Two For Tuesday: A look Beyond The Top QB’s

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward by: Mike Gerken

The Combine has come and gone and while I am working on a post combine article that should be ready later today, Jeff has put together two more awesome scouting reports for a couple of QB’s that won’t be taken in Round 1, but could hear their name called on Day 2 of the NFL Draft. Both of these players could be in play for the Patriots as developmental guys and might have a chance to take over once the Goat decides to hang it up. Here is a closer look at Kyle Lauletta and Mike White.

Mike White – QB – Western Kentucky


  • From Florida.
  • Didn’t start playing football until SR year in high school. Was standout baseball prospect as a pitcher. Had 90+ fastball & miniscule e.r.a. Started playing at 3.
  • Started at U.S.F. for 2 years before coach Taggart made a change to Quinton Flowers. White transferred to W.K.U. after being introduced to Brandon Doughty (Former W.K.U. QB) by Ken Masterole, his private QB coach. It was then White fell in love w/ W.K.U. & realized he wasn’t ready at U.S.F. Knew he need to do more film study, prep work, ask more questions, practice on situational football.



  • Looks the part with a real 6’4/220 frame for teams to mold.
  • Pre-Snap – Can see where he wants to go & spot areas before the ball is snapped. Will call out a defender. Post-Snap – at times will scan but very comfortable working half the field.
  • Has arm talent. His arm can touch & hit deep, intermediate & short areas of the field. Good strength & good velocity.
  • Good accuracy over the last few years. Capable of delivering a ball between defenders or drop it in the barrel on vertical routes & in m.o.f. At times throws w/ touch & anticipation.
  • Showed promise at U.C.F. & Had success at U.W.K. Been through several systems & coaches, shown ability to bounce back after adversity.Back to back 4,100+ yard seasons & 60+ combined TD’S over that span. Lot was asked of him & he didn’t shy away from challenge of a full plate.
  • Gained confidence & looked the part w/ NFL talent around him (Lamp, Taylor) , protected pocket & helped from balanced attack (on either side of the ball) Recognized he had major hurdles in terms of preparation & training & is still trying to improve overall game

In this clip, White shows good footwork and the arm strength and accuracy to hit his receiver downfield in stride for an easy TD



  • Mental processing wasn’t quick enough & stayed on 1st or same read too long. At times would, could see where he wanted to go but body/mind weren’t in sync.
  • Velocity isn’t a “problem” but it was inconsistent at times (near hash-sideline for ex)
  • Lower half gets stuck in quicksand when ask to make sudden departures from pressure. If NFL athletes are close it’s most likely a sack. Quick re-sets are a problem. Footwork could def improve.
  • Internal clock, pocket awareness has to improve. His OL has bad (really bad, they were always off-sides even if it wasn’t called) but he was responsible for more than his share of sacks & mistakes back there.

Here is an example of White never taking his eyes off his primary receiver and forcing a ball into coverage that gets picked.



White has plenty of tools to work with & improve upon. Looks the part & has battled through change & adversity. Coaches & teams will have to decide if he’s worth the gamble because he’s a slow processor. His lack of athleticism won’t change. He is who he is there. Has to be noted that Whites been through several system changes & a transfer so stability is something he’s never had. He could get the benefit of the doubt there. It’s very possible he could click with the right coaches & system after sitting for a year. White’s value is currently in the 3rd-early 4th round.



Kyle Lauletta-QB-Richmond


Perhaps nobody helped themselves more from the Senior Bowl than Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta. Lauletta displayed exactly why some scouts & teams love his game. Specifically his ability to deliver crisp, accurate passes to the short & intermediate parts of the field. He did that and then some.

He threw some darts into tight coverage. Showed off his ability to manipulate a pocket & pick up yards with his legs. And even delivered a very nice deep ball.

Lauletta is a P.A. native & one might say “breed” to play  football. He comes from a very athletic, supportive family that has helped shape him into the man & player he is today. His father, who played at the Navel Academy & is a captain in the Navy steered Kyle towards the QB position real quick when first introduced to football. Safe to say it’s paid off. His father’s lessons show in Lauletta’s command on the field.

The Richmond Spider brings a lot more than intangibles to the field. He has very good mechanics, accuracy, toughness & some mobility. Kyle Lauletta is a name very Patriots fan should know. He’ll be a 23 year old rookie so that would give New England 3 or 4 years or preparation & still have a prime QB to take over if indeed Lauletta is their guy. The quick release, accuracy, Navy ties & prospect all point to a Patriot-Type Player.


