On Enemy Ground: Buffalo Bills

This week we sat down with Buffalo Rumblings, who will be representing the Buffalo Bills in this week’s “On Enemy Ground”. My own thoughts appear in blue.

1. In six words or less, why are the Bills going to win against the Patriots?

They aren’t. Couldn’t agree more with you Buffalo.

2. Other than Terrell Owens, what has been the biggest improvement to the Buffalo team? The biggest loss?

Aaron Maybin. He’s only been with the team for a couple of weeks, but his athleticism is something our defense hasn’t had in a long time. Maybin picked up a sack in each of the two pre-season games he played in, and added a forced fumble as well. He’s really raw and will only be a situational player, but even considering that, he can be a difference-maker.

The biggest loss has been the disappearance of any semblance of patience on the part of the Bills themselves, and more particularly the fan base. Morale is at an all-time low because folks are reading way, way too much into pre-season contests. Meanwhile, there have been rumors that the Bills are contemplating replacing their LT and growing impatient with offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. This team is very, very talented – but they’re also young and new in a lot of places. If a little patience is employed, these Bills could really turn on the jets from about Week 4 on. (Editor’s note: These questions were asked before the Bills fired Turk)

3. What do you think of playing games in Toronto? How do the citizens of Buffalo feel about it?

I have no problem with it. I want the Buffalo Bills to be the Buffalo Bills as long as they can, and playing games in Toronto broadens the fan base and puts money into the organization. Most citizens of Buffalo fear that the move could eventually be permanent, but I find all of that speculation extremely premature.

Oh c’mon, what can Toronto offer that Buffalo can’t? Oh yeah…

4. What is your projected order of finish for the AFC East?

1 – New England
2 – Miami
3 – NY Jets
4 – Buffalo

Pretty easy. Every team has something to prove, but it’s not difficult to call. Every team has playoff potential, in my humble opinion. Once again, no disagreement here..

5. If you could take one Patriot player and put him in a Bills uniform for the rest of the year, who would you take?

Tom Brady, and it’s not even close. With a decisive, consistent quarterback, this Bills team is a candidate to play very deep into January. We have the offensive talent to score at will, but the jury’s out on Trent Edwards.  The jury just came back: he’s the 3rd best QB in his conference.

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2 Responses to “On Enemy Ground: Buffalo Bills”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice piece and good honest insight. Until the firing of the OC, I thought the Bills may do well, considering how they started last yr.

    But I still think they can do better than the Jests…

  2. Justin says:

    I couldn’t find the questions you answered on the Bills website. Could you give a link?

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