Andrew Walter Released

Either Bill Belichick has something up his sleeve before Sept. 14th’s game against the Buffalo Bills, or Julian Edelman might be a better quarterback than we thought.

With Andrew Walter’s release, the Patriots only have two NFL quarterbacks on their roster: Tom Brady and undrafted free agent Brian Hoyer.

Speculation abounds that the Patriots will trade and trade a tight-end and/or draft picks to the Eagles for AJ Feeley. Only Belichick knows for sure…

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One Response to “Andrew Walter Released”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know it was just a preseason game… game 4 no less. But I was definitely impressed with Hoyer. I certainly was on the bandwagon that he would be cut. What I did know, was that I did not like Walter… at all. I can only assume that Hoyer showed more progress in the last 3 months (his first 3 months) than Kevin O’Connel had in the first year and a half.

    I don’t know if any team could suffer the loss of Tom Brady and go to the Super Bowl… So a season ending loss the year is probably over… but I would definitely feel better if Brady missed a few games if we had A.J. Feely or another veteran to step up.

    I will say this though… it appears that the only team A.J. Feely looks like a hall of famer against, may be our very own Patriots! Just like Greg Lewis… A.J. Feely – even in Miami when we went 14-2 and had an 11 point lead vs the Fins with less than 4 minutes to go… somehow he pulled off that miracle…

    If I remember that stuff… Belichick DEFINITELY remembers it!

    I am eager to hear about the rest of the cuts.

    Hoping that both Edelmen and Nunn make the squad…

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