Post Draft Scouting Report: Isaiah Wynn, OT

Maybe by thinking outside the box, the Patriots got the best Tackle in the draft.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

“With the 23rd pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the New England Patriots select….Isaiah Wynn, Tackle, University of Georgia.” When Roger Goodell said those words last Thursday night, I bet there were a lot of people who had a very shocked look on their face. I know from reading the comments on this very website that fans seemed less than pleased with the pick. Let me see if I can bring some clarity to why this was a good pick.

I am not sure how many of you went back to the big board series and read what I wrote on Wynn from before the draft. If you haven’t here is what I wrote:

When you watch Wynn on tape, you almost get bored. He is so fundamentally sound that he rarely makes mistakes. He played Left Tackle at Georgia and handled SEC pass rushers with ease. I would not be surprised if the team that drafts him at least takes a look at him at Tackle, considering the lack of talent at the position in the league and in the draft. He does not have ideal size and won’t wow you from a physical or athletic standpoint. He has good footwork to move down the line and into the 2nd level with ease. He stays controlled and balanced, with the ability to reset when pushed back on initial contact. He mirrors well, keeping his shoulders square to his target. He may lack power in run blocking, but uses good technique to wall off defenders and create holes. If he stays at Tackle, speed can give him some trouble, but at Guard, that should not be an issue. While I would not typically look at the position early in the draft, Wynn may be too good to pass up where the Patriots are picking. Grade: 1st/2nd Round

Now, you see the 1st/2nd round grade there and may be thinking that the Patriots reached for him at twenty three, but if you look on the top 100 list, he was my 18th rated player in this draft class. The other takeaway from this selection was that the team did indeed list him as a Tackle when the selection was announced and in the War Room video, you could see they had a yellow name tag under the Left Tackle position. Now, the name was not legible, but in years past, the team has used yellow tags to denote their rookies, so one can infer that the card was for Wynn.

What Does The Tape Say?

I went back and watched some additional tape of Wynn that I hadn’t watched before and again, the same things started to jump off the tape. He has great balance in pass protection. He sets up with perfect technique and posture which makes his movements so smooth. He doesn’t panic when dealing with pass rushers who might have some variety to their game. There is issues with speed, but nothing that is overly concerning. Obviously the talk of moving to Guard was because of height, but he does have above average arm length. In fact, his arms are a hair longer than Matt Lights were. Again, I think it was short sighted to assume that he had to move into Guard, but if it doesn’t work out as a Tackle, he will be an elite Guard. That has value. While many of the Tackles in this draft class may have better physical traits than Wynn, his fundamentals (balance, hand usage, field awareness, mirroring) and core strength are much further along than almost every other player at the position.



As you can see in this play, you see his excellent footwork to slide down the arc with ease against a DB who is extremely fast. On top of that, he punishes him for even trying to come on the blitz.

This 2nd play was against a player many Patriots fans wanted to draft at #23. Evans went before the Patriots could make that decision, but you see when easily handle his power rush, then use his strength to turn Evans and create the whole for the RB.

Here you can see Wynn miss with his initial punch, but he was balanced and under control and was able to easily slide back into proper position and regain the advantage.

I can do this all day. On this play, watch as he forces the DE inside into a secondary blocker and then immediately bumps out to help the guard on the twist. Again, you see the light feet, the balance and the field awareness.


Here he is as a run blocker. You see him make good initial contact with his hands square in the chest of the defender and then you see him sink those hips and keep those legs churning to move the defender out of the play.




Honestly, I never did find a negative that showed up consistently in his tape. There are times he will allow speed to get around him and he may miss sometimes with his initial punch, but it isn’t often enough to really even call it a true weakness. You have to nitpick the tape to come up with negatives in his game. The only knock on him as a Tackle is his height and like I said before, he has the arm length of a more prototypical Tackle, so even that isn’t as big of an issue as it is being made out to be. He did have some medical red flags, but obviously those were not a concern for the team or they would not have taken him.

I think Wynn is one of the safest players in this draft. As I wrote before the draft, I thought whatever team drafted him should give him a shot at Tackle and now that I have gone through the tape again, I think it is short sighted to assume he has to play Guard in the NFL. This draft class was filled with Tackles that had question marks in their games and the only real question mark that I can find with Wynn is his height. That makes me think he has a real chance to be the best Tackle that comes out of this class.

20 Responses to “Post Draft Scouting Report: Isaiah Wynn, OT”

  1. macspak says:


    I forgot to ask. Your thoughts on Kolton Miller going so high to Oakland?

  2. kevinz says:

    Does anyone know how to get 2017 scouting reports from NFLdraftscout? I am just curies what they said about kamara last year and who they Compared him too?

  3. kevinz says:

    I like this pick in the sense Wynn had the least amount of Flaws than all other OL. The height Flaw only one can pick from Wynn not his actual play on the field.

  4. Todti says:

    1) Great job, Mike! Thanks for all the work you (and Jeff) put into this site. And, maybe most of all, thank you for your rationality amidst all the draft madness!

    2) After reading your report on Wynn and then following up via other outlets, I had him pencilled in for my mock drafts and draft wishes. As you said:

    “This draft class was filled with Tackles that had question marks in their games and the only real question mark that I can find with Wynn is his height.”