Scouting Report



  • From Exton, P.A. – Played QB for Downtown East High School
  • Influenced by family(Navy ties with Father & Uncle, Brothers play/ed football), including his father who steered him towards playing QB.
  • 25 starts before tearing A.C.L. – Also has P.C.L. tear from high school



  • Solid, compact but fluid 6’2/217.
  • Very mature, smart & commands huddle. Was geared towards & trained to play QB from a early age.
  • Very good mechanics that help execute a lightning quick release. Very Good base/feet pointed at target for most part. Generates power from core (legs, hips & stomach) Very efficient.
  • Very accurate & good placement to the short & intermediate parts of the field. Throws in WR’S open. Can fit the ball into tight windows bc of velocity he gets from lower half.
  • Soft feet. Light mover around the pocket. Can manipulate a pocket, reset & deliver.
  • Not a running QB but can pick up easy yards defenses might not be able to account for & scramble for a 1st down. Doesn’t need a perfect platform to deliver a good pass.
  • Knows how to absorb a hit without taking a K.O. shot. Very tough & has come back from a serious injury at a young age.
  • At times made checks to the l.o.s. & play. Went through several progressions & looked off/moved LB’s & S’s.
  • Sneaky athleticism
  • Showed he belongs with “Big Names” by recent Senior Bowl performance. Looked like he belonged & out shined a lot of players.

In this clip, you see Lauletta’s quick release and accurate ball placment



  • Has to study more and lock himself in the film room. Has what it takes to be a cerebral, efficient QB but has to put in more work in that area. Has to process the game faster.
  • Arm maxes out around 55-60 yards although he does have a nice fastball. Inconsistent deep ball.
  • Won’t win over some Teams & G.M.s because of arm, doesn’t have “prototype” build.
  • At times it looks like he’s double clutching to assure firm grip on the ball getting ready to throw.
  • Could tinker with footwork to assure better base but footwork in general in pretty good.

In the clip below, you see that Lauletta has to really loft the ball to push it downfield, this allows defenders to make up ground and either defend the ball or make an interception.



There’s so much to like about Lauletta. The mechanics, release, soft feet, accuracy and velocity are all great traits to have. You absolutely want those qualities in your QB. His mental makeup & toughness are things you can’t teach. A Navy Captains son who introduced to the position from his father. It’s safe to say he knows hard work and sacrifice. You can’t teach those & they separate the best from good. Lauletta has a ton to improve upon but he’s a fantastic prospect. With a lot of hard work & some good coaching, Lauletta could be a future starter in a west coast-timing offense.


13 Responses to “Two For Tuesday: A look Beyond The Top QB’s”

  1. Stephen J says:

    The People at Draft Watch
    We have learned that the entire top admin of the Buffalo Bills have all been in to see Richmond QB Kyle Lauletta.

  2. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft with trade : 1st traded to CLE for 2nd and 4th , 2nd(CLE) traded to CIN for 3rd and 7th

    2nd : Justin Reid S

    2nd: Kyle Lauletta QB

    3rd: Dalton Schultz TE

    3rd : Rasheem Green DE

    4th : Chase Edmonds RB

    4th : Brandon Parker OT

    6th : Nathan Shepherd DT

    7th : Oren Burks ILB

  3. kevan says:

    Logan woodside looks legit for a late rd pick if pats don’t grab a qb early.

  4. steve earle says:

    Darn it Jeff I’ve been resisting putting a QB on any of my mocks all season and here you go giving me a good reason to change my mind. Leuletta has been pushing at the edges of my resistance for awhile but your report put a serious dent in it. Now I have to do some serious thinking and at my age that can be a challenge. Thanks.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Welcome to the dark side Steve. I think Lauletta is going to be in serious play at 43 for the Patriots. Many experts may not like him that early, but the traits are there.

      • steve earle says:

        Yea I know about that dark side. In my thinking I see BB trading down the #31 for some extra picks. In that I like Laulretta as the 2nd we would get in that trade but your thinking is likely right. Still I’m really wanting a DE or OLB with that #43. Oh well the darkness is getting darker.

  5. Russell says:

    Now the Combine is over Mock; BB trades 1st pick #31 Detroit for, 2nd #51, 4th # 117, & 5th #153.

    2nd – 43, – DL Harrison Phillips
    2nd – 51 – DL Tyquan Lewis
    2nd – 63 – OT Joseph Noteboom
    3d – 95- TE Ian Thomas
    4th – 117- S Quin Blanding
    4th – 136 – QB Kyle Lauletta OR Mike White
    5th – 153 – CB Dee Delany
    6th – 205 – S Troy Apke

    • steve earle says:

      Looking at your mock here guess you used one of those computer draft things. That’s okay but after reading Jeff’s QB report here I have to ask do you really think Kyle Lauletta will last down to #136? You might have read that I’m thinking of adding him to a mock but just where is my quandary? Any input from you would be welcome.

  6. Turbo says:

    Post combine, no trade mock:

    1/31: Taven Bryan DT
    2:43: Justin Reid S
    2/63: Uchenna Nwosu LB
    3/95: Da’Shawn Hand DL
    4/136: Parry Nickerson CB
    6/205: Chase Edmonds RB

  7. brandonmaxham says:

    I would take Kyle Lauletta over Mike White because I feel like Lauletta is more prepared for the NFL then White. He does have some concerns that can be fixed while others wont be able to fix.
    BB will like the navy ties and mental makeup along with toughness. We will have him sit behind Brady for a couple years to develop and get better but he will learn a lot from the G.O.A.T and will have the greatest coach coaching him along with a really good OC. He is really similar to JG in some ways and who knows he might turn out to be a really good successor to Brady.

  8. GM-in-Training says:

    Nice table of all the Combine results. You can easily compare athletes across multiple measures.

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