NFL Salary Cap Figures

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These are the Salary Cap figures for each team as of June 2nd. A few notes:

  • The Chiefs and Packers have an absurd amount of room with nobody to spend it on. Look for them to shift more 2009 money to this year.
  • The Steelers are going to need to restructure some deals to get their rookies signed.
  • The Patriots’ near $10,000,000 in cap room should be enough to maintain some flexibility this year, and won’t require a re-working of Brady’s contract.

Kansas City Chiefs $36.57 million
Green Bay Packers $32.08 million
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $28.21 million
New Orleans Saints $25.88 million
Buffalo Bills $23.86 million
Philadelphia Eagles $18.39 million
Chicago Bears $17.95 million
San Diego Chargers $15.28 million
Jacksonville Jaguars $13.26 million
Miami Dolphins $13.06 million
Tennessee Titans $12.86 million
Atlanta Falcons $11.49 million
Cincinnati Bengals $10.44 million
San Francisco 49ers $10.40 million
Carolina Panthers $10.18 million (received $7,450,000 credit 6/2)
New England Patriots $9.97 million
New York Jets $9.85 million
St. Louis Rams $9.83 million
Cleveland Browns $9.15 million
New York Giants $8.95 million
Seattle Seahawks $8.77 million
Washington Redskins $8.52 million (received $2,405,000 credit 6/2)
Indianapolis Colts $8.47 million
Denver Broncos $6.62 million
Houston Texans $6.11 million
Minnesota Vikings $5.50 million
Dallas Cowboys $5.34 million
Detroit Lions $4.39 million (received $4,000,000 credit 6/2)
Arizona Cardinals $3.64 million
Baltimore Ravens $2.91 million
Oakland Raiders $2.15 million
Pittsburgh Steelers $980,000
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