. Patriot Nation sure wouldn’t mind extending the 300+ streak to five, but the most important question is how Tom-once-again-Terrific will fare against the league’s “apparent” 4th best red zone defense. With Wes Welker and Julian Edelman running ramped out of the slot, Maroney potentially running better, and SeaBass on the edge, it would seem like there would be no more red zone woes for the group. This is simply not the same team that we saw earlier this season at Giant’s Stadium. They are playing better all-around football. There won’t be any issues come Sunday; believe that.

* Bray-hand Edwards vs. Leigh Bodden – All of the sudden, Braylon Edwards is catching almost everything that is thrown his way. Maybe it’s New York, maybe it’s being anywhere but Cleveland, hell, maybe it’s it’s just being away from Mangini. Whatever it is, Edwards is apparently back to his Pro Bowl form… sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Damn. Either way, Leigh Bodden has done a phenomenal job, for the most part, this season. He has played great defense and doesn’t usually give up the big play. He’s big and physical and that matters a lot going up against this massive, 6’3″, 215 pound receiver. He’s also our tallest CB. I hate to feel this good before a game, I really do, but I can’t picture a stellar Sanchez-to-Edwards performace on Sunday. He’ll still probably scrape up a score, but I don’t think that 7 points will make any difference. At least it better not…

* Dustin Keller vs. Brandon McGowa
n – Dustin Keller has 347 yards and 2 TDs. Brandon McGowan has generally shut down almost every tight end he has faced this season. Considering that Keller is not on the same level as Ton Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, or Kellen Winslow, his stats will probably look the same on Monday morning after McGowan is done with him. ‘Nuff said.

* Thomas Jones (minus Leon Washington) vs. The Healthier, Yet Still Injured NE D – Thomas Jone has had to become better friends with rookie RB Shonn Greene and Jets fans wish they didn’t have to. NYJ running back, Leon Washington, is out for the year with a leg injury and the team has suffered. The Jets’ rushing attack was among the league’s best when Jones and Washington were carrying the load, but now their offense seems a little less intimidating. Even though these are still two good backs, most of the focus will be on Thomas Jones. Jones can cut fast, make reads quickly, and kick it into second gear when he needs too. It is imperative that New England prevents him from building up a head of steam. Lineman Ty Warren was spotted at practice this week, Adalius Thomas looks like he remember how to play football, and Jerod Mayo is an animal. Tully-Banta Cain wasn’t at practice and the severity of his injury is still unknown. Hopefully the guys who will play can make smart tackles and do it strong. If the d-line can get penetration and force the Jets to the air… well, let’s just say I’d love to see this game come down to Vinny Chase having to throw his team to victory in Gillette Stadium.

* Vincent Chase vs. One Pissed-Off Defense – He really does bear an uncanny resemblance to that guy from HBO’s Entourage. It’s really funny. And if someone told me that for the past 7 weeks it has actually been Vinny Chase quarterbacking the Jets, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Marky “The Sanchise” Sanchez has thrown 5 TDs and 10 INTs since the 3-0 start and the week 2 Super Bowl victory. Mark Sanchez’s 66.5 passer rating is better than Kerry Collins, JaMarcus Russell, Derek Anderson, and Matthew Stafford. Two or three, depending on Eric Mangini’s mood, of those QBs aren’t starters anymore and the other one is a rookie on the Detroit Lions. This secondary is looking for some fresh meat and they are going to rip Marky Mark apart this weekend. He’s going to be hitting the ground left and right while makingerroneous passes to Patrick Chung (I can hope, right?). Sanchez will probably be who New York wanted him to be when they traded up with the Man-idiot to select him 5th overall ; just not this season. Mark Sanchez will remain amidst the lower levels of the benched and 1-win QBs until they miss the playoffs. But I mean, they did win in week 2 right? Who cares? Oh… Does anyone know if they got to meet President Obama yet?

38-17. Patriots.
There’s no way we lose this one.

Thanks for chowin’ down,

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  1. Brian says:

    77 yards and 2 TDs! Good Job, Maroney.

  2. kdonovan46 says:

    hahah well done

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