AFC West Predictions

The AFC West is very similar to the NFC West in that there is one top-dog and three little squirrels trying to find a nut. You might be wondering why I would lump Denver in with KC and Oakland, but the reality is that the Broncos are much closer to the bottom than the top. On to the predictions:

San Diego Chargers
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: This team needs to stay healthy, and when they are hurt, they need to man up. I might dislike Philip Rivers, but he is a freaking warrior. LT? Not so much.

What Needs to Not: Merriman needs to quit being blown up by 5’6″ running backs and sack the QB.

Denver Broncos
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: This ragged group of egos need to get on the same page. Brandon Marshall needs to grow into his #1 role and Shanny needs to mold his game to the game of his players.

What Needs to Not: The Broncos have been snakebitten lately: shootings, premature death, McDonalds wrappers, diabetes… They just need a normal 6 months.

Kansas City Chiefs
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen:
Herm needs to be in a booth.

What Needs to Not: LJ can’t get injured again, as the Chiefs terrible line can’t do all the work itself.

Oakland Raiders
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Jamarcus needs to throw for more yards than he weighs each game, and the duo of McFadden and Fargas need to play real well.

What Needs to Not: All the new faces can’t play for the next contract, Lane Kiffen needs to get them all working to what really matters: keeping Lane’s job.

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