Ochocino: The Movie

As Chad Ochocinco has made it into the news once or twice in the past few years, we feel that it is a relative certainty that one day there will be a movie based on his unique life.

The odds are pretty good that the title of said movie will have the number 85 somewhere in the title. What many people don’t know though, is that when this movie hits the silver screen, a major milestone will have occurred in cinematic history. If you know why, we here at NE Patriots Draft salute you.

You see, numbers in movie titles are pretty common, and every single one of the integers from 1-100 have been used in a cinematic production-that is except one: eighty-five. Some of the works are pretty well-known, like “Twelve Monkeys” and “Apollo 13”, where others are a bit more obscure. “27 Missing Kisses” and “Gypsy 83” aren’t quite in my DVD collection.

So when you are shelling out $15 to see Jamie Foxx play “85”, know that you are seeing the completion of something over 100 years in the making.

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2 Responses to “Ochocino: The Movie”

  1. Admin says:

    That is true… can’t watch a diva WR without some ‘popcorn’

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see it!! (although, let’s be serious – it will be 20$ with popcorn!!)

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