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While waiting for the 2008 NFL season to start, we have to admit that we are getting a bit stir-crazy. Therefore, we decided to put our incessant Google searching for NFL info, Tom Brady’s minute-by-minute status, and pictures of Leryn Franco to good use. Here are some of the searches we came up with — these are the real, 100% accurate results.

Maybe Orton and Leinart should lift weights instead of Jack Daniels bottles and Natural Light kegs.

Adam Jones should have gone to the Seattle Seahawks, seems like that weather would have been right up his alley.

According to there are fifteen synonyms for gate, including “portcullis”, which is an awesome word.

I really doubt that Mr. Tomlinson feels that this is a valid and reliable experiment.

Well, he has been in prison for a while…

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One Response to “NFL Search Results”

  1. kellex says:

    Mike Vick would so dominate a Rhinofight.

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