2019 NFL Draft: 50 Players You Should Know


NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

The 2018 draft is over & I’m in full 2019-mode right about now. I made a list of 50 players that I’ve been watching over the past year or two. Some just recently.  This isn’t a top 50 list, I don’t have them ranked in order of where I think they are, in terms of “who’s the best”. The season will will play itself out soon enough & that will make things a lot clearer. This is just to get familiar w/ who’s, who. Get some nuggets of info & stay updated as to who might be on the Patriots radar next year.

1)  Zach Allen  DE/BC – Allen, a local product from CT, is a big, thick defensive end that lined up at multiple techniques for B.C. last year. He’s a legit 6’5/280 w/ long arms & at times really knows how to use them. He’ll stab/punch, bull rush & spin off opponents en route to attacking the QB. At times does a good job of keeping his outside shoulder clean in the pas & run game to make plays. Doesn’t get fooled by rpo’s, runs etc. Doesn’t panic & has a readiness about him playing ball carriers behind the line. Allen is the type of player that fits what we like from a size, length standpoint & his overall game seems to fit as well.

2)  Nathan Stanley QB/Iowa – I’m have a feeling Stanley’s name will mentioned more & more as we get closer to the college football season starting. Stanley has very good mechanics, he looks like a classic pocket passer. His arm is also legit. Not a Russell or Allen cannon but he has strength to hit 60 yards easy & at times has shown sweet deep placement & accuracy. He’s taken snaps & made plays from under center, on the run & in S/G. Looks very comfortable on the move & in play action. At times Stanley goes through his reads but you want to see  more of that & an overall better pocket awareness this fall. There’s a lot to get excited about over this player. 6’5/215 first year starter w/ a 26/6 TD-INT ratio.

Here he is here w/ NFL player Sam Hubbard wrapped around his legs. Stays calm, goes through reads & delivers a dart.

3) Devin White LB/LSU – White is a throwback linebacker that has sideline to sideline speed. 6’1/240 but moves like he’s 10lbs lighter. Looks like a bullet when blitzing up through the A/B gaps. Can drop back & clog up the swallow zone w/ his big body. White hits everything w/ bad intentions. The former standout running back is a force in the middle & someone teams will covet come draft time as he’s a beast athletically as well.


4) Devin Bush LB/Michigan – While White is a throwback type, Bush is a chess piece made & molded to be moved around. Different players but both versatile players. Bush is a + chase/pursuit player in the backfield & does a good job navigating through the muck to find his target. He’ll also sniff out screens & passing plays developing in the flat. Bush lit up the stat sheet last year as a young player (90 TKL, 10 TFL, 5.5 SKS, 1 INT) & has to do it again but he already looks like a future pro.


5) Christian Wilkins DL/Clemson – Wilkins surprised some by coming back this year, 2019 is absolutely loaded along the defensive line. That said Wilkins is a versatile big boy who plays inside/outside & moves like someone who weighs 30 lbs lighter. Wilkins is very agile & nimble for a 310+ guy. Able to get skinny to flash through gaps or muscle through defenders. Wilkins has strong hands & shows + instincts on the field. He can play in a 34/43 & looks built for a multiple team up front.


6) Dexter Lawrence DT/Clemson – Going right back to Clemson & looking at another standout interior defender. Lawrence is a freaky mini-mountain in the middle that is going to be a nightmare for G’s & C’s for years to come. Some have Wilkins & Lawrence as a lottery picks, which they very well could be. I just think their value is in the mid 1st & on. And with the depth of the class anything is possible. Lawrence moves like a 300lb pounder & is scheme proof. He’s plug & play day1.


7) Daniel Jones QB/Duke – The North Carolina native is a team captain & former 2016 team MVP. Prototype size, tough player that has experience running rpo. Jones has great mechanics from his base to his upper half. Everything always looks the same. His set-up, everything starts with his foot-firing feet that are always moving & putting him in the best spot possible. Good arm that can adjust heat on throws, has enough zip on his passes but could get stronger. At times his head moved just like a clock. I definitely want to see more of that, hopefully leading to a more consistent showing, he’s been up & down for stretches so far in his career. Still there are plenty of tools to work with & his overall game has improved each year from a leadership aspect.


