Kobe's Halftime Kisses: NFL Style

After seeing Kobe Bryant get some Father’s Day love from his two girls and lovely wife during halftime of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, it got us wondering what some NFL players do during halftime. We’ll leave Pacman out of this to allow the kiddies to have a read.

Tony Romo receives a kiss from Jessica Simpson, err, Jessica Simpson’s dad.

Reggie Bush cuts right, then left, but never actually makes it into the locker room.

Wes Welker gets a nice pat on the head, a doggie treat, and a “Good Boy.”

Roy Williams (big and slow) takes possession of a “number three with extra pickles, super-sized, with Coke to drink”.

Roy Williams (tall and fast) orders a pizza, and leaves the tip for Jon Kitna, who ordered Burger King for one of his coaches.

Brett Favre puts on a new pair of Wranglers cut-offs, a la Tobias Funke. I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching too much Arrested Development.

Rex Grossman puts a new piece of paper on the clipboard. (Week 3 version)

Chris Henry and Tank Williams get in a little target practice.

Maurice Clarett would have been getting his goose on, but instead he’s, uh, well, getting his goose on.

Peyton Manning does about three mildly annoying commercials.

LT just tries to stay classy. San Diego.

Freddie Mitchell gets off the couch, uses the bathroom, and gets more chips. Typing that made me happy.

Travis Henry writes out some child-support checks.

Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

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