Scouting Report: Isaiah Wynn, OG/OT

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler


  • From Florida
  • Was named one of Tampa Bay’s Top High School Athlete.
  • Human Development and Family Science
  • 1 of 4 players named as a permanent team captain.


  • Run Blocking – At times Wynn offers great run blocking w/ a throwback feel. He fires off the ball, generates & rolls that power from his lower body to his upper & eventually his man. Explodes on down blocks. Stunning opponents w/ strong punches & moving them w/ his strong hands. Lower & Upper body work in concert on reach blocks. Very in sync & balanced. At times does a very good at erasing 1st assignment before navigating through the muck to find work on the 2nd level. Great job at sealing off a lane & making himself a moving wall. Opened some huge holes for some very productive RB’S.
  • Pass Pro – Very quick to his spot, sturdy base, gets in his set & plays w/ very good leverage & bend. Tags DL’m w/ quick punches or gets ahold w/ his strong grip & guides them out the club. Very aware of oncoming twists. Head & eyes are always up. Very effective in the screen game. Can mirror & move w/ defenders.
  • Versatility, Feet, Quickness – Played last year at LT & last 2 at G. Great foot quicks that always allow him to be where he needs to be. Always in right spot. Whether in beating his man in Pass Pro or Driving him in the run game his choppy, quick, powerful steps set up his whole game. Has short area quicks & movement skills. Can play & excel in gap/power or zone schemes.
  • Very durable, reliable player respected by his teammates. Started over 30 games at 2 different positions & played very well. 1 of 4 players named a permanent team captain.
  • Handled S.E.C. & NFL talent week in, week out & didn’t blink. Both speed & power.
  • Fundamentally sound athlete w/ upside & versatility.



  • At times has some trouble getting to & working on the 2ne level. Doesn’t look like he’s comfortable handling quicker backers. If he gets hands on anyone it’s usually a dead issue for them but some LB’s are a problem for him to handle.
  • Lack of H/W etc will turn teams off from the OT position.
  • Could probably stand to add just a few LB’S no matter position.
  • Strength can become quickness as he gets too step happy & takes too many. Leaving him vulnerable in space to athletic, now NFL talent.
  • Kick slide could be a little cleaner. At times was a little slow.



Wynn is such a great watch & fantastic prospect. If he was a little taller w/ he’d be a sure fire lottery pick. Simply put he looks like a pro out there. Has the traits & production to back it up. He offers legit scheme & positional versatility & excelled at both LT & G in college. The scary part is Wynn can easily improve in a few area & become even better. It’s not often you have a player that is NFL ready w/ upside. Wynn has real LT qualities & traits & should absolutely be tried out there first. The fact that he’s not prototype doesn’t bother me. He checks every other box w/ exclamation point. Coaches & teammates love him & all talk about his versatility & team first attitude. OT or OG, it doesn’t matter in terms of what type of player you’re drafting. You’ll be getting a top tier player.


Traits That Translate 

Here are some clips that show off Wynn’s pass pro & run blocking.






9 Responses to “Scouting Report: Isaiah Wynn, OG/OT”

  1. Daniel says:

    23: R1P23
    31: R1P31
    43: R2P11
    63: R2P31
    95: R3P31
    198: R6P24
    210: R6P36
    DL P.J. HALL
    219: R7P1

  2. kevinz says:

    1st:James Ragnow OL
    2nd: OGbonnia Okoronkwo LB-DE
    2nd: Fred Warner LB
    2nd:Ade Aruna DE
    3rd:Royce Freeman RB Or Darrell Williams RB
    4th:PJ Hall DT
    5th:Trey Quinn WR
    6th:Joshua Kalu S
    6th:Justin lawler DE
    7th:Phillip Lindsay RB

  3. Stephen J says:

    Remember a couple of days ago when I asked who was the best Zone QB in this draft was because Cleveland brought in QB Tyrod Taylor due to that he was a good zone QB. The reason why they wanted a zone QB was because the AFC North played zone on passing upwards of 65-80% of the time. Pittsburgh(81%) Baltimore(66.5%) and Cincinnati(75.8%).

    Well I think I found the answer. I haven’t found anything statistically but in an article written by it stated this “Nowhere has Mayfield shown more growth than against zone coverage – the favorite principle in the Big 12.”

    Then earlier today Benjamin Allbright tweeted Lot of Baker at #1 buzz building over the last week came from several respected persons.

    6 Months ago now former Redskins GM Scot McCloughan said he’d draft Baker Mayfield before Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, & Josh Allen. Now former Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan joined the Brown’s organization as a personnel consultant to assist the team in this year’s draft.

    Makes me go Hmmm. 3 Days and counting.

  4. macspak says:

    Steve E,

    A nebelwerfer???

  5. TommyG says:

    9 Point Plan to restore Pats to their rightful place as Champions of th NFL

    1) Pats Trade their first round and second picks to Cleveland to move up to Number 4 and draft Bradley Chubb!!! I know it’s a lot but we would be adding a perennial All Pro to our defense.
    2) Move down from 95 to acquire a 4th and 5th pick; with that 4th round pick draft PJ Hall
    and trade 5th pick to Eagles for Mychal Kendricks.
    3) Draft Skai Moore Logan Woodside and Fordham RB with their 3 late round picks
    Now for the fun part:
    4) Sign Dez Bryant he will be desperate enough to take a prove it deal
    5) Sign Johnny Manziel
    6) Sign one of the FA Safeties left on the market
    7) Extend Tom Brady and restructure Gronk Contract to give him a raise
    8) Last but not least Bill takes the team on one of those trips like how the coach did of Remeber the Titans
    9) Unlesh Hell on the league!!! LFG!!!

  6. GM-In-Training says:

    Does anybody else thing it’s either a) fitting or b) a bad omen that the horse named after Gronk will miss the Kentucky Derby?

  7. Stephen J says:

    Latest on Maurice Hurst, from ESPN’s Todd McShay: “Because of the nature of his heart condition, several teams have taken him off their board. It’s a risk-reward issue, but he could fall into Day 3.”

  8. Stephen J says:

    I love Wynn he was excellent at the Senior Bowl very technical but after looking closer at Frank Ragnow I have him rated higher.

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