8) Julian Love CB/Notre Dame – Love is a thickly built corner who looks like dependable open field tackler & someone who competes for everything. He displayed + route recognition in several games, on several plays I watched. He also looks comfortable in press, zone & off man & also played CB/S in high school.


9)  Taylor Rapp – Rapp is an instinctual Safety with very good short area quickness & doesn’t shy away from coming out in run support to make a play. Very efficient in doing so as well. He’s very smooth, seemingly always round the ball or where the action is. Right now he reminds me a little bit of Harrison Smith from the Vikings.


10)  Easton Stick – Stick took over for Wentz & lead the Bison  to a title last year. Stick has been up & down & streaky at times but shows + accuracy & placement at times. He also can push the ball down the field like Wentz at times as well. Again its about consistency w/ Stick. At times he’s very much in command of his offense though. Looks the part there.


11) Greg Little OT/Ole Miss –Depending on the year he has Little could be the 1st OT tackle in a strong class. He has very good lateral movement & has the toughness & nasty you want protecting your QB. Little has the size, athleticism & skill to be a long time successful NFL player.


12)  Nate Herbig G/Stanford – At 6’4+/340 Herbig is a throwback guard that mauls people down & ruins their day when asked to pull across the line. At times reminds you of Will Hernandez who was a top 40 pick this year.


13)  Tyrone Wheatley Jr TE/Michigan – Wheatley jr’s father Tyrone Sr played several years in the NFL & the bloodlines have evindently been passed on. Wheatley is a versatile TE that plays inline & is a smooth moving big target across the middle or down the seem. Wheatley Jr shows the ability to stalk block & will straight out muscle some opponents.


14) Chauncey Gardner Johnson S/Florida – Gardner-Johnson is a former CB & plays the ball like one. He has very good speed & has natural ball skills. Knows what to do when he gets his paws on the ball. Gardner-Johnson will also deliver big, legal hits if the opportunity presents itself. Florida has been pumping the DB’s out


15) Lukas Denis S/Boston College – The local product might be somewhat of unknown right now on the national scene but Denis has top 20 pick written all over him. He just has natural instincts in terms of reading the QB’s eyes & comes up big when he’s near the ball. If you’re trying Denis 20+ yards downfield you better have some arm talent & more importantly “eye” talent. You’re doomed if you stare down a wr. A QB must be able to hold defenders w/ their eyes. Denis also moves like a CB down near the goal line in close quarters. Very calm, heady player that will be playing on Sundays very soon.


16)  Ahmmon Richards WR/Miami – Richards is a good route runner w/ + quicks to work inside on slants & has shown the ability to track the ball along the sidelines as you can see below. Richards isn’t the biggest wr but doesn’t lack toughness for someone that’s less than 195lbs.



17) Tommy Sweeney TE/Boston College – 6’4+/250 from N.J. , Sweeney should have his best year yet at B.C. Last year he was streaky but came up in big spots, against big time teams. Sweeney should be on the field a ton & looks to be a more consistent target in 2018-19.


18) Jarrett Stidham QB/Auburn – Stidham would have been at worst a 2nd round pick this year in a very strong class & his stock only looks to improve as we approach next years draft. Stidham is a transfer from Baylor who showed immediate promise at Auburn. He’s very smart w/ + football IQ. He’s accurate but could work on throwing his wr’s open a little better. Mobile & tough. Stidham has to improve his pocket awareness as well but he has plenty of tools to work w/.


19) Marvell Tell III S/USC – Big rangy Safety that is just now really getting comfortable at the position. Tell has flashed on several occasions but is still learning the position in many ways. Tell is a former WR/S in high school. Played some strong safety as a FR & moved to FS as SO. 2018 could be a huge year for the multi talented Tell, who is all over the field at times for the Trojans. Teams will specifically looking how he does/improved he is in coverage.


