Scouting Report: D.J. Moore, WR

While WR may not be the biggest need, it might be hard to pass on a talent like Moore if he is available at 31.

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler



  • From Philadelphia
  • Went to Imhotep Charter HS
  • Top 5 in the Maryland record books in several categories


  • Thick, compact build at 6’/210. Very good H/W/S.
  • Versatility – Can play & win inside/out, beat you underneath, deep & line up all over the place. Including taking h/o’s out of the backfield. Started returning punts. Wins with quick feet, toughness, hands & r/r.
  • Toughness, Elusiveness & Short Area Quicks – Turns into a RB when he gets the ball. Will cut & juke around defenders & run through arm tackles. Good acceleration. Usually makes 1st guy miss if not two. Won’t go down easy, have to wrap up. He’ll catch through contact. Doesn’t mind taking a hit & will prepare himself for it. Will lay out & put his body at risk. At times can go up & get the 50/50 ball & make a big play, almost 40 inch Vert. Takes a beating & comes back for more.
  • Has been very productive w/ a “merry-go-round” of different QB’S.
  • Route Running – Wasn’t asked to run the most extensive route tree but I’m inclined to think that had more to do Maryland QB’S & Offense than him. Showed some nuance bending & shifting into the DB to create space in route, tight shoulder/head/hip fakes, stride length to throw off defenders, & makes it all look the same for the most, making it harder for the DB to decode what’s coming. Will run & very good at Go’s, crossers/digs, screens, comebacks, out/up’s & even will snag the fade. Gets in/out of breaks & is very good at being at the right spot on time.
  • Big upside w/ stability & talent around him. Playmaker that will for right in w/ NFL caliber players.
  • Very good run blocker that shows discipline on assignment & effort throughout his block.
  • Well liked by teammates & highly spoken of by coaches.



  • Can work outside some but doesn’t have long speed & won’t win running vertical. Will primarily be a slot weapon you move around.
  • Footwork is very good for the most part but could be quicker & have fewer wasted steps coming out of his break.
  • Capable of athletic jump ball but the pass has to be on target. Short arms don’t help w/ his catch radius.


Moore is a treat to watch. One way you judge WR’S is how they perform when having a less than ideal QB situation & Moore certainly made his better. Catching passes from 8 while at Maryland! Moore is limited to an extent but has his best football ahead of him. It’s hard not to love his potential surrounded by quality players & w/ a real NFL QB. He might never be a #1 WR but he’ll be a great #2 weapon for a some team.

Traits That Translate 

Here are some clips that show off Moore’s playmaking ability, toughness & versatile skill set.




47 Responses to “Scouting Report: D.J. Moore, WR”

  1. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft trade up version: 1st traded and 2nd(SF) to ARI for their 1st (this likely wont happen).

    1st(ARI):Lamar Jackson QB

    2nd:Fred Warner ILB-OLB

    3rd:Rasheem Green DE

    4th:Brandon Parker OT

    6th:Tre Flowers S

    7th:Demario Richards RB

  2. jimr says:

    31-Landry BC DE/OLB
    43 Carter Georgia DE/OLB
    63- Hurst South Carolina TE
    95 – Edmunds VT SS
    136-Worley Ohio ST ILB
    210-Deluca North Dakota State ILB
    219-White QB Western Kentucky

    Serious need for edge rush and ILB depth. Cant watch Elandon Roberts play another down of football. UDFA they will get OT,CB and RB.

    • steve earle says:

      UDFA OT???? Okay but Solder is history who is your LT?

      • Todti says:

        I actually agree with not drafting an OT, for several reasons.
        i) Do you really think a rookie would be able to be a starter? I could only see McGlinchey having the potential for that, but if he does he won’t be available at 31.
        ii) Assuming the Patriots bring back either Fleming or Waddle, which they probably need to just for consistency, they’ll have Cannon, Tobin, Garcia, and Fleming/Waddle. They could easily cut Tobin, of course, but if Garcia is cleared to participate he’ll need a roster spot (and reps) unless the Patriots already gave up on him. So if they draft an OT, that guy will be the immediate backup because Garcia won’t be able to play.

        • Mike Gerken says:

          You can’t just draft for this year though. A Tackle might not be able to start this year, but if the team drafts one early, it is under the thinking that he should be starting by year 2.

