Possible Trade Partners

New England has never loved committing tons of money to unproven talent. Don’t expect this year to be any different.
The Patriots have a lot of holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball and may be looking to trade down to increase their depth and playmaking ability at such key positions as ILB and CB.

Who might some teams be that would logical to swap with?

Dallas Cowboys (#22, #28, #59, #92)

The Cowboys covet Darren McFadden, Jerry Jones had made no secret about that. If he makes it to #7, expect the Cowboys to come calling. An offer of the 22nd, 59th, and 92nd picks would fall short on the points scale, but the Patriots are hardly beholden unto that. The #22 and #28 picks, along with the #92 would get it done in my opinion.

Cincinatti Bengals (#9, #46)

Provided that the Jets and Patriots pass on cornerbacks, the Bengals may choose to jump ahead of the Ravens and snag the #1 CB on their board. A swap of 1st (#7 for #9) and 2nd rounders (#62 for #46) would probably do it.

Carolina Panthers (#13, #43)

The Panthers may be looking for a franchise QB. So are the Ravens. If Matt Ryan is on the board at #7, the Panthers might give up their 2nd rounder to go get him before Baltimore can.


One Response to “Possible Trade Partners”

  1. Seth says:

    Don’t forget about the Saints as a possible trade partner. If Dorsey or Ellis falls down to 7 or 8, the Saints would likely be very interested in trading #10 overall and their third with either the Pats or the Ravens to jump ahead of the Bengals, especially if LSU’s Dorsey is the player who falls.The Saints need help at pretty much every position on defense, and they have already addressed MLB (Vilma), WLB (Morgan), DE (McCray), and CB (Gay). Safety and DT are the their two most glaring remaining defensive needs and there aren’t any safeties worth a top-ten pick this year. Getting one of the two elite DT prospects should be a priority for the Saints.

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