Scouting Report: Mike Gesicki, TE

While Gesicki is listed as a TE, he is more like a big WR. Would this be a guy BB and the Patriots would like to add to there already potent offense?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Forward by Mike Gerken

Okay, so free agency is not off to the start most Patriots fans would want, but there is still time and talent left to be had. The Patriots typically wait to do their damage in free agency, and I expect a few deals will be announced today or tomorrow. Remember, we just have to wait to see the big picture. Sure it would be fun to have shiny new toys to play with, but most times they lose their luster quickly. Having that tried and true system that has created a lot of success is just smart team building. On a different note, it is the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, which I find to be an exciting and fun filled four days, even though the Cyclones didn’t make it this year. So, if the Patriots have made you unhappy with their lack of free agency, I recommend you hang out here, read all our reports and watch some basketball.





  • October 3, 1995 (age 22) Son of Michael & Donna.
  • High School. Volleyball, & Basketball background are evident in his game. All time leader in blocks for volleyball. Also played football, All time leader in rec yards.
  • From New Jersey



  • Size/Speed Freak. Prototype build at 6’4+/250. Huge wingspan & big hands.
  • Rec Threat – Great Long Speed, Leaping ability, Great Hands, Body Control. Power forward type that will out jump, block out & adjust body in air or get low to haul in passes. Smooth gliding, long striding w/ a good burst off the l.o.s. (Uses stutter & shoulder fakes to get off l.o.s.) & legit speed to threaten the deep part of the field. Shows very good body control to adjust to the ball & stay in bounds. Extends hands away from his body naturally. Hasn’t had a drop in 2 years.
  • Versatility & Potential/Match Up Nightmare – Lined up everywhere from backfield, slot & wide. Played H-Back role. Great potential bc of speed, size & hands. LB’s & DB’s are either too small or too slow. P.S.U did him no favors in terms of how they were utilizing & teaching him. Lots of potential there. Could be huge red zone target.
  • Does a good job of bending his body on routes to get open & present a big target.
  • Brings attitude, & play makers mentality. Will gash a defense for big chunks & loves to let them know about. Wants the ball thrown his way in big spots.
  • Added weight & working on his body speaks to work ethic. Enjoys training outside of football.
  • At times does a good job shielding a defender off to create a lane for a ball carrier.



  • Route running has to improve. Is late or doesn’t look for the ball. Has to get his head around sooner. Slow in/out of breaks, too many wasted steps w/ foot fires instead of plant, explode.
  • Has to get stronger, play strength is lacking.
  • Run Blocking has to improve if a team wants him on the line. Doesn’t commit to getting his hands inside. Will drop his eyes when contact is coming. Effort & concentration isn’t there. At times he’ll miss his assignment as well.




Gesicki is a very intriguing prospect. He brings a skill set that translates to the NFL. A game ready to make an impact this year & tremendous amount of potential. His upside is enormous if he improves his r/r & the nuances of it. From a receiving aspect it would absolutely take his game to the next level. Frankly it’s scary to think about him in 2 years after real NFL coaching. As a run blocker it’s all about effort & want to. Right now Gesicki doesn’t have it. Small improvements here would only make that much more dangerous as an all around player.


Traits That Translate

Here is a clip that shows off Gesicki’s playmaking ability.

28 Responses to “Scouting Report: Mike Gesicki, TE”

  1. kevin z says:

    Alright finally last Mock Draft for me decided all about upside with positions of need. Sorry over did the Mock’s got kinda addicted

    2nd:Tim Settle DT Huge upside can rush plus stop run all DT have just clog up the run
    2ndOren Burks LB-S rangy smart a leader reminds of a springier Zack Cunningham cover TE’s and bigger slot WR’s
    2nd:Dorian OdanieL Box saf hybrid he just jumps out like crazy on tape. similar reports as Jerome Baker think Dorian a better person so reach upside. Blitz and drop in Coverage cover RB slot WR’s
    3rd:Cole mason Ol versatile can play Center Guard as well as tackle came from NFL style offense.
    3rd:DJ Reed CB-FS-Nickel
    4th:Bilal Nickols DE-NT Big athletic has nice upside fierce type player leader type
    5th:Marcell Frazier Outside rusher play on 3rd days
    7th::James Butler RB elusive can catch as well team up with Iowa Flash

  2. kevin z says:

    Seems to me Need some leader type players along with some just real football players. Also Build D to be able to adapt to the Cover and tackle league. Pats still gonna play the 2 gap scheme so the Dline gonna just build the wall they wont rush of the field. So speed smarts tackling the way to go just my IMO though. I know get slammed no DE but just feel differently with system Pats run on the dline.