20)  DeAndre Baker CB/Georgia – Maybe another UG player? From Miami, Baker is smart player that rarely ever looks confused or out of position. He does a great job of being physical in route & at the catch point. He’s very subtle about uses his hands & arms during a route & forcing a wr away from the ball or towards the sideline.


21)  David Edwards OT/Wisconsin – The 2019 OT draft class looks very good & it’s loaded w/ Badger Linemen. Edwards a former TE will be on everyone’s short list of top tier Tackles. He’s mean, long, lean & already very good in both pass pro & run blocking. Edwards decided to come back to Wisoconsin after talking w/ future HOF Joe Thomas. Joe’s advice, “In 20 years, you’ll remember your final year at Madison more than your rookie season in the pros”.


22)  JoJo Mcintosh S/Washington – Mcintosh is the other half of the Safety tandem at UW & the enforcer in the secondary. He takes pride in setting the tone & letting the other team know what kind of day its going be. Mcintosh has also shown good instincts & processing speed at times in coverage as well.


23)  Paddy Fisher LB/North – The Texas native had a breakout year last season after a 19 tackle effort against Duke in his 2nd game of the year. At 6’3/245 he has the size to plug the holes in the middle & displays the toughness needed in that role. Fisher isn’t a speed demon but rather relies on his instincts & toughness to make a play. Fisher’s eyes are always keying in on where the Center is heading & usually arrives on time to make a play.


24)  Miles Sanders RB/PSU – Sanders will be taking over for Barkley at PSU this year. He’s a big time recruit that many thought would have ended up at a “Big Name” School like OSU or LSU but he choose Penn St & will get his shot very soon. He’s a do it all back w/ rec skills, agility, speed & vision. I know PSU coaches & players are excited about him & can’t wait to see what he brings day 1.


25)  Isaac Nauta TE/Georgia –  There’s not many players I’m more pumped to watch then Nauta this fall. Nauta is 5 star TE recruit which is pretty rare & has a successful track record but looks like a player just waiting to explode this year.


He has natural hands that always look to pluck the ball out of the air & the aggression you want to see while run blocking. He’s a very intriguing & tough to bring down at 6’4+/250.


26) D.K. Metcalf WR/Ole Miss – Speaking of favorite players to watch, Metcalf is a big body WR that knows how to use his size & strength at 6’3/220. After the catch Metcalf looks like a big RB. Metcalf’s game is starts & ends w/ his physicality. From the line to the caught point Metcalf is a big, strong WR that will look to out muscle & use his body control to secure a catch. After that his powerful strides do the rest. If Metcalf can stays healthy this year he might play himself into the 1st round.


27)  Benny Snell Jr. RB/Kentucky – Speaking of physical players Benny Snell Jr always runs very hard & w/ a purpose. Doing that in the SEC for 2400+/30+ is quite impressive considering he’s being game planned around each week as Kentucky’s best offensive player. Snell probably won’t get a ton of love until draft but he’s a reliable, tough runner w/ very good production.


28)  Austin Bryant DE/Clemson – Bryant was draftable this year but w/ the rest of his teammates decided to come back. Bryant has the size New England likes at 6’5/270 & is a physical, worker-type that doesn’t just rush up field taking himself out of the play. Bryant will always look to disrupt a play if he can’t make a sack, TFL by getting his hands up to swat down a pass or control the edge so theres nowhere to go outside.


29)  Ryan Finley N.C. State – Finley is another player that would have been drafted this year but came back for a shot at the 1st round in 2019. At times Finley looks like a future pro. He has the size, arm, accuracy & football IQ teams desire. He sells play action very well & can work all 3 levels of the field. Finley has a minor scratch on his record w/ an arrest (underage drinking, resisting arrest, dumb stuff a lot of young people do) while at Boise State but has shown nothing but majority since then. Finley plays in a pro style offense that will surely appeal to teams, much like Phillip Rivers, Jacoby Brissett, Russell Wilson & Mike Glennon.



