Scouting Report: Dallas Goedert, TE

With Gronks future up in the air, could the Patriots look to draft a Tight End early in the draft?

Dallas Goedert – Patriot-Type Player – 6’4+/255 – TE



  • Born in South Dakota
  • Multi-sport athlete including softball wrestling, skiing, soccer & kayaking. First love was basketball. Unicycling is a family tradition
  • Played almost every position during high school football. LB, S, QB & Punt/Kick returner.
  • Back to back dominant, 1000+ yard season.


  • Big Target at 6’4/255, Big body, thickness throughout frame. Almost 35 inch arms, 10+ hands & almost 80 inch wingspan.
  • Rec Ability/Threat, Hands – Wins w/ natural separation & physicality. Bully route runner that uses big body to shield & bump defenders down the seem to present a big target. Uses long arms & soft, reliable hands that pluck the ball out of the air. Fluid mover & does a great job at tracking the deep ball like a centerfielder or wr, (often mistaken for WR teammate Weinke) making routine over the shoulder catches. No stranger to the spectacular one handed catch. Shows good vision w/ the ball in his hands in the open field. Naturally runs/finds open space & soft spots. Will adjust to off target passes both high, low & outside. Big catch radius.
  • Run Blocking – Goedert is a very good run blocker. One of the better one’s in his class. For the most part understands his assignments & shows very good effort looking to over power & out muscle his man. At times very good technique showing a sturdy base & good hand placement. Doesn’t mind getting a little dirty inline. Shows very good promise.
  • Versatility/Flex Weapon – Lined up everywhere. Slot, out wide, inline, in the backfield & produced from all. Worked all 3 areas. Screens, Slants, Seem, Drags, Crossers. Can work M.O.F & Sidelines.
  • Gets Y.A.C. through toughness.Tough player that will catch through contact & won’t go down easy. Will break arm tackles easy, drag defenders or look to power through them.
  • Small school but put up back to back dominant seasons amassing 160+ rec’s, 2,400 yards & 18 rec T.D’S. Stepped up against better comp.



  • Isn’t very polished & could use some nuance to both parts of his game. Has to become a better at fakes & subtle movements to improve his r/r. Has to get lower & play w/ better leverage to generate real power from hips when blocking. Base gets too narrow & too wide at times. Lots of promise but lots of work.
  • Doesn’t have suddenness/speed to break or cut to create separation speed.
  • At times will look towards one handed catch too much & holds the ball w/ one hand too often. Smart defenders already notice it.
  • Will def take bigger hits from defenders at the next level bc of big target & slow feet.
  • Could be a little more consistent, aggressive when run blocking



Goedert has drawn comparisons to Zach Ertz because of the way he’s used. His ability to line up & produce anywhere will present mismatches for a lot of teams. The fact that he’s a good, willing blocker will only drive up his stock. Goedert likely won’t be the rec threat he is now because of lack of quicks, speed but he still offers a lot. He could become an every down T.E. you flex out at times to take advantage of some LB’s & S’s. Also would be a nice red zone weapon & 3rd down option. Teams that could develop behind a veteran would be ideal.


Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that show off Goedert’s rec & playmaking ability.





37 Responses to “Scouting Report: Dallas Goedert, TE”

  1. John says:

    And moving past numbers is my point. Landry has everything except hand usage. Once he develops that, plus added weight, he’ll be a borderline pro-bowler. Fitts already has that, plus 10 pounds, and still really isn’t a better player.

    • Stephen J says:

      Once again I am not comparing players so no need to move past the numbers I am comparing athletic traits in a player. They are completely different players at different positions. You are comparing apples to oranges I am comparing apples to apples.

