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Jabba The Rex

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Courtesy of the Global Sports Fraternity, we bring you Jabba The Rex. Can Luke SkyWelker and Han Brady defeat Jabba the Rex and the evil Jets empire?

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Belichcik Not Wearing Pink Hoodie

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Unfortunately, Bill Belichick won’t be rocking the pink hoodie this Sunday, according to All Things Bill Belichick. Many teams and stadiums are turning things pink in support of the fight against breast cancer during this week’s NFL games.

After going for it on 4th down against Atlanta, we know that Bill has guts. But until he gets some fashion guts, we’ll just have to settle for the picture above.

For more talk about this week’s Patriots / Ravens game, check out the Pre-Game Meal.

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Bill Belichick Knows You Would Read This

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

When the news that Terrell Owens had signed with the Buffalo Bills scrolled across my television on Saturday, I started laughing. Nearly every Patriot fan that read up on Shawn Springs, our new veteran CB, knows that Springs owns “Eldorado”.

Bill Belichick obviously knew that the Cowboys would release T.O, and that the Bills would end up signing him. In order to try and contain the impending Buffalo offensive juggernaut, Belichick signed Springs to a contract.

Bobby Fischer should have wore Bill Belichick pajamas.

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Broncos Hire Josh McDaniels

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Denver Broncos have hired Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels to be their next Head Coach. According to reports, Dom Capers will join McDaniels on his way from Foxboro to the Mile High City.

We would tap Bill O’Brien, wide-receivers coach, as the heir apparent to the OC job. Our speculation is that O’Brien and Bill Belichick will share play-calling duties for a year, before receiving the reigns, similar to the way that McDaniels worked his way to the top. O’Brien coached at multiple ACC schools before joining the Patriots organization.

Capers and McDaniels may prove to be just the tip of the iceberg, as talks have heated up between Belichick’s right-hand man Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Let the raiding begin…

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Belichick Chooses Not to Suit Up

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The JA (Joseph Abboud) Apparel corporation has been signed on to provide tailored shirts, suits, pants, and ties for members of the NFL Coaches Club. It appears that they will be required to wear these suits during press conferences and/or when traveling in a team capacity. Mike Nolan and Jack Del Rio have already sported part of the “Joseph Abboud Coaches Collection” in 2007.

Bill Belichick, however, is the only Head Coach not part of the NFL Coaches Club. Therefore, this deal doesn’t apply to him.

Although, Bill could cut the sleeves off of this Joseph Abboud shirt — it might work for him.

Bill Belichick Dress Shirt

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NFL Firing Range

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

It seems like each year about 6-8 NFL Head Coaches get axed in the NFL. Some of them get fired for losing records, others for not winning “big games”. Some teams just “need to go in a new direction”. Let’s take a look at all 32 NFL Head Coaches and their chances of getting canned in 2008.

Chuck Knoll Division

Due to their continued greatness and/or imminent departure, these guys aren’t going anywhere.

Bill Belichick – New England Patriots – 1000 to 1
I can’t think of a way that he gets fired and I won’t even joke about it.

Tony Dungy – Indianapolis Colts – 1000 to 1
This will be his last year, and they aren’t going to fire him.

Tom Coughlin – New York Giants – 1000 to 1
From the chopping block to the penthouse, Coughlin bought himself a few years of comfort.

Mike Holmgren – Seattle Seahawks – 1000 to 1
Similar to Dungy, Holmgren is done after this year and won’t be fired short of an enormous scandal.

Marty Schottenheimer Division
These coaches have a fatal flaw, mainly no recent rings, and owners might get fed up. Their impressive regular-season records keep them working though.

Jeff Fisher – Tennessee Titans – 500 to 1
The longest tenured coach, Fisher eventually needs to get over the loss of Pacman and win it all.

Mike Shanahan – Denver Broncos – 500 to 1
Unless Al Davis buys the Broncos Shananhan won’t be getting fired.