        • JH says:

          Let’s say we draft an OT in the first round. They are almost guaranteed a spot on the roster no matter how good/bad they do. That isn’t fair to Croston or Garcia because they could be the answer at LT themselves but they’re development would be hindered because we’d be forced to give this high draft pick playing time.

          I think instead we should draft an LT on day 3. That’ll give Garcia and Croston a fair shot to compete and show if they are the answer themselves, while also bringing in new talent. In this situation, the Patriots would simply give a roster spot to whoever plays the best between the three. Obviously a first round OT could actually be good and better than Garcia/Croston, but I don’t think that sort of talent will be there at #31, so unless we trade up we will be getting a developmental OT no matter what.

          A guy I really like on day 3 is Joseph Noteboom from TCU. Obviously the Pats have had success with TCU OT’s (Cannon) and Noteboom could be a beast with Dante Scarnecchia coaching him up. He’s supremely athletic, long, and is above average in strength for a guy thats so athletic (usually the athletic guys aren’t as strong). He’s also been graded out well by PFF for a while. I wouldn’t say he’s a raw player either, as he’s had a lot of starting experience and seems to have decent technique. His main flaw is consistency, but I think Scarnecchia could get with this guy and could help him become a great LT over time and a great backup OT/OG in the short term.

        • steve earle says:

          @ JH : First when the heck has the NFL been fair? As for Garcia he will have the same chance as any OT we might draft. He lost a year due to injury so? Is he 100%, will the condition reappear? And Croston will have the same chance of any other potential back up. Queston, how many LT drafted on the 3rd day stick? Can’t see your arguments holding much water, but that’s just me. Though Mike made a decent point.

      • jimr says:

        I agree big shoes to fill however They can help out a LT with a TE and a RB If needed. They will get a serviceable one. The Obvious glaring needs on Defence for Edge rushers, OLB’s that can cover and ILB Depth Outweigh that IMO. Offence is not the Issue.

  3. kevin z says:

    If took a CB early Mock with trade our 1st for a 2 and 4 rd pick going all in type with brady no qb drafted going with theory that most teams getting there QB way of this FA plus the draft. So wait until next draft while building rest team up for Brady as well as future QB the skills players have little bit experience to help the Young QB few years down the road

    2nd – Mike Hughes CB smaller stature but doesn’t play like it think a stud may drop here being on short side
    2nd – Dorance Armstrong OLB rush good contact balance long arms 34”
    2nd –Fred Warner Will LB can cover good in space
    3rd – Trequin Smith WR
    4th – Jaylyn Holmes DE Athletic got the tools just Raw
    4th – Brandon Parker OT
    6th –Coles Reyes S Rangy Physical
    7th – Phillip Lindsay RB good vision quick can run it block for QB play ST

  4. Stephen J says:

    Earlier I told you that Bret Bielema was at USC Pro Day. Well apparently he had a busy day there.

    Defensive lineman Rasheem Green spent most of the afternoon in a work-related session with the New England Patriots.

    I keep telling you watch what the Patriots are doing not so much the players or even what is being said. In this case another large DE player. They have privately worked/scouted/interviewed well over a dozen big DE’s so far. This is one position they are putting in a lot of time and energy into even after picking up DE Adrian Clayborn.

  5. brandonmaxham says:

    The mock when we get the players we need early and depth /future pieces later :

    1st :Leighton VanderEsch ILB/OLB – the athletic LB we need who is fast and able to drop back in coverage.

    2nd:Duke Ejiofor DE – we need more depth and better DEs then just Trey Flowers and a bunch of unproven players.

    2nd:Kyle Lauletta QB – we will need a QB to take over for Brady.

    3rd:Will Dissly TE – with the uncertainty of Gronk and no standout backup plan ,we’ll need to draft someone to either replace Gronk or back him up.

    4th:Brandon Parker OT – with the departure of Solder and no clear back up option , have to get a LT.

    6th:Kentavius Street EDGE/DE – we will need depth and versatility on the edge.

    7th: Trayvon Henderson S – we need to get a future safety with Chung and Mccourty getting up there in age.

  6. Stephen J says:

    While I don’t love DJ Moore I do like him.