    1st- #31- – – S Justin Reed good bloodlines Brother in NFL smart Stanford guy
    2nd -#43 –Darius leonard OLB Rangy plays all out feels overlooked uncle I believe played in NFL.
    2nd – #63 – Oren Burks LB -S leader type studies film fast can cover smart Vandy GUy
    3rd – # 95 – DJ Reed CB FS Slot good cover man tough is a tackler has ball skills. just short
    4th – # 136- OT Brandon Parker
    5th – #159 – Woodside QB Small but got all the Tools Jimmy was was only 6’2 ish or so
    7th – #214 –Philip Lindsay RB my fav RB for hurry up O with Shotgun

  3. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 3/16:version 2 of 2

    1st:Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB- From the mock drafts I’ve seen he will still be there late 1st or even late 2nd.

    2nd(SF):Kyle Lauletta QB – fitting to get a QB with the pick we got for JG.

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE / Dorance Armstrong JR DE – which one is still available we should get.

    3rd:Will Dissly TE – We need a TE to replace Gronk if he retires or retires next year.

    4th:Brandon Parker OT – We need a LT to replace Solder leaving.

    5th(CLE):Troy Apke S – We need a Safety to replace Chung or Mccourty in the future.

    7th(CLE) – I think we will trade it for picks for next year maybe .

  4. kevin z says:

    This Mock has 3 risers from that fit our need. They are Jeff Holland good rusher for a LB. Kalu FS rangy has my ball type attitude. Then outside CB Yiadom has size with length smart from BC One of best in class with back to the ball

    2nd:Fred Warner Will
    2nd(:Jeff Holland Rush OLB Athletic good bend Plays all out
    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB
    3rd:Joshua Kalu FS good size rangy ball skills has CB experience
    3rd:Issaac YIadom CB Good height and length combo good with back to the ball turns head.
    4th(LAC):Brandon Parker OT
    4th:Tyquin Lewis DE Tough player good use of hands plays all out reminds me a short armed trey Flowers
    5th(CLE):Brandon Shed WR Tall vertical threat route running skills as well
    7th:(CLE):James Butler RB elusive can catch as well

  5. kevin z says:

    2nd(SF):Deshon Elliot FS Rangy high point the ball one of few in draft that played Saf in college. Elliot Lacks experience but so does Reid because Reid played mostly slot which was ugly. where as Elliot played FS in college already wont have to learn a new position like most in this draft will

    2nd:Nick Nelson CB seems like a fit his coach helping Pats scout so may add up
    2nd:Oren Burks LB-Hybrid Saf experience can cover has speed smart just a football player
    3rdLuke Falk QB hope his OL didn’t kill him think good fit
    3rd(LAC):3rd(#31):Fatusaki DE big can take on Blocks as well as collapse Pocket misused as a NT even though can play it.
    4th(LAC):Brandon Parker OT
    4th(#36):Ryan Izzo TE Blocking type could help with lose of solder or allen both
    5th(CLE):Brandon Shed WR-SLOT big vertical threat with route running skills
    7th:(CLE):James Butler RB Elusive can catch was teammates with The Iowa FLash

  6. Mike Gerken says:

    Sorry I haven’t been around much today, playing single dad this week and now dealing with a sick kid. Love the deal to get McCourty. Gave up very little to keep him on that team friendly contract. If that trade doesn’t happen, I think he probably still ends up here, but there would have been interest and the price could have easily been double if not more to get him. This move allows them some flexibility with a rookie and and some of the younger guys on the roster. Let them continue to develop and weed themselves out.

    As for Jeremy Hill, this move intrigues me. I have to go back and look at my rankings, but I had him high, maybe even my RB1. I loved his size/speed combination and thought the reason he fell was the off field incident. I think playing in Cinci did him no favors and he became an impatient runner who lost his patience and vision. He is a bit of a rebuild project, but the traits are there.

    • Russell says:

      I don’t believe McCourty would have cleared the Wavier wire , for the Patriots to sign. The contract issue was a bonus, a Gift from Cleveland!!

      • Nick B says:

        Pretty sure there’s no waiver wire in the offseason, would’ve been free to sign wherever

  7. GM-in-Training says:

    I’m going to assume a few positions get covered in FA before the draft to simplify the needs:
    – Jason McCourty and a couple UDFA-to-be-named-later will cobble together CB depth
    – A big early downs, short-yardage specialist RB will be found soon (looking at you Jeremy Hill)
    – Another veteran LB (takes awhile to learn that position…maybe Jonathan Casillas again?)

    For the draft, that leaves:
    1st- #31- LB – Leighton Vander Esch (Does everything well. Can cover RB/TE over the middle)
    2nd -#43 – S Justin Reed (need to reload for 2019)
    2nd – #63 – DE Josh Sweat (3rd-down player…if he puts on weight a 3-down player)
    3d – # 95 – TE Ian Thomas (upside, character, long arms)
    4th – # 136- OT Brandon Parker (Developmental, with some decent traits)
    5th – #159 – QB Kyle Lauletta (quick release, accuracy)
    7th – #214 – Trade for a veteran (7th rounders don’t usually make the team anyway)

  8. Russell says:

    Mock; No-trade

    1st- #31- Edge- Lorenzo Carter
    2nd -#43 – S Justin Reed
    2nd – #63 – DE Andrew Brown
    3d – # 95 – TE Ian Thomas
    4th – # 136- OT Tyrell Cosby
    5th – #159 – WR Trey Quinn
    7th – #214 – QB Chad Kanoff

  9. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft 3/15 updated : 1st traded to LAC for 2nd(#16) ,3rd(#20) and 4th(#19).

