Who Do You Want to Win the Superbowl?

As a Patriots fan, who should you be rooting for in the playoffs? While many of you would obviously have trouble rooting for the Eagles or Steelers, it might be in the Patriots best interest. If you keep your emotions out of it, a clear picture emerges of who Pats fans should root for.

Although after checking the Super Bowl Odds this might sound far-fetched, we should be rooting for an Eagles vs Ravens matchup. This would move our 1st-round draft pick up one spot from #24 to #23 (Eagles) and would also bump up our 2nd-round draft pick one spot (Ravens).

None of you will have any problem rooting against the San Diego Chargers already, but it would be bad news if the Chargers made it to the Super Bowl. If you plan on doing any Super Bowl Betting though, they have some good odds. If the Chargers made it to the big game, their 2nd round pick would drop from #47 to at best #63. That pick was traded to the Patriots last year.

Looks like we need to cheer for Asante Samuel a couple more times…

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2 Responses to “Who Do You Want to Win the Superbowl?”

  1. kellex says:

    JAMES! Where you been!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going for the Ravens and Eagles as well… but just because I like Ed Reed and Brian Westbrook.

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