30)  Josh Allen DE/Kentucky – Allen is a player in the mold of former Georgia, current Bears player Leonard Floyd. He has the same length, athleticism & gumby-like body control & consortium  en route to the QB.


31) Beau Benenzschawel G/Wisconsin – I mentioned the Badgers OL when talking about Edwards but the whole group is pretty stacked tbh. Benenzschawel is a really good, versatile player that can seemingly do it all. He’s a natural in pass pro. Balanced, great footwork & overall technique. He could probably plug & play in most teams system right away as a rookie. He’s a very good prospect.


32)  Jerry Tillery DT/Notre Dame – Tillery is a beast of a player at 6’6/300 & is coming off his best season to date. Tillery had some maturity issues he moved past from & is switching from NT to 3tech this fall. 3Tech should play to his strengths as Tillery is the most athletic OL’m on the team & will probably play that position at the next level. The DT will look to add to his TFL total from last year & show he’s not a one hit wonder.


33)  Anthony Nelson DE/Iowa – Nelson is a workmen-like linemen that makes each snap a fistfight in itself. The Iowa native is mix power, length & burst at 6’6/270. Nelson also does a good job of controlling his man & setting the edge to prevent anything from bouncing outside.


34)  Anthony Johnson WR/Buffalo – Johnson is quicker than fast but has deceptive speed to get behind corners & for the most part runs clean, crisp routes on all 3 levels. Johnson should be in for a big year if both him & Jackson can stay healthy for a full season.


35)  Shea Patterson QB/Michigan – Patterson was a Ole Miss transfer that should really benefit from a year w/ Coach Harbaugh. Patterson is so fun to watch. His game & path in football both resemble Russell Wilson. Patterson has to do a better job staying sturdy w/ his base when moving around & scrambling. If his feet aren’t set it doesn’t end up well, which is the case for most QB’s & athletes. Patterson as the ability to work all 3 levels while on the move but needs a little refining. The traits & tools are there though. Arm talent, accuracy/placement, scrambling ability & make “it” happen when the odds are against you.


36) Sam Beal CB/West Michigan – At 6’1 Beal has ideal height & length for the position & knows how to use it w/ 20+ PD/INT over the last 2 years. Beal will need to show he can add & maintain weight to help his play strength to really get the best out of his abilities.


37)  Bryce Love RB/Standford – Love looks like Dion Lewis 2.0. Both undersized but run even smaller, closer to the ground to maximize their balance & ability to explode through a hole. Love runs w/ a sweet blend of patience & quickness its impressive to watch. His shiftiness is easy to spot but it’s the subtle, small moments of patience that make him a + runner. He has to improve his pass pro & isn’t utilized in the rec game so hopefully he showcase some improvement in both this fall to really maximize his stock come draft day.


38)  Alec Eberle C/FSU – Eberle is fleet of foot center that gets to the 2nd level in a hurry & is eager to hit someone when he gets there. The problem I see coming his weight & ability to execute & maintain blocks, 1 on 1, at the next level. At times Eberle can also get too ahead of himself & work himself out of a play or doesn’t take the proper angle to the defender. With some added weight, the ability to maintain it & Eberle could be a good pro player.


39)  Dalton Risner OT/Kansas St – Risner looks like a plug & play run blocker w/ quick choppy feet & the nastiness to get after defenders to the whistle. He has to get stronger to take on top-tier power players at the next level but has shown a ton of promise so far. Effort & “want to” aren’t a problem, Risner is football player I suspect could play another position along the line if needed.


40)  Levonta Taylor CB/FSU – Taylor is one of the best cover corners coming back this fall. Taylor has very good route recognition & isn’t afraid to break off his man to make a play on the ball. Taylor didn’t allow a TD last year & was sticky in coverage all year w/ a rating of less than 15% when targeted.


41)  Ross Blacklock DT/TCU – Blacklock, a Big 12 co-Freshman Defensive Player of the Year will be looking to build off a very nice start to his college career. Blacklock is a busy bee DT w/ a motor that will bring him out to the flat to lay out an opponent. High energy, smart player & someone to remember this fall.