  2. Stephen J says:

    Here is a video breakdown of Stanford S Justin Reid

    One thing to notice in this report is that Justin Reid played more slot defender than safety and he is more of a projection at safety in the NFL where he would be more of a FS (Devin McCourty) than a SS(Patrick Chung). Just something to keep in mind and something that Mike could better answer. As for me I do see where he is better suited as a FS than a SS even though he has more experience playing the slot like Chung and is more physical like Chung he seems more naturally suited to fly to plays make open field tackles and cover distances while keeping the play in front of him than covering and turning to look back. The same thing McCourty struggled with when he 1st came out as a CB hence the move to FS.

  3. kevin z says:

    If lose Lewis hope can sign damian Williams at rb can catch run a lil bit.
    Flowers look like may lose him though which don’t like

    Since got Shelton wonder if trade M brown and sign Daquen Jones from Tenn can play all over line did and does the dirty work as well.

    Hoping mayb LB Hitchens a lil more athletic than Preston Brown or Williamson they tackle machine run defenders. Hitchens has struggled vs pass as well but more a athlete than other two has chance vs pass in the least.

    also like DL Denico Auntry from raiders. plays hard plus tipping passes at a good rate for a DL 7 this past year had 2 year before he was undrafted when came out in his draft.

    Kareem martin DE- has upside still plus has ST experience

    Saf. hoping for honey badger would settle for Reid for sure if came with bonus for being healthy like Gronk. if not get lower amount then. If Tre Boston could tackle even at half a person lol would want him

  4. Stephen J says:

    Here is a thought on a FA RB

    We may have moved on from this but since Gillislee was a healthy scratch for a good part of the year why not make an offer to Legarrette Blount say 1.25 million range and cut Gillislee who has no guarantees if he is cut. His salary of $2,181,250 is only guaranteed when/if he makes the roster and that would save about 1 million in cap space. This way you have a big RB who already knows the system and players, plus you have a Returner when you need him.

    The down side of Blount is 31 going on 32 so likely it will be his last year at least playing for the Pats while Gillislee is 27 going on 28 and has fresher legs since he wasn’t used much last year.

  5. Stephen J says:

    Here is another crazy comparison with Kylie Fitts brought to my attention by Jon Ledyard

    Again not saying Kylie is a better overall player than Landry

    …………Kylie Fitts………………Harold Landry

    Height…6’3 3/4″………………..6’2 3/8″
    Broad J.9’9″………………………9’11”
    3 Cone..6.88……………………..6.88
    20 Shut.4.19……………………..4.19

    At 11 pounds heavier he has nearly the same exact agility scores as a small/mid sized DE yet the strength of the bigger DE’s what a crazy combination. I don’t want to go into too much about his on field play I’ll leave that up to Mike he’s much better at that than I plus I know he’s working on it.

    • John says:

      I like comparisons. It’s definintely an effective tool when tryint to find some bargains later in the draft. Fitts is one of those guys. However, people can get carried away with this tool. Focusing on measurables rather than sheer tape/skill-set can lead to people narrowing in on inferior prospects.

      Fitts can’t stay healthy as an EDGE rusher (possibly because of his size?), where someone like Landry has proven he can stay healthy at that weight, or at least play through pain (ankle). Similar skill set, in terms of struggling to convert speed to power type of EDGE rushers. Landry is the superior prospect, easily. Great motor, high-flyer. Once he develops more of his upper body strength/gets more mature he’ll be a tough matchup.

      • Stephen J says:

        Landry was injured just as much as Fitts

        • Stephen J says:

          2017 Games missed Landry 5
          2017 Games missed Fitts 5

        • John says:

          Fitts missed time in 2016? Landry’s best season was in 2016. Plus, Landry started one less game this year and had superior production with more attention?

      • Stephen J says:

        Landry had only 1 productive season in 2016 and most of that production came against lower tier competition. Wagner 3 sacks 2 Sacks against a Sophmore at Florida St. 3 sacks against Wake Forest who was 7-6 and he was going against a Red Shirt Freshman. Now against good teams Clemson 1 sack VT 0 sacks Louisville 0 sacks.

