Two For Tuesday: Shaquem Griffin, LB/Edge

His story is inspirational, but the NFL can be harsh and teams need to know what Griffin’s role will be if they draft him.

NEPD Staff Writer: Jeff Fidler

Shaquem Griffin – Patriot-Type Player – U.C.F – 6’/230 – S/LB



  • Born in Florida
  • Born with prenatal birth defect and lost hand at age 4.
  • Tremendous bond with his brother Shaquill, who plays CB for the Seahawks. Shaquill was born one minute before Shaquem & has had his brothers back ever since. Shaquill turned down several offers from big schools because they wouldn’t take Shaquem along w/ him.
  • Recognized for community work


  • Has good size for hybrid S/LB at 6’/230 
  • Versatility – Played every LB spot & all over the line, chase & pursuit, pass coverage, rushed the passer & did all at a very high level. Made multiple plays in all phases.
  • Junkyard Dog, Motor, Attitude –  At times hits w/ a Bob Sanders-like reckless abandonment. Brings thump to defenders. Gets visibly excited when he or his teammates make a play. Definition of “not the size of the dog in the fight”. He’ll hit you 1st, 2nd & 3rd if he can. Wants to set tone right away & often after that. Motor doesn’t stop. Hit him, he’ll come back for more.
  • Speed – Great acceleration & closing speed. Looks like a missile on a collision course & explodes when he makes contact.
  • Pass Rush – Great Burst, Dip, Ability to get flat & closing speed. Also has very good spin move. Rushes ½ man & gives OT very little to hit. Very jab step/cross face, good lateral movement.
  • Run Defense – Great chase & pursuit. Has sideline to sideline speed & ability. Routinely makes plays from other side of the field. Good job at punching inside or shoulders to keep OT off him. Pass Coverage – Very good job staying w/ opponents in the flat & coming out of the backfield on wheel, seem routes. Has good lateral movement to stay w/ or mirror ball carriers. Stays on man’s hip & forces him inside to traffic.
  • Football I.Q. – Slept on air mattress at football stadium to train & study opponents on film.
  • Playmaker – Last 2 years – 18.5 SKS – 33.5 TFL – 10 PD – 4 FF – 2 INT – 166 TKL




  • High cut frame & one hand. Teams would have to be all in on him & his position & have a structured plan.
  • Tackles too high too often.
  • More or full time Coverage duties will test him physically.



Griffin is someone I loved watching. He plays w/ such aggressiveness & passion. Isn’t afraid of anything & makes plays everywhere. He continues to make plays that remind you it doesn’t matter about his hand. And it doesn’t. Some people would get depressed & let it rent space in their head. Griffin has animal instincts though. You take away an animals leg & they’ll adapt & survive any way they can They don’t spend time sulking. They go forward. That’s Griffin.



Traits That Translate


Here are some clips that show off Griffin’s traits & versatility.








7 Responses to “Two For Tuesday: Shaquem Griffin, LB/Edge”

  1. brandonmaxham says:

    I love Griffin he is such a good player and an underdog . He might be better then some guys with 2 hands. I would like to see him on the Pats with either the 5th or 6th round pick used on him .

    • steve earle says:

      Heck he’s better then most of us with two hands are or ever will be. Admit I have doubts about him and the NFL but I’ll cheer as loud as anyone if he can.

  2. kevin z says:

    being a sub package player nowadays not so bad pretty much a starter now. Keep getting reminded in scouting reports that its a Cover and Tackle league now. 70 percent or higher spent in sub packages so think Griffin could play alot

  3. Mike Gerken says:

    I struggle with where to take him from a pure football standpoint, but his story is awesome and his leadership/attitude seem infectious and can be a staple in a locker room. I think he can thrive on special teams and maybe a role in sub packages to start. Is that his ceiling? He is proved all the doubters wrong throughout his career and probably will once again. I feel comfortable in the 4th, but think he will out play that draft slot.

  4. kevin z says:

    To be honest love this player whether has 1 or 2 hands def could use his speed plus attitude

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