Patriots Postseason Grades: Cornerbacks

After letting Asante Samuel head to greener pastures during the offseason, the Patriots put faith in Ellis Hobbs and some rookies/vets. The Patriots generated very little pass rush in 2008, and the corners performed accordingly, poorly, and even worse on 3rd down.

Ellis Hobbs: B+
His return skills bumped him up from a B. Unless he grows five inches or adds the same to his vertical, Ellis will never be an all-pro corner. Fade routes and jump balls continue to plague him, even when he covers the route well.

Terrence Wheatley: C+
Showed flashes of brilliance as proof of why the Patriots drafted him in the 2nd round, but also showed why many others passed on him by injuring his wrist once again.

Jonathan Wilhite: B
The less heralded Wilhite showed his talent in 2008 by picking up the system and being caught out of position too often. Had some nice deflections, and I think he will develop into a good nickel back in the future.

Deltha O’Neal: C+
He didn’t suck all the time, and actually secured the victory against Kansas City with some outstanding goal line defense.

Mike Richardson: C
Solid depth and special teams contributor, but I wouldn’t want to see him starting on the corner.

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2 Responses to “Patriots Postseason Grades: Cornerbacks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Pats should get Nnamdi Asamougha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hobbs is a good asset to the team, but I agree, he is a #2 corner.

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