2009 AFC East Predictions: Jets

The first in our four part look at the AFC East in 2009 starts at the bottom. Check back during the week for the Dolphins, Bills, and the Patriots.

The Why
The Jets have two decent lines and some astounding playmakers on defense, such as Darrell Revis and the new additions: Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, and Jim Leonhard. Rex Ryan has definitely brought some swagger to the Jets, let’s hope for New York’s sake that he has brought a little more than that.

The Why Not
Mark Sanchez is a rookie, however, he is not Joe Flacco nor Matt Ryan. Eric Mangini, while being a huge ass, wasn’t retarded. The Mangenious picked off a few choice elements from the Jets in the Sanchez trade. By the way, Mark Sanchez is a rookie.

The Schedule
Eight road games will be dificult for the Jets this year, as the AFC East schedules include the NFC South and the AFC South.

@HOU (W)
@NOS (L)
@MIA (L)
@OAK (W)
@NEP (L)
@BUF (L)
@TBB (L)
@IND (L)

The eight home games aren’t much easier, but they should be able to scratch out a few more wins.

vs NEP (L)
vs TEN (W)
vs JAC (W)
vs CAR (L)
vs ATL (L)
vs CIN (W)

The Verdict
While the Jets are sounding like Baltimore Northeast, they don’t quite look like them yet. If the key parts don’t age too much before they get a QB ready, the Jets could be tough for the next few years.

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One Response to “2009 AFC East Predictions: Jets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mark Sanchez sucks – they will not even go 6-10.

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