Patriots Postseason Grades: Tight Ends

Ben Watson: C
While Watson has proven to be a somewhat reliable inline blocker, his unability to get open and hang on to the ball makes it difficult to justify his 1st Round Pick contract.

David Thomas: C+
Althought Thomas’ ridiculous penalty against the Colts might have cost the Patriots a playoff berth this year, the rest of the year showed that he was a reliable blocker that could catch the ball when he was asked to.

Russ Hochstein: B-
The Russ-of-all-trades was a great asset to the team, as he played h-back, fullback, guard, center, and tight end at different times this year. He won’t be an all-pro at any of those positions, but the Patriots value versatility.

Tyson Devree: I
While he didn’t get much of a chance to showcase his skills, maybe Patriot fans will get to scope out TD next year.

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