Two For Tuesday: Josh Jackson, CB

If the Patriots do indeed look early at the CB position, would Jackson be available and is he a scheme fit?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward By Mike Gerken

Now that most of the big names in Free Agency have either resigned or found a new home, the needs of every team are starting to come into focus. For the Patriots, there are still some glaring needs, which probably means they will address other positions instead, leaving fans bewildered and in a state of panic. Corner is a position that doesn’t necessarily need to be addressed, but it is also one of those positions you can never have enough talent at. Gilmore is here for the long term, but behind him, there are a lot of question marks and short term solutions, so drafting one, even high, is not out of the possibility. So, for Two for Tuesday, we look at two corners that could be on the Patriots radar.


  • Born 4-3-96. From Corinth, Texas
  • Played WR/CB in high school & was a high jumper. Has a track & field history in family
  • Thorpe award finalist
  • Known for being a humble, non-attention seeking person.
  • Very new to the position at a top tier level. Just started doing the homework, watching film that’s needed to be a great all around CB.



  • Good size, proportioned 6’/195
  • Zone Coverage, Instincts/Awareness & A Ball Hawk – Former WR who plays the ball like one. Natural ball skills. Very comfortable at the catch point. Watches the QB & plays the ball. Has a great “feel” where the ball is going & who is getting it. Very good in space & judging when to break off & make a play. Body & eyes are just waiting to pounce. 6 INT’S came in zone. Very quick to diagnose & make a play on underneath action. High points fade like a pro. Good job at playing & being patient on bunch sets. Very good playing one side of the field, esp high/low. Eyes are on QB & opponents at the same time.
  • Limited experience Big Production – Jackson forced 24 incompletions & allowed only 4 TD’s on 94 targets. Over the past 2 years he has INT’S (8) & PD (24).
  • Has real upside against bigger WR’S bc of his size & skill set. Could be used as a match up piece against certain offensive players.
  • Upside & Character – By all accounts very well liked, humble, hard working & coachable.
  • Versatility & Man coverage – Comfortable & does a good job finding the QB on the blitz. Brings return skills. Has experience playing both sides of the field. At times will mirror WR’S in man coverage in Go, crossers & out routes.




  • Man Coverage, Technique, savvy/experience are lacking. He’ll often get turned around & forced into a speed turn, will jumps routes too early, bite on fakes from QB/WR & overall hand usage is poor. At the l.o.s. or in route Jackson doesn’t use his hands or arms to his advantage at all. It takes experience to match & mirror WR’S & right now Jackson doesn’t have. He is very well prepared overall. It’s just game experience, trail & error play he needs. Good, nuanced route runners will give him fits early on. The lack of physicality makes it that much harder on him.
  • No impact in the run game. Can’t get off blocks & “want to” isn’t there. He has to get lower & wrap up instead of launching himself. Also comes in too high.
  • Probably will always have trouble w/ smaller, shifty guys who accelerate quickly.



Jackson has the size & athletic ability to give him legit upside you’d take a chance on w/ an early pick. He was all over the highlight reels last year w/ spectacular INT’S & PD to provide plenty of evidence that he’s capable of becoming an impact player at the next level. His INT’S & PD were all pro-like. The problem lies with his play & technique in man coverage. The problem w/ his hand usage should be fixable but again he’s very new to the position. If he can make improvements in those areas he’ll be a force in the secondary. His effort & play in run support also have to improve. Overall Jackson brings fantastic ball skills, pro-ready zone coverage skills & a coachable player you can teach & develop. Jackson has several areas to work on but his age/upside, skill set & character make him a P.-TP. imo.


Traits That Translate 

Here are some clips that show off Jackson’s coverage & ball skills.







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  1. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft :

    1st:Martinas Rankin OT

    2nd:Fred Warner ILB/OLB

    2nd:Oren Burks OLB

    3rd:Will Dissly TE

    4th:Logan Woodside QB

    6th:James Butler RB

    7th:Andrew Brown DE

  2. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft :

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