NFL Preseason Haikus: NFC

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

Poor Drafts, Bad Free Agents
Patrick Willis is bright spot,

Seattle Seahawks

Holmgren’s last hurrah
Maybe new crew are better
Than Shaun of the dead

Arizona Cardinals

Leinart not fulfilling
Lofty expectations, but
Can Kurt do kegstand?

St. Louis Rams

Seriously guys,
Just give Steven Jackson the
Freaking ball already

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha Rex Grossman ha ha
Ha Kyle Orton ha

Green Bay Packers

Call us super crazy but
Aaron Rodgers will be great
New big cheese in town

Detroit Lions

If they get to Ten
Wins, for celebration food
Don’t go to Wendy’s

Minnesota Vikings

A.P. – M.V.P.
Tarvaris Jackson isn’t
Give Purple Jesus the ball

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NFC South

Carolina Panthers

QB Jake Delhomme
Is no longer DelHombre
Fox needs resume

Tampa Bay Bucs

How many QB’s would
Play, if Gruden created
The NFL rules?

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan is better
Than Tom Brady, at very least
In the bank account

New Orleans Saints

A team on the rise
Shockey plus Drew Brees equals

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Getcha popcorn ready
The ‘Boys will keep it very close
Until third quarter

New York Giants

Very tough schedule now
Can they keep up momentum?
Ask ’02 Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles

Their Jerseys are green
Color fits the Iggles well
Some greedy agents

Washington Redskins

Forgotten team will
Shock their NFC East foes
And make the playoffs

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One Response to “NFL Preseason Haikus: NFC”

  1. Rick Vaughn says:

    I’m a Rams fan and trust me Steven Jackson will be getting the ball early and often thanks to Al Saunders. Not sure if I agree on Aaron Rodgers but God knows he has had plenty of time to be ready.

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