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Similar to the NFC North, their AFC counterparts are all teams that could win 10+ games and win a playoff contest, and with the possible exception of Pittsburgh, each could go 6-10 or worse. On to what makes people yell at us:

Projected Record: 11-5

What Needs to Happen: This is the year that Derek Anderson needs to put 16 games in the book and take the Browns to the next level. With Edwards, Winslow, and company, we think he’ll do it.

What Needs to Not:
No more crappy tiebreakers.

Projected Record: 9-7

What Needs to Happen: Mendenhall and Parker need to compliment each other well and Santonio Holmes needs to continue to improve. Hines Ward has to show he can still bring it.

What Needs to Not: Troy Polamalu can’t be this team’s savior. He needs the front seven to make more plays and not force him to blitz every other play.

Projected Record: 6-10

What Needs to Happen: Blow it up and start over.
What Needs to Not: See 2005-2007

Projected Record: 5-11

What Needs to Happen: Somebody needs to step up and take the QB job by the throat and lead this team. We just don’t see the guy to do it this year.

What Needs to Not: Ray Lewis can’t stop delaying what must happen — him losing a second step.

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