Patriots Salary Cap Status

While the news yesterday that the NFL Salary Cap would be raised by $12 million definitely helps out the Patriots, it is not the panacea that many would hope. According to Miguel at, the Salary Cap was already scheduled to get an $11 million bump, so in essence, this is only a new raise of $1 million.

The Patriots now should sit with about $5.7 million of Salary Cap space. With that in mind, the Patriots rookie pool has allotted the Foxborough Front Office $6.1 million in room to sign their rookies. There will need to be some contract restructuring or some releasing of quality players in order to get the Patriots the flexibility they need to sign IR replacements.

Dan Koppen is one name that we hear floating around that just might be on the cut list. That move would free up $500k on the 2009 Salary Cap and over $3 million on the 2010 Salary Cap. Presumably, Al Johnson or Rich Ohrnberger would take over the center duties. In our opinion, that would be a huge mistake; Koppen is a good blocker, but really makes his money in making quality line calls. We would be shocked to see him go, but that wouldn’t be the first time (Ellis Hobbs) that we’ve been shocked in 2009.

This off-season is far from over…

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