    The Patriots drafted probably the only prospect that will be able to play right away at a decent level. I think this draft showed that the Patriots consider themselves in somewhat of a win-now mode, if something like that can exist under Belichick, and Wynn is the ideal pick considering the circumstances the Patriots were in. Short-term LT and long-term OG seems to be his floor and I’m absolutely fine with that considering how good he should be.

    3) Whether it’s by design or not, I like the pattern or strategy that the picks and roster represent. I’d say the Patriots have been traditionally better at evaluating front players than skill players (mainly CB, S, WR). Now they’ve got a couple of locks at WR and CB and crazy competition for 1 or maybe 2 spots for both positions. I like that a lot.

  5. Stephen J says:

    The pundits are already saying it sounds like Brady has moved on with the comments that he made tonight. Where he talked in the past tense.

    We’ve had a great relationship instead of We have a great relationship

    He’s been an incredible mentor to me instead of he is an incredible mentor or even he has been and continues to be an incredible mentor.

    The same can be said with He’s taught me so much football.

    Ugh. Can the season start already so we don’t have to hear anymore of this.

  6. brandon maxham says:

    I think Wynn can be a quality starting tackle with a floor of a starting guard at minimum.

  7. Stephen J says:

    Here is the Left footed Punter Corey Bojorquez from New Mexico punt chart.

  8. kevan says:

    Danny Etling seems very similar to Matt Cassell.

  9. kevan says:

    Nfl draft scout has matt light listed at 6’46 I don’t know about the other stuff though. I usually use nfl draft scout and/or 3sigmaathlete and have noticed before that they differ from some of the measurables you have posted in the past. Saying that I should have the examples to write down I apologize I don’t. The differences were minor and I didn’t feel like making a fuss over a half an inch or what not.

    • GM-In-Training says:

      I agree NFLDraftScout tends to have the most accurate and precise measurements. They almost always have heights shorter than other sites (such as team pages) because teams tend to “round up.” You read about a player from 10 different sources, and if he’s listed at 5’10”, he could well be 5’8.5″ and so on. DraftScout also distinguishes between combine measurements and pro day results. That matters a lot for speed tests, because the combine uses automated digital timing, whereas a lot of pro days use inaccurate hand time. Draft scout lists both when available.

    • Stephen J says:

      1st I am stickler when it comes to accuracy because it meant life or death and it has become ingrained in me. Secondly I get the measurements 1st from the combine events themselves. 2ndly non combine events such as senior bowl then 3rdly the least accurate but most accessible nfldraftscout. In this case both were from combine measurements.

      • kevan says:

        Just never heard from anywhere that matt light was 6’5 plus. His whole career he was listed at 6’4. Splitting hairs here anyway not a big deal just don’t understand why NFL draft scout would change the numbers instead of just relaying the information. I kind of assumed military a few weeks ago.

        • Stephen J says:

          I don’t think NFLDraftScout changes things purposely they just transfer information from one place to another and stuff happens occasionally. So when discrepancies happen I attempt to go to the original source when possible or verify it with another source. Overall they do a great job it’s amazing how much player info they have that others don’t.

        • Stephen J says:

          Yes just noticed on that they have Matt Light listed as 6’4 6/8″ so a difference of 3/8″

        • kevan says:

          Good stuff. I’m sure BB would appreciate the precision.

  10. Stephen J says:

    Mike your report is inaccurate. Wynn’s arm length is a tad shorter than Matt Lights not longer. Matt Lights was 33 4/8″ while Wynn’s is 33 3/8″. Matt Light’s wingspan was 80″ while Wynn’s is 78 7/8″ add on top of that Matt Light was 6’5 1/8″ compared to Wynn who is 6’2 3/8″ Matt Light also had a 9″ hand size where as Wynn’s hand size is 8 1/2″. Now as far as that yellow tag on the board. That is riddled with just outright speculation and nothing definitive. Names can’t be read just the color. If names can’t be read then how do you know it’s OT and not OL as the Patriots have him listed on their website. Right now no decision has been made one way or the other. Anything else is just speculation and hearsay.

    As far as Wynn himself he is one of the most technically sound OL man in this draft. That is what I loved about him. Here is a montage of plays from the Senior Bowl where he flat out dominated. Eric Edholm said he didn’t see Wynn loose a rep all week during practices at the Senior Bowl. What makes that even more impressive was that he played with a torn labrum which he had surgery on and will be ready for training camp.

    On several occassions where even when he loses (the battle) initially on a play he adjusts so well that he wins the rep(war).

    One consistent theme against power rushers is he initially gives ground but then anchors his torso and blows up the rush. This is where his lack of height really comes into play and he uses it to his advantage. That can be seen here in this video where Voch Lombardi breaks down plays from several of his games.

    So whether he plays Tackle or Guard he is a sound player that was worthy of that 23rd overall pick.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I don’t want to get into an argument with you on the measurements, but every combine measurement I can find on him coincide with what I have seen, so I am interested in knowing where you are getting your numbers from.

      As far as the yellow tags, you are absolutely right, I don’t know for sure if that Yellow tag means anything. What I do know is that in the past, their draft prospects have been given yellow tags and that after day 1 of the draft they had a yellow tag underneath the Left Tackle position. Maybe I am assuming too much, but I think between this and the fact the team announced him as a Tackle makes me think the team sees him as a Tackle, at least for now.
      The rest of your assessment of Wynn is spot on. Good work.

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