Rodney Harrison: Still Hitting Hard

Rodney Harrison is not messing around. After retiring from the Patriots just a few days ago, he is still making Peyton Manning’s life miserable. During an NBC conference call, Rodney hammered the Colts QB in response to his consternation of the coaching situation in Indy:

“This is something I’ve discussed with Coach Dungy and I think it gives Tom Brady the edge over Peyton Manning in terms of leadership. If this went on in New England, it wouldn’t come out publicly. He wouldn’t make a big fuss over it. So many guys are looking up to [Peyton] that once they sense panic, they get nervous. You have to control your emotions and not allow these things to get outside the walls. I have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning, but this is a guy that needs to control his emotions.”

While on the Jim Rome show today, Rodney laid it out plain and simple, stating “I didn’t worry about having friends when I was playing, and I’m not worried about having friends now.” Players, coaches, and fellow announcers of the NFL, you have been warned.

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