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Charlie Weis a Cheater?

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

What now? Laptopgate?

According to our friends at the World of Isaac, Charlie Weis is being accused of cheating by the Michigan State Spartans. A computer was confiscated by NCAA Officials from the Notre Dame coaching box during the first half of the Spartans win on Saturday.

Weis states that “an intern” must have brought it in to the box on accident. Unfortunately, Charlie Weis’s ties to the Patriots won’t be helping his case out much, or New England’s for that matter. Say it ain’t so…

The big question though is, what was on the computer that was so important?

  • Different formations to lose yards from
  • How to schedule service academies tutorial
  • How to win without someone named Brady
  • Directions to heal a busted-up knee
  • Lots of recipes for halftime
  • Brady Quinn “Photos”
  • Death Star Plans

Anything else?

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Great Moment in Gambling History

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Iowa Hawkeyes Herky
We were watching the Iowa Hawkeyes play the Iowa State Cyclones yesterday at beautiful Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. We were enjoying the game, and specifically looking at some Hawkeye linemen, both defensive and offensive, for NFL Draft purposes. What we happened to see was one of the greatest gambling moments ever. Check out a list of other recent examples below.

The line for the game had the Hawkeyes giving 13 points to the visiting Cyclones. With a 17-3 lead, and having just stopped the Cyclones on 4th and Goal, the Hawkeyes took over at their own four. After a few QB sneaks, there was about 40 seconds left and it was 4th down.

The Hawks didn’t punt though. Fearing a punt return or block, followed by an onside kick attempt, the Hawkeyes instead elected to have the punter run the ball out the back of the endzone, thus giving the Cyclones two points for a safety, and compulsive gamblers around the United States either heartache or joy.


Here are some other great ones:

  • Sasha Vujacic hitting a meaningless three to give the Lakers a 100-92 victory to cover the 7.5 point line during the 2008 playoffs.
  • Chris Duhon’s magical shot for the Dukies, drawing the game to a 79-78 finish, covering the spread against UCONN in 2004.
  • Texas A&M QB connects on a 33-yard TD reception with 5 seconds left in their 2007 game against Miami, bringing the total to 34-17, when the line was at 46.5.

What was your greatest gambling moment — good or bad?

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Patriots Opening Day: Pregame

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Check out Part One of Patriots Opening Day.

We started the morning off at, where else, Dunkin’ Donuts. We tailgated a bit with some new friends from Worcester, and then headed off to pay the $40 at General Parking. Nothing like a “small regular” to get your blood flowing.

Patriot Place is just plain amazing. This is a shot of the interior of the new Patriots Pro Shop. Due to us getting there at the exact right time, we were the first people to enter, and were met with a nice ovation. Very cool place, and a must for your Patriots gameday apparel needs. The Patriots Hall of Fame upstairs wasn’t ready for the public yet, but will be amazing when it is. The snowplow from the snow game will be a big hit.

The CBS scene was also pretty cool. The setup is real nice, being able to watch vintage CBS shows as well as football highlights and DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. We weren’t very impressed with the food, as their isn’t much of a selection yet.

A view of Patriot Place from our seats up in section 301 as the game was about to begin. It would be a game that would forever change the future of the Patriots 2008 season.

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Back from Boston

Monday, September 8th, 2008

We’re back from an incredible weekend in Boston that saw us experience quite a range of emotions. From an incredibly fun vacation, to Tom Brady laying on the ground, Matt Cassel taking us from the shadow of our goalpost, and finally the defense stepping up and sealing the victory.We’ll be back over the next few days with a three-part look at our wonderful weekend, including plenty of pictures.
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NE Patriots Draft at Opening Day

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Posting will be sparse to non-existent for the next few days, as the NE Patriots Draft crew is shipping off to Boston for the Patriots vs. Chiefs game. We’ll be back on Monday with a recap off our experience.

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Superbowl Payback

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It has been six long months since the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLII. We’ve been looking for an outlet to unleash the pent-up anger and disappointment on for quite a while. The Celtics winning the championship came close, the Red Sox are trying, but we are choosing to unleash ourselves upon 25 Sports Blogs in’s Pigskin Picks contest. We will be picking each game of each week, competing for cash and prizes. Feel free to talk trash to any of these other jokers, especially The Sports Dollar — he is going down.

Here is a list of all the sites who will feel our collective wrath:

Yep Yep
The Sports Dungeon
Waiting for Next Year
The Sports Lounge
Tailgating Ideas
NESW Sports
The Blue Workhorse
My Sports Rumors
Inside Plays
Juiced Sports Blog
Buzz Pirates
Busted Coverage
The Chocolate Dog Blog
NE Patriots Draft
The Sports Dollar
Women Like Sports
Don Chavez
Banned in Hollywood
Mac Gs World
Macho Chip
Zoner Sports
Sports Opinion

Please visit these sites and tell everyone that we will be destroying their weak picks for the foreseeable future.

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NFL Postcards

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Check out these great NFL Postcards from our friends at Hugging Harold Reynolds. Hilarious stuff guys. We always like to see our friend Randy Moss threatening the incredibly annoying Mercury Morris.

AFC East Postcards from Training Camp

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