Prospect Interview: Daniel Gonzales, CB University of The Redlands

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

In a first, Jeff was able to talk with small school prospect Daniel Gonzales. While he may not have been on your radar, Jeff identified Daniel in his scouting and after watching his tape, he should be a name to know. He put up some impressive stats, including 9 INT’s this past season and he shows NFL traits on film. Now we get to pull back another layer of the onion and get a more in depth glimpse on a player who may be a late Day 3 draft prospect. Enjoy

1)Where are you from? What’s your H/W?

I am from Redlands, Calif & I am 5’9/186


2)When were you first introduced to football?

I was first introduced to football at a very young age. I grew up in a football family & was given a stuffed football & jersey before I could even walk.


3) Have any teams contacted you? If so, which ones? I have Daniel’s contact info below for teams looking to get in touch.

I have been contacted by the Rams & Calgary Stampeders.


4)How did you end up DIII?

Out of high school I went DI to the Air Force Academy. I realized I did not want to be in the military & decided to go j.u.c.o. I played for 2 years, at 2 different j.u.c.o.’s. I went to Riverside City College & transferred to San Bernardino. I then lead the state in INT’S with 6 & transferred from S.B.C.C. to the University of the Redlands. I had DII & a couple of DI walk on offers but I could not afford to go to the schools because of the amount that I would have to pay. I decided to stay in Redlands & play in front of my friends & family.


5)When I breakdown I player I look for traits that translate. What traits & techniques are your strongest? What do you think you have to improve upon?

I think my traits that translate to the next level are ball instincts, footwork, attention to detail & speed. I am best at my zone technique & man.

I think what I have to work on most for the next level is opening up at the line.


6)Players you modeled your game after?

Brent Crimes & Charles Woodson.


7)What non-football experience, attribute, has helped you you the most?

I think the something that shaped me off the field that made me a better player is the way I grew up. Growing up we really didn’t have much. We’ve lived in the same apartment for 21 years & always been check to check. I knew that in order to make our life comfortable I had to work as hard as I could & I realized there was something for me in football. I have watched my family struggle for as long as I could remember so I knew I would have to give this game my all & do everything that I had to do to make it possible no matter how over looked I am.


8)Favorite type of music & artist?

1) Meek Mill   2)Drake   3)Luke Christopher


9)Favorite Sport to Watch?

It’s a battle between football & baseball


10)Best player you’ve played against & with?

The best player I’ve played against would have to be Jacob Isabel & the best player I’ve played with would have to be Colbert Calhoun.


11)Biggest non-football obstacle?

The money struggle & living check to check.


12)Favorite teacher?

My favorite college professor would have to be Professor Stauble.


13)Favorite Movie(s)?

Takers, Lottery Ticket, Jumper


14)Pre-game Ritual?

Drink a Pedialyte the night before & go to sleep early so I can wake up early to have a good breakfast. Listen to the music that gets me ready. Make sure I watch a little bit more film & take some mental reps. Get to the locker room early so that I can organize my locker so that I can get ready easy. Then go to lunch with a couple of teammates to the same sandwich shop every game day. Lastly get ready to play the game.


15)Best, most memorable college experiences?

My Best experiences in college were winning 3 conference championships.


16)Favorite TV show?



17)Where do you learn the most, the field or film room?

I learn a lot in the film room but I learn more on the field because I can get used to how routes are ran & where & be able to imagine how the receiver on the opposing team would run.


18)Best current & all time NFL player?

Current – Antonio Brown

All Time – Jerry Rice


19)What are some QB tells, giveaways you look for pre & post snap?

Pre-snap – when the QB is looking around at the DB’S trying to dissect a coverage I see it as a tell for a pass play because if it was a run he wouldn’t have to dissent the DB’S. Also if he is staring down a certain side or wr. Post – snap I look at his shoulder, whether it’s up or down, that’s going to tell me if I should undercut the ball or beat the receiver to the top of the route becoming the receiver myself.


20)If you were in a room with a GM, Coach etc what would you say & want them to know about you?

I will let them know that no one would out work me. I will do anything that I possibly can to fill my role on the team whatever that is. I can add leadership & hard work to the team. I will put my body on the line for the organization.


I want to thank Daniel & wish him & his family the best. Seems like a genuinely humble, good guy. Really wish him the best!


Daniel’s Contact Info


Email –

Agent – Joe Okuley

Twitter – @Gonzo_ABG

I also have his # if any teams wants to contact me directly.


I first saw Daniel on Hudl. Check him out yourself. His speed & ball skills are legit. Also has the confidence you need at the position. Not to mention he’s an athlete.


6 Responses to “Prospect Interview: Daniel Gonzales, CB University of The Redlands”

  1. kevan says:

    What could the pats get for trading Malcolm brown? I know someone here has brought it up before, and it was actually being talked about last year. I can’t help but think, how good would this defense be if it added Vita Vea to pair with shelton. Vita vea is a turbo charged Ted washington. I know pats didn’t like the lack of physicality in the front 7 last year. Problem solved

    • Stephen J says:

      Cleveland is targeting Vita Vea. Since they shipped Shelton to us they are looking for his replacement in the middle. The top 2 targets was Maurice Hurst then Vita Vea but with Hurst heart issue they now prefer Vita Vea.

      • kevan says:

        That makes sense. Well its definitely not a need, I could just see BB taking him if he slipped.

  2. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft.
    1 Da’Ron Payne DL Alabama
    1 Brian O’Neil OT Pittsburgh
    2 Malik Jefferson LB Texas
    2 Marcus Allen S Penn State
    3 Tanner Lee QB Nebraska
    6 Darius Phillips CB Western Michigan
    6 Austin Proehl WR NC
    7 James Butler RB Iowa

    Two good additions for Patriots on Wednesday.

    Enjoy Opening day and a Great Spirited Manager should make for an exciting year.
    Go Sox!

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I struggle with your picks of Jefferson and Lee. Jefferson is an athlete, but he lacks the instincts I want from my LB. He guess way too much and misses far too many tackles for me.
      As for Lee, physically I can see the appeal, but again, he really struggles reading coverages and makes a ton of ill advised throws. I don’t think he has the mental processing to be a QB in the NFL.
      Just my thoughts. To each his own.

  3. kevan says:

    I think D.Allen and M. Gilislee could be the next 2 gone. Save 7 mil

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