Tom Brady Probable – OMG!

Tom Brady Injury
Tom Brady (probable) is expected to tough out a shoulder injury and take his first snaps of the preseason Sunday night against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Sports fans were alerted to this by a breaking news crawl on a prominent sports network. This came as a huge surprise to Patriot fans worldwide, who expected that Tom’s shoulder may have healed over the last six years. This injury originally put Brady on the injury list during the 2002 season, and has been somewhat slow to heal.

Belichick’s draconian policies of having Brady throw touchdown after touchdown last season didn’t help matters. Coach Belichick, in a rare candid moment, on the injury: “Tom’s shoulder is what it is. It’s probable. Probably freaking awesome.

In other news, five other things that are probable:

1. Michael Phelps beats that green line like a green-headed step-child.

2. The sun sets, then rises.

3. A four-letter sports network will have a report from Jets camp.

4. Chinese sports officials will try and enter an 11 year-old boy into the NBA Draft.

5. Chad Johnson will act like an ass.

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One Response to “Tom Brady Probable – OMG!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Pats Suck! So does Lady (err Brady)!

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