42)  Sewo Olonilua RB/TCU – One of the more interesting players at RB this year, Olonilua is a big (6’3/230) RB that has been under utilized at TCU so far. He makes the most of his opportunities (6 TD/37 carries) & has experience as a gaol line & wild cat runner. One can’t help what Sewo would look like w/ a full work load for a season. He has shown some nice explosion & wiggle for a big boy. He’s definitely one to watch this fall.


43)  Tyler Johnson WR/Minnesota – Johnson is a former multi sport star in high school, including playing QB & helping his basketball team to a championship his SR year. A high character person & smart football player, Johnson is capable of working all 3 areas of the field. He was on pace to SO WR records last year before getting hurt for the last 2 games. He might not be a 1st round player or big name prospect but looks like he can help a team on the field & in the locker room.


44)  Tyree Jackson QB/Buffalo – Last year  (long before the national & local media talked about it)  I talked about the possibility of Lamar Jackson coming to New England. I brought up that the next franchise QB ,might be coached by Josh, not Bill.  And Jackson was young enough & talented enough to sit & learn for next head coach in New England. The Patriots showed what looked like genuine interest but ending up passing on Lamar. Enter Tyree Jackson, I brought him up few weeks ago in a piece about possible future Pats QB’s & it’s apparent all eyes will be own the Buffalo QB this fall. Jackson might be the most intriguing QB prospect in the class. He’s 6’6/240 w/ an absolute rocket of an arm that can touch 60+ yards w/out much effort. Jackson  showed the ability to really push the ball down field but also has a natural “stick & shoot” accuracy about him on intermediate passes. Like all college players he needs work in some areas. He has to tighten up his release, just some tinkering not a huge issue. Jackson also has to improve his pocket awareness & mental processing on reads but has a ton of potential.


45)  Deebo Samuel WR/South Carolina – Reminds me a little bit like Anthony Miller in the sense that he’s undersized but as tough as they come at that position. Doesn’t mind getting dirty & understands blocking is a big part of playing the position. Samuel is another guy that turns into a RB when he gets his hands on the ball. Goods hands, runs sharp routes. Contributes on special teams as a return man. Samuel might not get the hype he deserves but he can absolutely play on Sundays.


46)  Porter Gustin  DE/USC – Gustin is a smart player w/ a non stop motor. He has the speed to rush the passer & toughness to play in trenches on occasion. Gustin has + athleticism & the ability to stop/start quickly to mirror & chase opponents.  He’ll be an effective chase & pursuit player along the backside of the line. He looks like he could play some DE or OLB for a multiple team like the Pats.


47)  Shaq Quarterman LB/Miami – Shaq has looked like a player from day 1 at Miami. Smart, + instincts, always looking for trouble & brings it fast. He looks like a 1st round pick, plug & play type player. Quarterman is a difference maker in the middle & sidelines but also has PD, TFL & a few sacks as well on his resume.


48)  Terry Beckner Jr DT/Missouri – Beckner Jr is an extremely talented defensive linemen who sustained a torn ACL/MCL & other damage on his first play in action against BYU last year  & also tore is other knee (left one) in 2016. Beckner was a highly touted recruit coming out of high school who might be a nice value pick some where in the draft if he keeps his nose clean (arrested for marijuana in 2016) from now on. It’s tough not to imagine the type of player he could have been but a lot of the gifts are still there. He looks like a bit of a project that could pay dividends a year or so after you draft him.


49)  Chase Winovich DE/Michigan – Winovich is a former Tight End turned do it all player for Don Brown at Michigan. Winovich lines up almost everywhere along the line & brings the heat from inside & outside. Winovich quietly had very nice year in 2017 & was one of the Wolverines best defenders that no one talks about. A repeat or better year from Winovich will have him top 75 contention.