Jon Gruden – Tampa Bay Bucs – 500 to 1
With a ring and 12 quarterbacks, Gruden seems safe.

Jack Del Rio – Jacksonville Jaguars – 400 to 1
With a great record and non-ambitious ownership, Del Rio will be sporting suits for the forseeable future.

Wade Phillips – Dallas Cowboys – 400 to 1
Jerry’s boy, Phillips just needs to make the playoffs with the best team in the NFC to keep his job.

Sean Payton – New Orleans Saints – 400 to 1
The man who brought back the Saints from oblivion is pretty safe.

Mike McCarthy – Green Bay Packers – 400 to 1
Unless Aaron Rodgers severly underperforms, McCarthy will be coaching for a while.

Lane Kiffin Division
For odd reasons, Lane isn’t in this division. These guys are so new that the owners can’t bail on them, probably. Although you’d have a tought time convincing Cam Cameron of that.

Mike Tomlin – Pittsburgh Steelers – 1000 to 1
The Steelers don’t fire coaches. Period.

Jim Zorn – Washington Redskins – 300 to 1
Owner Dan Snyder is quite fickle, but even he won’t fire a guy in his first year.

Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons – 300 to 1
Could he do worse than Petrino? I don’t think it is possible…

John Harbaugh – Baltimore Ravens – 300 to 1
Harbaugh has the arduous task of winning with a team whose window is closing.

Gary Kubiak – Houston Texans – 250 to 1
Kubiak has the Texans pointing in the right direction. Finally.

Ken Whisenhunt – Arizona Cardinals – 150 to 1
Is he who we think he is? He needs to calm Leinart down for sure.

Rod Marinelli – Detriot Lions – 120 to 1
After a great start, Marinelli needs to continue to deliver on that early promise rather than blow up like 2007.

Tony Sparano – Miami Dolphins – 120 to 1
Parcells isn’t patient, but would he really toast his own guy?

Norv Turner Division
These guys have jobs, but they have a strike or two against them. A few losses in a row and they could be gone.

Andy Reid – Philadelphia Eagles – 100 to 1
Eventually Reid is going to have to win the SB with all that talent.

Romeo Crennel – Cleveland Browns – 100 to 1
One good year helped, but he isn’t out of the woods yet.

Lovie Smith – Chicago Bears – 80 to 1
The SB appearance bought him some time, but another year like last year might be it.

John Fox – Carolina Panthers – 60 to 1
Nobody has a team that has underperformed as much as the Panthers these last few years.

Norv Turner – San Diego Chargers – 60 to 1
Norv was brought in to win Playoff Games, not playoff game.

Dick Jauron – Buffalo Bills – 50 to 1
Jauron is an OK coach with OK talent. That doesn’t cut it in the NFL.

Brad Childress – Minnesota Vikings – 50 to 1
Vikings brass won’t be patient with AP’s time in Minnesota. If they don’t think Childress can bring it home, they will move on.

Art Shell Division
Practice up on interviews and those résumés ready gentlemen, you’re going to need the help next year.

Scott Linehan – St. Louis Rams – 20 to 1
Injuries aren’t his fault, but at times he just seems lost.

Eric Mangini – New York Jets – 18 to 1
Fredo here, after a promising first year, just can’t win football games.

Mike Nolan – San Francisco 49ers – 16 to 1
Everybody’s sleeper pick last year, the ‘niners are still really bad.

Herm Edwards – Kansas City Chiefs – 10 to 1
You play to win the game! Do it then Herm!

Lane Kiffin – Oakland Raiders – 8 to 1
Kiffin is the only coach here that could be fired even if he wins the Super Bowl, due to Al Davis being an absolute freakazoid.

Marvin Lewis – Cincinatti Bengals – 5 to 1
Loads of talent. Loads of problems. Not enough wins. ¡Ocho Cinco dice adios!

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