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The NFC North is one of the most intriguing conferences in the NFL. Each team has the talent to win the division and make a deep playoff run, while each team could also implode and finish 5-11. Coaching, injuries, and heart will make the difference in 2008

Minnesota Vikings
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Tarvaris Jackson needs to quit losing games for Coach Brad Childress. He’s got all the talent that he needs on both sides of the ball, and he is the only weak link.

What Needs to Not: See above.

Green Bay Packers
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Ryan Grant needs to move the chains, while AJ Hawk and company need to get over the loss of a few linemen and stop the run. Al Harris and Charles Woodson need to be 26 again.

What Needs to Not: Packers Players, Coaches, and Fans can’t expect Aaron Rodgers to be “you know who” his first day on the job. Don’t put too much pressure on him — he’ll be fine.

Detroit Lions
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Turning over a new offensive leaf, the Lions need to get their extremely talented passing game working well. Use the impressive height that you have at that position.

What Needs to Not: No Burger King outfits please. Don’t pay lipservice to the running game, either run it or play arena ball.

Chicago Bears
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Pact with the Devil? We’re really not sure how to make Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman perform at the NFL level.

What Needs to Not: With Cedric Benson probably being on America’s Most Wanted by training camp, the Bears can’t run Matt Forte into the ground this year.

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