50)  Noah Fant  TE/Iowa – Big, easy moving target that looks like a nightmare to cover screaming down the seem. Not only a big target but Fant has + athleticism & should be a top 50-60 next year, if not the 1st TE off the board. Fant is a glider that will get on top of a defense quick if he’s not physically impeded.




Again this isn’t my top 50 list. Just guys I’m familiar w/ & fit the Patriot-Type mold in some way. It’s early & things will change but some of these players will absolutely be on New England’s radar in 2019. Please share & let me know what you think!

15 Responses to “2019 NFL Draft: 50 Players You Should Know”

  1. GM-In-Training says:

    How much would you pay for Eric Reid, Safety, formerly of the 49ers?

    He was a 1st rounder, starter for 5 years, the Niners picked up his 5th year option and he made ~$5 Million last year. He can play Free or Strong, in the box and even a little LB.

    He also has a case against the league for collusion, because he was vocal about kneeling for the National Anthem, and now he’s inexplicably a free agent.

    He deserves to be paid as a top-20-in-the-league safety, which according OverTheCap.com is probably at least $6M/year.

    The Pats need a better option at #3/#4 Safety. They have $13.5M in cap space, and will probably get a bit more when they redo Gronk, and possibly Brady…let alone some moves they could make on getting younger in some places. They have other uses for that money, too of course.

    So, how much would BB pay for 1 year of Eric Reid? It would be doing Reid a favor to give him a showcase. Reid has said he won’t kneel this year.

    Maybe $2M guaranteed, and a whole bunch of game day roster incentives bringing it up to

    If he was Safety #1 or even #2 I think it would be a no-brainer, but as #3/#4 I just don’t think the Pats value the position at that level.


    • @j_fid says:

      Honestly I would absolutely kick the tires so to speak but I doubt it happens after the Dawson pick & the optics of the situation. Sounds like we really like Dawson’s versatility to play some S. If I could get him for 4.5/under I’d think about it, yes.

      Honestly I think it’s a shame what the league has become and stands for. Talk about f’ing up a good situation. There were 100000000 ways to handle this & come out looking better but the NFL has some of the dumbest people in highest places.

  2. GM-In-Training says:

    The Eagles just released Mychal Kendricks LB to free up cap space.

    1. He’s 6’0″, 239#, ran a 4.54 40 out of college and a 6.68 3-Cone. He’s 27. He’s had good seasons and not-so-good seasons. There’s been some question about if they knew how to use him when Jim Schwartz came on as Defensive Coordinator.

    2. His last contract was big, but given the timing, maybe his next one will be a one-year prove it, or a win-now discount? Philly saved $4.4 Million by dropping him, but they’re taking a $3.2M dead money hit in the process. They were down to their last $100K of cap space, so they had to do something.

    3. I don’t know if he’s a cultural fit for the Pats. Some say he’s undisciplined. Some say he gets a bad wrap.

    4. His agent may have the Pats on speed dial, or he may just go looking for teams that have the most cap space to get one more big deal. He had 77 tackles and 2 sacks last year, and did seem to show up in the playoffs.

    Is he the best we can do to bolster the LB corps’ ability to cover TE/RB? Maybe not. I’d really like somebody 6’3″ with long arms, but the same speed as Mychal Kendricks.

    Whaddya’ think?

    • @j_fid says:

      I think he goes to Pitt, Rams, Chargers, GB, Jets/Giants. They would be decent fits for him , in terms of his playing style & just being comfortable in a role. I think that was a big issue in Phila, along w/ injuries. I think he’s more of a 34 guy you want flying around & w/ the Sam/Bentley picks I think we’re set there & looking to work & mold our own guys.

  3. @j_fid says:

    Appreciate the kind words guys thank you!

  4. Russell says:

    Good list Jeff a number of 1st round picks. I like QB’s Stidham & Finley as BB may double dip at the position.

    • @j_fid says:

      Thank you!

      Wouldn’t that be something? I actually don’t think its far fetched & wouldn’t be against it all. Let 2 young guns battle it out while Brady goes for 1 more, again lol.

      Any one you like more?