    One reason that I don’t and have shared in the past is this

    DJ Moore Maryland
    2016 Targets 78 Receptions 41….52.56% Catch rate
    2017 Targets 130 Receptions 80…61.54% Catch rate
    Total Targets 208 Receptions 121..58.17% Catch rate

    Now before you say well his QB was trash then why were all the other WR RB TE that had at least 10 targets able to have a higher catch rate in 2016 than Moore. Yes he had the lowest catch rate in 2016 and even though he improved in 2017 he still finished under a 60% catch rate.

    Which can be seen here in the Individual Receiving Stats section

    Secondly above it mentions Moore doing KR and PR but what it doesn’t mention is that he wasn’t that good at it. For example he had a total of 15 Punt Returns for 153 yards an average of 10.2 yards.

    Thirdly he has to protect the ball better. He has a tendency to fumble the ball especially as a runner. In 2016 and 2017 he fumbled 2 times on 16 carries running the ball.

    Fourth is his fit with the Patriots. The Patriots have an extensive play book and DJ Moore was very limited in what he ran. Not saying he won’t be able to pick it up but it may take more than one season to do it and if you are looking for him to contribute right away meaning a 1st or 2nd rounder then it is best to find someone who has run a similar system and is ready to contribute right away or someone later in the draft that has similar traits athleticism.

    • kevan says:

      Not terrible punt returner. Best in NFL history is like 12 or 13 yards.

      • Stephen J says:

        One I didn’t say he was terrible.
        Two He is a college player not a pro. Your comparing apples to oranges. I can’t speak about the NFL in general I just know what the Pats Punt Returners Average each year

        2008 Patriots Punt Returner Kevin Falk 13.2 yards
        2009 Wes Welker 12.5 yards
        2010 Julian Edelman 15.3 yards
        2011 Wes Welker 10.4 yards
        2012 Julian Edelman 15.5 yards
        2013 Danny Amendola 13.0 yards
        2014 Julian Edelman 12.0 yards
        2015 Danny Amendola 12.0 yards
        2016 Julian Edelman 9.0 yards
        2017 Danny Amendola 8.6 yards

        Now College

        Cyrus Jones Senior Year 12.62 yards
        Christian Kirk Career 22.0 yards
        Mike Hughes Career 16.64 yards
        DJ Reed Career 14.88 yards
        Quadree Henderson Career 13.38 yards
        Dante Pettis Senior Year 20.38 yards
        Blaise Taylor Senior Year 13.7 yards
        Tajee Fullwood Senior Year 13.3 yards

        • kevan says:

          One I didn’t say you said anything, read it again i said its not terrible. Two NFL record for career punt return average is around 13 yards. Yes he is in college, I’m comparing two different types of oranges.

        • kevan says:

          Everyone has google man they can look up seasonal punt return averages too

  7. Matt H says:

    Post FA Mock Draft I would love to see

    1st – Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State (4-3 DE but can also play at linebacker – reminds me a lot of Ninkovich and Vrabel)

    2nd – Lorenzo Carter LB Georgia (Athletic LB that can rush the passer, drop in coverage vs. tight ends and running and play vs. the run)

    2nd – Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma (Could be a steal if he falls to this point in the draft. Was projected to be 1st round pick but had a terrible combine. Turn on the tape and you can see the talent)

    3rd – Nyheim Hines RB N.C. State (Explosive back who can run and catch
    the ball- could possibly take over Dion Lewis role in time- BB was at his pro day scouting him)

    4th – Kyle Lauletta QB Richmond (Developmental QB with great intangibles. Looked great at the Senior Bowl- could be the heir to Brady in 3-4 years when Brady hangs them up)

    6th – Darell Williams LSU RB (Between the tackles thumping runner-overshadowed @ LSU by Guice- probably a good idea to select a few RB since it’s been awhile and I don’t think Gilleslee or Hill who is on a 1 year deal is the answer)

    7th – Braxton Berrios WR Miami (Excellent slot receiver and worth a flier on late in the draft

    • steve earle says:

      I like Hubbard very much but not sure he will be around for us (1) and thinking very good chance bill targets a LT(2). I have no insights going only on guts.

  8. kevan says:

    I think BB uses the interviews and scouting and pre draft visits to throw other teams off just as much as figuring out who they want.

