Big Sey You Later

As I caught a glimpse of the television after finishing up my round of golf today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of the cornerstones of the Patriots defense, Richard Seymour, had been traded to the Raiders for a 2011 Draft Pick. The Patriots will also realize $3.3 million in cap relief, although Seymour will still count over $6.1 million against the cap.

Seymour’s departure seems to signal the advent of the 4-3 in New England. With Vince Wilfork and Ron Brace holding their own inside, the Patriots need some pass-rush specialists on the outside-not Seymour’s best trait. Jarvis Green and Derrick Burgess seem poised to jump into his position at this time.

According to Bill Belichick, Seymour “established himself as one of our premier players for nearly a decade. His presence has been felt as a force on the field, a respected man off it, and a multi-year champion.”

Vince Wilfork, Seymour’s defensive linemate, in response to the last weeks turmoil, stated “This is another change and we’re going to have to deal with it. I don’t care how you feel about it. You got to deal with it and move on.”

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One Response to “Big Sey You Later”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We’ll miss you Richard Seymour!

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