  5. GM-in-Training says:

    Wow. Your diligence is astounding.

    I’m still trying to figure out which of 15 rookies and 3 former-1st-round receivers are going to make the team, and where they’re going to find a really athletic 3-down LB veteran on waivers or trade?

    • @j_fid says:

      Thanks man.

      I think all the rookies make the team except Etling. I think we hit homes runs in Wynn, Sony, Dawson. 3 starters day 1.

      I think Crossen has a great shot. Basically a more fluid JJ so that should tell you about his game a bit. He was on my list & def someone that fits our mold.

      Bentley & Sam could be battling it out for a spot, idk, but both could make the team. Not out of the realm I think.

      As far as the 3 down, athletic LB, literally every team is looking for this player. If you get one thats great but even the best coverage backers are a – against Kamara, Bell, Johnson etc Thats a L 99.9% of the time for the D. I love LB’s as much as the next guy but teams are putting DB’s on the field & subtracting LB’s.

      Pats secondary might have one of the more unique groups in the league (Maybe I’ll write some words about this?)
      DMC, Harmon, Chung, Dawson all have versatile skill sets that will allow New England to match up with teams in a different way.

  6. macspak says:

    we bid a fond adieu to Andy Johnson. Above average all around athlete and long time former RB for the Patriots.

  7. steve earle says:

    Good list Jeff though I’ll be keeping it in the back of my folder for the time being. Right now coming to grips with our draft picks and additions and looking to see how they might fit. The abundance of WR now on the roster should make for a very exciting camp in that area. Wonder if Mitchell can stay healthy enough to compete for a spot? If not looks like we have the talent on hand to cover his loss. A rather odd thought that has come to mind regards Ja’Whaun Bentley. Described as a “throw back LB” it occurred to me that he has some similarity’s to Ninkovich, in size at least, so wondering sense he doesn’t have the skill set to cover TE’s and RB’s out of the backfield, if DE might be the option for him? Any thoughts on this out there?

    • @j_fid says:

      Thank you.

      What’s ur feelings on the draft now thats its been a few weeks?

      Very important year for MM He’s everything we want when healthy but we need an able body for the majority of the year. He really does offer something special when he’s a go.

      So I’ve been think about the Bentley pick & def think we’re gona move a piece or 2 around this off season , so you might be onto something?
      Ever since we picked Rivers I’ve wanted us to go more 34 bc our linemen (Guy, Brown, VV, Butler, Shelton) would be nice DE’s & NT.
      Hightower & Rivers starting OLBs.

      Different thoughts but we both think Bentley could be a piece. Camp will be fun this year at a few positions. LB, OL & WR should be exciting.

      Honestly I’m not sure about Bentley’s coverage abilities bc I just didn’t see that much when watching him but again they’ll move him around, put him through it to check all the boxes before making a decision.

      I think it’ll be an great battle to see him & Sam go it bc Sam has a bit for experience in coverage but nothing is set rn for sure

      • steve earle says:

        As the Draft unfolded after the first three picks I thought Bill got a little trade happy. He always is active there but geeze trying to keep up and figure what was next was hopeless, for me anyway. After some reflection, and still thinking we missed out on some viable talent, it’s not entirely bad. In fact the values represented in the later picks could make some fits and work out pretty well. Those first three look to me like winners and with guys coming back of IR from last year this should be a really exciting camp with tons of competition. Be grate to watch and follow. Looking forward to your input as the season progresses.

        • steve earle says:

          Grate? Geeze, sorry how bad is that? Great was what I was intending. My bad.

        • Jeff Fidler says:

          Thanks man, looking forward to it! And don’t worry about the grammar, I’m lucky to get out of the house with my shoes tied most days.

          I will say I really like Crossen. I’ve been saying he’s a more fluid Jon Jones to try to paint a picture. Tough, competitive, smart guy with real speed. He’s def a fit for the slot but some of his traits will allow him to follow some wr’s outside. Cooks types, guys who go in motion.

          Very excited for WR, LB, OL & CB battles

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