Patriots Week 7: Three Up, Three Down

Three Up
Run Blocking – Sammy Morris made the Broncos look bad, but it was the o-line that opened up some gaping holes.

Randy Moss – The two TD’s were great, but seeing Randy excited and getting the crowd pumped up was a sight for sore eyes.

Ellis Hobbs – Continuing to improve, holding Brandon Marshall in check throughout the game.

Three Down
Pass Protection – Matt Cassel needs to get rid of the ball earlier, but he needs another half-second.

Vince Wilofrk- Keep your emotions in check after the whistle, let them loose in between them.

Not Jumping on the Ball – It took a rookie (Jerod Mayo) to finally jump on the ball after Andre Hall’s second fumble. Quit going for SportsCenter guys.

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One Response to “Patriots Week 7: Three Up, Three Down”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vince Wilfork should be suspended. He is dirty as hell.

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