Welcome to the Jungle Mr. Favre

Brett Favre Jets JerseyImage courtesy of The Sports Dollar
We’ve got fun and games…
Brett Favre, welcome to the AFC East. You’ll feel right at home here, we’ve got some cold weather, wind, and some crappy teams — just like the NFC North. No domes to be found here though.

You can have anything you want…
You got what you wanted in being traded from the Packers, where you wouldn’t have been the starter. Aaron Rodgers is going to be a fine quarterback, and the Packers will be just fine. However, you are going to be playing for the New York Jets, where the jackass in the fireman helmet could have suited up last year. They’ve made some big acquisitions in the off-season, but you don’t mortgage the future to go from 4-12 to 8-8. You don’t know the offense, but you should be comfortable with the receivers, as you have been throwing to high school kids for the last two months. It’s really not that different in NY.

It’s gonna bring you down. Huh!
Brett, we understand that you didn’t want to go out slinging a gun, aka interception, in the championship game. You didn’t want your last game to be a loss. We get that. However, you might rethink that after a couple of 42-13 beatings and (maybe) an 8-8 record. Enjoy that 5th preseason game you have against the Dolphins and get ready for a Week 2 beatdown.

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One Response to “Welcome to the Jungle Mr. Favre”

  1. richd says:

    The Packers will be much better off without an uncommitted QB as I really believe Favre has demonstrated. It is a shame that someone who was for the most part quite admired has facilitated his own fall from grace. He will be a temporary fix with any struggling team now.

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