      • Stephen J says:

        Also as I said I am comparing aspects of where there is no arguing it is what it is. Not the overall players. Once you make that comparison you just moved beyond those numbers used. You look at what traits a certain player has in certain areas. These are Fitts positive traits and they are what they are and you get an idea of what type of player he is when you see them against other types of players ie ILB and DE in that same area ie 3 cone against 3 cone. That way you can see if he could fit a certain type of role if you are making a projection say from playing outside DE to moving inside at MLB as an example.

  6. Stephen J says:

    OT’s that match what the Pats look for in their LOT from an Athletic point of View

    The 3 most consistent things that you see in the Left Tackles the Pats have drafted is 1 Height of at least 6’5″. 2 10 split 1.85 or lower associated with a 40 of 5.30 or lower and 3 A Broad Jump of at least 8′ 10″. The 3 Preferences are Arm Length of at least 34″ Wingspan of 80″ and weight of 305 lbs.

    Pitt Jaryd Jones-Smith 6′ 6 1/2″ 317 lbs Arm Length 36 1/4″ Wingspan 88 1/2″ Broad Jump 9’1″ 40 5.22 10 split 1.77

    UCLA Kolton Miller 6′ 8 5/8″ 309 lbs Arm Length 34″ Wingspan 82 1/2″ Broad Jump 10’1″ 40 time 4.95 10 split 1.68

    *Pitt Brian O’Neill 6′ 6 7/8″ 297 lbs Arm Length 34″ Wingspan 78 1/2″ Broad Jump 8’11” 40 time 4.82 10 split 1.71

    NC St Will Richardson 6′ 5 5/8″ 306 lbs Arm Length 35 1/4″ Wingspan 83 1/4″ Broad J 9’0″ 40 time 5.26 10 split 1.85

    Braden Smith Auburn 6’6 1/4″ 315 lbs 5.22 40 1.82 10 split Broad 9’5″ makes it in the 3 qualifiers and all departments except one Arm Length 32 1/4″ Wingspan 78 1/8″

    Connor Williams Texas 6’5 1/8″misses in weight at 296 and arm length 33″ weight wouldn’t too much a concern. More concerning is his arm length an his wingspan is also under 80 inches at 77 7/8″ but not disqualifying His 40 was 5.05 wit a 10 split of 1.74 Broad 9’4″

    * Brian O’Neill misses in weight by 8 lbs just makes in arm length is under in Wingspan and just makes it in the Broad Jump he is a on the borderline/edge of qualifying from an athletic point of view

    Others that maybe on the list but just miss in an area or two are

    NCA&T Brandon Parker 6′ 7 5/8″ 305 lbs Arm Len 35″ Wingspan 84 7/8″ Broad Jump 9′ 5″
    Brandon Parker misses the 40 time of 5.40 with a 10 split of 1.84 but the main areas that the Pats target Height Weight Arm Length and Broad Jump are all above what they look for

    Greg Senat Wagner 6’6 1/4″ Arm Length 35 1/4″ Wingspan 84″ Broad Jump 8’10” 40 time 5.38 10 split 1.87 misses in the 10 split and 40 but qualifies with every thing else

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Great analysis of traits. I agree with most of what you’ve suggested. I think since Matt Light, they want OT that are 320# (Solder & Vollmer were both 320#, though I think Solder was lighter when he was drafted)

      The thing I would add is that LOT need fast feet for side shuffling. LOT that were TE or good at basketball tend to have it.

      I’m not sure who on your list is that light on their feet, but I really like that some have 35″+ arms.

      • Stephen J says:

        Vollmer was also a RT where the Pats do like them Heavier and Stronger and not necessarily Lighter and faster. As far as weight goes on the Left Tackles if they can get one that is faster and heavier just icing on top of the cake but the preference would be faster athletic on the Left side. Last year for example Garcia was 302 lbs with a 5.15 40 and 1.81 10 yard split and 33 3/8″ Arms while Matt Light was 311 lbs with a 5.30 40 and 1.84 10 split and 33 1/2″ Arms

      • Stephen J says:

        PS Thanks for the comment I appreciate it.