    2nd(SF):Justin Reid S

    2nd(LAC):Fred Warner ILB/OLB

    2nd(#31):Kyle Lauletta QB

    3rd(LAC):Rasheem Green DE

    3rd(#31):Will Dissly TE

    4th(LAC):Brandon Parker OT

    4th(#36):Chase Edmonds RB

    5th(CLE):Keke Coutee WR

    7th:(CLE):James Looney DT

  10. Russell says:

    I look for the Patriots to check-out, RB Dare Oqunbowale, 5’11” 213 lbs. Because he was released no compensatory issues. 3-cone, 6.99, 35″ V , 10′ b-jump, 9 1/8″ H. Caught 60 passes in two yrs. at Wisconsin, & 319 att. 1518 rushing yds. for career stats.

    • kevin z says:

      Good catch plus went where james White went I know BB likes ex teammates along with same college too.. he fits for sure

  11. Russell says:

    CB-Jason McCourty was traded to the patriots with a Cleveland’s 7th round pick, (2018) for the Patriots 6th round pick (2018)

  12. steve earle says:

    Blocking like tackling is attitude. Coaching can improve technique but not the will to deliver. A late rd pick only imo.

  13. kevin z says:

    hopeful Pats FA:
    Damian Williams RB Dolphins
    Orleans Darkwa RB Giants
    Toomer LB Chargers
    Jerry attaochu DE Chargers

    • JH says:

      What are your thoughts on Attaocho? I think he has a lot of potential but I’m skeptical if he can set the edge well enough for the Pats to sign him. Do you think he’s proven enough to make an impact?

      • kevin z says:

        yea not sure if can or not was thinking be a good 3rd down rushing type. I wish knew more sry JH

  14. Russell says:

    CB-Jason McCourtywas released today, he must clear waivers, but why not but in a claim BB?

    • Russell says:

      S- Jeremy Cash would be worth a look if he clears waivers..

      • macspak says:

        did one better – traded next to nothing for him and he has a very reasonable contract – can he still produce?

        • Russell says:

          Last yr. he was rated 27th out of 120 NFL, CB’s . So I’m thinking the Patriots contacted Cleveland when they heard McCourty was to be released, and offered a trade, knowing he would likely not clear waivers, to be available to the Patriots. He also , by trading does not count against the compensatory formular.

  15. GM-in-Training says:

    I think Gesicki will go too high for the Pats to make a move on him.

    Right now I’m wondering what positions the Pats will fill in FA, and what they’ll still need or want come draft.

    Here’s something interesting. In
    the writer wonders about Jason McCourty as a FA acquisition.

    Jason McCourty would not count against the salary cap because he was released.

    How many other quality depth veterans could be had without impacting the compensatory pick equation because they were overpriced in their last stop, or their last team was cap strapped?

    Who would be good for the Pats to add that way?

  16. JH says:

    1st – EDGE Josh Sweat, Florida: All around edge player. Crazy athletic and strong. Can speed rush or power rush, set the edge, and cover. The fact that we could get this sort of player at pick #31 is incredible value. Obviously has an injury history but it’s very apparent that those issues are behind him.

    2nd – SS Kyzir White, West Virginia: All around safety. Would hopefully be Chung’s successor.

    2nd – QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond: Developmental QB.

    4th – LB Oren Burks, Vanderbilt: Athletic linebacker who’s good against the run and in coverage.

    5th – OT Joseph Noteboom, TCU: Very athletic, long tackle who is also strong. Was said to be inconsistent but has the tools to play anywhere on the line, including left tackle.

    6th – RB Ryan Nall, Oregon State: All around running back with low fumble rate.

    • Russell says:

      I like Noteboom I think he may go 3-4th round. Good looking mock.

    • kevin z says:

      I like your Mock JH really like most players have here S white QB Kyle I love Burks think rise like Cunningham did last year. Reason being last few years Hybrids tweeners are rising up to 2nd rd picks with change in play needing smaller LB with coverage skills. Also like RB Nall versatile player.

    • brandonmaxham says:

      I think you forgot a pick because we have a 3rd round pick . But overall a pretty good mock draft.

  17. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Possible Patriots.
    Tavon Austin WR Rams
    Blaine Gabbert QB Cardinals
    Danny Woodhead RB Ravens
    Austin Howard OT Ravens
    Jerry Attaochu DE Chargers
    Jared Crick DL Broncos

    BB at his best at this time of Free Agency.
    Go Pats!

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