Three For Two-sday: Nathan Shepherd, Tim Settle, and Kendrick Norton


NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Work got away from me(Mike) yesterday and I pulled my first true all nighter since college. With the draft just a little over a week away, you would think my real job that pays my bills would be more understanding of the importance of the upcoming event and the information we are trying to get out. Well, Jeff came through with not one, not two, but three great scouting reports of Defensive Tackles. Not only that, but he has a full three round mock waiting in the wings as well. Needless to say, Jeff is killing it. I will continue to get all this content out today as well as the remainder of my big board series, a top 100 list as well as my horizontal and vertical Patriots big board all before the draft starts a week from Thursday. This is your one stop shop for everything draft related.

Nathan Shepherd, Fort Hays State


  • From Canada
  • Not ranked coming out of school. Was a 205 in LB that went to Kansas before Fort Hayes. Still learning position & filling out physically.



  • 6’5/320. Thick, solid, lean, body w/ a little room for some muscle.
  • Pass Rush – Shepherd has very nice get off. Lower & Upper work together & . Flashes big potential. Uses rip, club, spin & can power/fight through doubles at times. Very quick feet, lateral mover. Able to flip hips around OL’m. Lots of potential here.
  • Run Defense – Fills gaps nicely. Lots of upper body strength to stack & shed. At times, when playing w/ leverage can handle doubles. Looks to crush RB’s in the backfield.
  • Very good motor. Will chase QB’S out the the pocket & ball carriers 15-20+ yards downfield. Lots of hustle.
  • Flexible Athlete w/ burst & closing speed. Flashes traits you want.
  • Was doubled, tripled & chipped on almost every play. Definitely a focus of OC.
  • Smart player that plays w/ his head up, on a swivel & reacting as & before the play happens. Aware.



  • Has to think technique > fight. Too often makes it fight which will take up too much time. Would love to see more of a plan from play to play.
  • Will be a 25 y/o rookie. Would have like to see a little more production in terms of competition.
  • Hand usage has to improve
  • Could get improve lower body strength.



I really enjoyed watching Shepard play football. He plays w/ the hustle & effort fans always talk about. He has a lot of potential as a pass rusher imo. He’s still learning & has to take it upon himself to really make it work. I’d focus on get stronger in his lower half & adding just a little muscle, hand usage & putting a plan together from snap to snap. I’d also love to see him used more on Stunts/Twists because it allows him to play to his strengths as a DR.  Which are his burst, flexibility & closing speed.



Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that show off Shepherds pass rush & athleticism









Tim Settle, Virginia Tech



  • Born in Phila, moved & raised in Virginia.
  • Big time high school recruit.
  • Over pressures the last 2 years.
  • Only played in 23 games.



  • 6’3/330, Solid thickness throughout lower & upper body.
  • Pass Rush, Agility & Explosion – At times shows off a great first step for a man his size. Great get off & a terror when he times the snap. Uses Arm Over, Will cross face w/ a club, Throws shoulder into the OL’m like a boulder & knifes through the gap. Plays w/ his high hands. Nimble footed. Has Big man wiggle to move & work around til he gets the QB. Very fast in short area & gets from A to B real quick. Can dip underneath OL’m.
  • Run defense at times fire low, shoots and hits high, locks out arms and moves man into ball carrier or sheds & makes a play on the ball. Again plays w/ high hands. At times can 2 gap & control/clog the middle. Pull punch underneath pads & stay clean. Lots of promise, was asked to get after QB most of the time.
  • At times plays w/ good balance, flexibility & awareness. Under understand what’s in front of him and how to defeat it. Will twist and turn his body around Defenders to get to the QB.
  • Very young w/ lots of upside. Showed lots of promise & mental toughness getting his body in the best he could be in last fall. Plays w/ tons passion.
  • Versatility – Settle can play 34/43, under/over. Across the line, you can shade him, NT.




  • Hand usage is nonexistent at times
  • Motor & play is on/off. Could be because of playing too many snaps. It won’t change w/ better comp & more games.
  • At times plays way too high, front loaded & w/ a narrow base.
  • Weight has been up & down, always been an issue.
  • Small sample size to invest early in.