    • kevin z says:

      Dang was hoping Pitt Brian O’Neill would fit liked played TE and bball I believe thought was more athletic

      • Stephen J says:

        He is still on the list but with how he played at the Senior Bowl he wouldn’t be drafted early he’d be a later round pick because he needs a lot of development technique wise.

    • Russell says:

      Well done break down. I like Barden Smith, reminds me some of Matt Light.

  7. kevan says:

    Adrian clayborn vs kareem martin and Avery williamson vs Preston brown who do yall like more? Kenny vaccaro vs Eric Reid too, though I doubt pats sign either one. John brown wr wouldn’t be a bad sign.

  8. brandonmaxham says:

    I forgot to say in January he spoke with the Patriots.

    • Stephen J says:

      Yes the Pats met with him in regards to his off field issues. He was also taken off the starting team late in the season. My impression from what was not said was they weren’t going to say anything bad about him but they walked away having no interest due to those incidents.

  9. brandonmaxham says:

    Devron Davis is a CB from UTSA , a transfer from Colorado St. He could play the Nickel and be a special teamer. His best skills are his tackling ,balls skills ,ability to mirror ,shed blocks ,play with strength and his athletic ability. He could improve and become an outside/boundary CB. He is most likely to go 7th round or undrafted.

  10. Stephen J says:

    Per Shawn Zobel

    RB Jerick McKinnon is fielding offers in the $6-7 million/year range,

    • kevan says:

      That’s alot. Dion is probably getting the same type of offers. Sign burkhead back and draft one. I wouldn’t mind a 4-5 million/contract with incentives up to 6-7.

  11. brandonmaxham says:

    Julian Edelman 2.0 ? His name is Nick Holley and he went to Kent state. He is QB/RB/WR, he’s only 5-10 200lbs. He doesn’t have many stats but I found that he is an interesting football player.

  12. brandonmaxham says:

    I found an interesting QB his name is Nick Ferrer from Saint Francis. He is 6-4 230. He threw for 4195 yards and 39TD passes to only 4 INTs. I’m trying to find out more about him .

  13. brandonmaxham says:

    My top 3 TE’s are Dalton Schultz ,Dallas Goedert and Will Dissly ( not in any particular order).

  14. Stephen J says:

    Pro Day News

    Patriots National scout DuJuan Daniels along with 26 other NFL scouts were at Middle Tennessee State’s pro day today. Two of the more well known prospects there are WR Richie James and DB Charvarius Ward the cousin of Malcolm Butler. Richie James stood on his combine times and went through passing drills while Ward ran a 4.41 and 4.46 40; Vert of 37.5″; Broad of 11′; with 32 1/4″ Arms 6′ 0 5/8″ at 198 lbs. He ran the 3 cone but don’t see a time for it as of yet.

    Tomorrow Kyle Lauletta will be throwing at Richmond’s Pro Day.

  15. Russell says:

    Buffalo is moving up the draft board, with the trade of OT Glen, & 1st picks swap with Cinny. I look for them to end -up at #3 by trading their 12th & 22nd to Indianapolis.

    • Stephen J says:

      It will take more than 12 and 22 to get up that high but they have 2 seconds and 2 thirds to do it. Then they get their QB but who is going to protect from the LT position. Now that they shipped their starting LT off to Cincinnati and packaged those picks to move up to get him.

  16. Russell says:

    Good looking report. For me Goedert is all about value, and where he is on the board. I think in the 3d round is about right, 1st round no-way, and early 2nd round would be a reach. But by the 3d his value is about right, for the prospect, IMO.
    I’m a bigger fan of Ian Thomas in the 3d-4th round, if I was to draft a TE.

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