NFL Speed-Dating

Now that the Celtics have vanquished the Lakers, we can finally begin to concentrate on what’s important again: the NFL. It couldn’t come a moment too soon, as those parking attendant commercials were almost as annoying as the “Our Country” truck commercials. Let’s speed through ten of the most important dates to remember for the National Football League season.

1. July 22-29th – Training Camp Opens
The Texans and Dolphins start things off for us on July 22nd, and for a few weeks, football players get to live like poor college students again. We also get to have some real news to report and can forget about cameras, public financing, and arrests.

2. August 2-3rd – Hall of Fame Enshrinement and Bowl
There is a great class of players being enshrined this year, including the long overdue inclusion of Art Monk, aka the Anti-Ocho Cinco. Oh yeah, there’s a game too.

3. September 7th – NFL Opening Day
Ah, Sundays in September — it doesn’t get much better. We’ll be in Foxborough rooting on the Patriots versus the Chiefs courtesy of our friends at Bleacher Report, but we’ll still miss the big-screen and Sunday Ticket.

4. October 17th – NFL Trade Deadline
What is usually a non-event compared to the MLB and NBA, the NFL trade deadline may start to be opened up a bit due to the possibility of CBA changes.

5. October 26th – Giants vs Chargers (Wembley Stadium, London)
Londoners get to take in the pass-happy Saints and a good San Diego team. The real question on everyone’s mind though is who will they make a giant robot out of this year? If it is LT, that is going to be one classy animatronic giant.

6. November 6th – Broncos vs Browns (1st NFL Network Game)
What are the odds that the majority of fans will be able to see this game? 3-1? 5-1? It’s called compromise Comcast and the NFL, look it up. Just don’t involve the honorable Senator Specter please.

7. November 27th – Thanksgiving Day
Turducken? Check. Remote? Check. Pumpkin Pie? Check. Beverages? Check. Football, engage.

8. December 28th – Cedric Benson’s Birthday
Should we alert the authorities now? I’m not flying anywhere for Christmas as you never know when Benson might want to go for the trifecta and get a FUI to go with his DUI and BUI.

9. January 18th – AFC/NFC Championship Games
Best day on the NFL calendar for me. Just the right amount of hype and two usually good games makes for a great experience.

10. April 24th-25th – 2009 NFL Draft
The draft’s popularity is growing each year, especially after the shorter times and better times. Who knows what might be new next year. We’d still like to see more players invited to NYC, just for the awkward interviews and handshakes.

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One Response to “NFL Speed-Dating”

  1. Chelle says:

    I am so anxiously awaiting football to start up again – I got pretty hooked on fantasy football last year. You’ll have to write a post for what players I should pick for the draft sometime in August 🙂

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