NCAA Players to Watch: Big East

Part 3 of 7

The Big East isn’t teaming with players that are going to go during round one next April, but here are a few prospects to hold your interest. Pac-10 coming up on Wednesday!

Lesean McCoy – RB – Pitt
Big Game: Sept. 30 vs Iowa

McCoy has a nose for the goalline and is big enough to handle 15+ carries per game on Sundays. He could still work on his power, but his hands and vision are very good. He would fit very well complimenting a Marion Barber or Laurence Maroney in the NFL.

Hunter Cantwell – QB – Louisville
Big Game: Dec. 4 @ Rutgers

Although he has played behind Brian Brohm, Cantwell’s mind and arm are projected to be even better than his predecessor. He also has the size that NFL GM’s covet. With the lack of tape on Cantwell, we wouldn’t be surprised if he went in the top 5 or round 5.

Pat White – QB/WR – West Virginia
Big Game: Oct. 23 vs Auburn

White won’t play QB at the next level, but offensive coordinators are already drawing up plays to use his freakish ability, a la Randle El and others from the same mold. Expect White to work out as a WR at the combine.

Mike Mickens – CB – Cincinnati
Big Game: Sept. 6 @ Oklahoma
Tall, but light, Mickens uses his 4.4 speed very well. He rarely takes a false step and therefore isn’t out of position very often. He could play in a cover 2 or a man defense on Sundays, and his value is increased by his return abilities.

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