Tim Settle is one of the more intriguing players in the draft at first glance. There’s a lot to like. His size, burst & flexibility are great for a man his size. His play & motor run hot & cold. Not an effort issue, just an enormous man. Combine that w/ his combine #’s & you get a picture of a poor man’s Dontari Poe. Someone who flashes something special but can only flash those special traits. Not a consistent play maker. Settle does have a lot of upside & has plenty to work with. At peak I see someone on Poe’s level but to get there & maintain that level will be quite the challenge.



Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that show off Settle’s skill set.






Kendrick Norton, Miami


  • From Jacksonville, Florida
  • Son Ken Norton the football player & Ken Norton Sr the Boxer.
  • 4 Star Recruit



  • 6’3/315, big boy that spills out uni. almost 34 inch arms & 10+ hands. Has the size & girth you want in the middle.
  • Pass Rush – At times offers a very nice burst of the line, quick for 315lbs. Has power to move defenders 1 on 1. Knows how to his length. Gets underneath his man’s pads w/ a long arm & walks him back. Punches underneath pads en route to QB trying to squeeze through gaps. Uses swats & club to stay clean.
  • Run Defense – Offers 2 gap potential but could be ideal 1T. Stands ground, drops anchor & is hard to move off his spot. Very Good natural strength. Plays w/ good controlled aggression you want to see in the trenches, plays angry.
  • Has some upside in terms of pass rush & versatility to play different techniques along the line.
  • Plays w/ good effort, fight & motor.



  • Big man who’s tank simply runs out on occasion. Not an effort issue. Weight has been up & down.
  • He’s a 2 gap, 2 down player for the most part. Pass rush will flash now & again but he’s a project there. And only offers a A to B burst, “fight” type of pass rush. Run defense is his game.
  • Awareness & footwork could also improve. Norton loses himself at times after hes initially stopped. Gets a bit messy & opens himself up to getting pushed away from QB.



Norton is a classic “you know what you’re getting” run defender but offers a little pass rush upside if he advances his hand work & gets stronger around midsection. At times he has balance issues & that’s one way to improve. Not the “most” versatile player but he could in a few different schemes. He also has NFL, Pro-Athlete bloodlines which don’t hurt. He’s a day 3 guy for me.


Traits That Translate

Here are some highlights of Norton …



8 Responses to “Three For Two-sday: Nathan Shepherd, Tim Settle, and Kendrick Norton”

  1. macspak says:

    You are both AWESOME. Christmas almost is here and you guys are a big part of it. I/we sincerely thank you both.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Thank you very much macspak,
      We are all so passionate about the Patriots and the draft and I love all the people that come on here and contribute.
      9 Days!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!

    • steve earle says:

      Agree with this. Add my thanks also.

  2. lenny says:

    Settle is similar to Chris Baker, who is enormously talented but disappears for long stretches (most recently, he disappeared for the entire 2017 season). Settle might become the Elden Campbell of the NFL, who spent his entire career tantalizing NBA teams with small amounts of excellence interspersed with massive doses of mediocrity.

    • steve earle says:

      Lots of if’s and maybe’s in the draft, any draft. All we can do is go on what the tapes show us we have no chance to meet/interview or know the player or coaches. Deciding is a glass half full or half empty thing. On my board I have Shepherd and Settle tied as mid late 2nds, flipped coin and mocked Settle at our #53 ( glass half full).

  3. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft and Possible trade.
    1 Traded to Bills for 2nd round pick 34 and pick 65 of 3rd round.
    1 Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
    2 From possible trade with Bills. Kolton Miller OT UCLA
    2 Luke Falk QB Washington St.
    2 Hayden Hurst TE South Carolina
    3 From possible trade with Bills Kyzir White S West Virginia
    3 Kemoko Turay DE Rutgers
    6 Tegray Scales ILB Indiana
    6 Skylar Phillips G Idaho St.
    7 Darius Phillips CB Western Michigan

  4. kevinz says:

    I am a big Settle fan but also like Shepard as well either one be fine with. also like Pj Hall as well.

    • steve earle says:

      I have PJ Hall in 3rd on my board. A good alternate if we can’t get Shepherd or Settle imo. I do think we should take another DT this draft. Question is where?

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