2009 NFL All-Food Team

In 2008, we brought you the first NFL All-Food Team from NE Patriots Draft. We’re back at it again with the 2009 version of this prestigious group. Without further adieu, the 2009 NFL All-Food Team:


QB- Cleo Lemon, Jaguars (2008-Cleo Lemon)
RB- Glen Coffee, 49ers (2008-Ray Rice)

WR- Dallas Baker, Steelers (2008-Ronald Curry)
WR- Sidney Rice, Vikings (2008-Sidney Rice)
TE- Jared Cook, Titans (2008-Agle Crumpler)
TE- Chad Mustard, UFA (2008-Chad Mustard)

OL- Dustin Fry, Seahawks (2008-Dustin Fry)
OL- Rich Ohrnberger, Patriots (2008-Todd Weiner)
OL- Mike Butterworth, Falcons (2008-Ryan Cook) – Wife’s not happy.
OL- Nick Hennessey, Bills (2008-Sam Baker)
OL- Erik Pears, Raiders (2008-Brian Waters)


DE- Bertrand Berry, Cardinals (2008-Julius Peppers)
DE- Paul Spicer, Saints (2008-Calais Campbell)
DT- Vince Wilfork, Patriots (2008-Vince Wilfork)
DT- Jamaal Fudge, Jaguars (2008-Sam Adams)

LB- Jerod Mayo, Patriots (2008-Jerod Mayo)
LB- Aaron Curry, Seahawks (2008-Tedy Bruschi)
LB- Calvin Pace, Jets (2008-Anthony Waters) – “New York City!”

DB- Darnell Bing, Lions (2008-Robert Bean)
DB- Benny Sapp, Vikings(2008-Terrence Wheatley)
DB- Brian Witherspoon, Jaguars (2008-Gerome Sapp)
DB- Emanuel Cook, Jets (2008-Roy Williams)

Add your own favorites below!

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3 Responses to “2009 NFL All-Food Team”

  1. Admin says:

    “Berger” was the runner-up last year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would have assumed Roethlis”berger” ould have been the QB

  3. Anonymous says:


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