Connor Barwin: Patriot Visit Reaction

Connor Barwin, the multi-talented senior from Cinci, is at the top of many a Patriot fan’s draft wish list. They typically covet his pass rush skills first and potential versatility with his offensive background second, although as you will read later, Patriot fans might have that backward.

We first asked Connor about his experience in arriving at the Patriots complex. He felt that Gillette Stadium was “awesome” and recounted that he found the historical pictures in and around the coaches offices to be pretty inspiring.

Connor said that he met with Coach Belichick first and that after that he met with position coaches Steve Waldron (TE) and Ivan Fears (RB). Bill O’Brien also had a chance to meet with Connor as they watched and critiqued film of his time at TE. Barwin stated that the coaches were interested in seeing if he still had all the offensive information up there.

While it seemed like Patriots were definitely interested in Barwin as a TE, Connor also said that he met with Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees.

Many other teams, including Kansas City, Detroit, and Tennessee, have met recently with Barwin. According to Connor, KC was interested in him as a defender first but also as a tight end. Detroit and Tennessee were only looking at him as a defensive end.

We asked Connor about the “wrong-arm” or “wrong-shoulder” technique that we often saw him using. He said that the coaches at Cinci preached that technique to spill the play outside and let the safeties clean up. Coach Pees has often been quoted as saying the keeping your shoulders square to the line is the best practice, so that is a small red-flag for the Patriots. Having only played one year on defense though, Barwin could easily unlearn this if he needs too.

Although Connor stated that he has been very busy lately, he was able to take in the Michigan State versus UCONN game during his time in Detroit, and had a great time. He plans on staying busy up until draft day, when he will spend the day with mother, father, and three older brothers at his apartment outside of Cinci.

Once again, Connor Barwin was very gracious in speaking with us. NE Patriots Draft would like to thank Connor and Shawn from XAM Sports for their time.

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2 Responses to “Connor Barwin: Patriot Visit Reaction”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they were checking his defensive awareness by asking him about what the offense will do

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff man, it was very interesting to hear who Connor met with.

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