  9. Todti says:

    I don’t see the Patriots take a WR that early, really only late in the draft (CANTRELL!!!), but maybe if they trade down and he’s still there in the third round or so. The slow three-cone and his underwhelming verticality as a receiver worry me a bit, and stiff hips with quick feet is quite an odd combination. But he should be good against press coverage and it sounds like he could be a force in the screen game and on similar short passes. I hope he gets to play for a smart coach.

    • Stephen J says:

      I agree with Cantrell. I would love to see him be a pick. He was used all over the place kind of does it all. He is one of the ones I tried posting a breakdown on several times but this site didn’t accept it. I will have to attempt him again and see what happens.

  10. Stephen J says:

    Current Patriots 2018 draft picks: 1st:31, 2nd:43, 2nd:63, 3rd:95, 4th:136, 6th:210, 7th:219.

  11. Ryan says:

    Not sure Moore is a round one guy; he doesn’t match the skillsets of successful round one guys I’ve seen in past years. If he goes that high, it’ll be due to a dearth of high-end players at his position- in a draft with an average WR class, he’d probably go in the middle of day 2. For reference, I would only rate four WRs as first-round prospects this year: Courtland Sutton, Calvin Ridley, James Washington, and DJ Chark.

    However, if you want a very interesting physical/athletic comp, check out DJ Moore vs. Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey has longer arms and a few inches on Moore in the jumps, but besides that they’re practically identical.

  12. Stephen J says:

    Tomorrow is Stanford’s Pro Day

    There are several players that will be talked about but there is one that is being almost totally forgotten that I am interested in seeing and that is LB Bobby Okereke. While researching other Stanford players I kept reading from several different draft analyst’s and such things like I was watching player so and so but kept seeing Okereke make play after play. When you here it from one or two people it may initially catch your attention but when you hear it from 5+ then it really catches your attention.

    Here is one of them

    The Mick Nartin also said this about Bobby Okereke: Rangy and instinctive in coverage

    His game against Washington was so good that they made a highlight reel out of that one game alone. He had 11 Tackles 3 TFL’s 2 Sacks and a FF.

    His teammates think highly of him as well. Following up the statement from the above clip where it said he was an absolute terror. Harrison Phillips said this “This is about to be a weekly routine for the BobbyOkereke”

    For the season he was listed at 6’3″ 234 lbs He made 96 Total tackles 48 Solo Tackles 7.5 TFL’s 4 Sacks 4 QBH’s 1 Int 1 PBU and 1 FF.

  13. steve earle says:

    I see CBS Boston is predicting Pat’s take an OT with #31 All but one of their predictors went that way. Three names thrown out were O’Connor, McGlucehy and Miller. Okay I’ll take one of those at #31, anybody else?

    • kevan says:

      Connor williams? I like Oneil from Pitt too but he defenitely needs a year to add strength

      • steve earle says:

        That’s what they said. There were 5-6 different guys making picks. Only one picked a LB the others all picked LOT’s as I relayed.

    • Stephen J says:

      Answer this question

      How many OT’s have the Pats scouted and interviewed so far this off season?

      This is one of those follow what they do and not what is being said.

      • kevan says:

        You tell me Stephen j. Honestly BB doesn’t usually draft for immediate need so I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t take one, atleast early. I’m thinking linebacker right now

        • kevan says:

          Theory doesn’t really hold up though because they draft people that they never interviewed or scouted. Richard Seymour is one example and I know there have been others but can’t recall right now

        • Stephen J says:

          Read it again Kevan I didn’t say players I said position. So it doesn’t matter if they didn’t scout so and so player did they scout that position and in that example you provided yes they did scout that position heavily that year just not that specific player

        • kevan says:

          There gonna scout every position man. Instead of riddles and scenic routes how about making your dam point.

        • kevan says:

          Are you proposing that there not gonna scout the tackle position? And if so wouldn’t that lead credence to the idea that there gonna trade for a solid starting caliber tackle?

  14. kevin z says:

    This Mock to help Brady plus the Next QB. our DT’s Brown Shelton one gonna leave soon so best get one with Huge upside who can rush. Love this draft for Pats when comes to type WR they like plus the value for type RB they like no need to reach IMO nice depth. Also heard can find good RB’s as UDFA as well with being so deep

    1st:Tim Settle Int DT lined up all over at VT
    2nd:Tyrell Crosby OL
    2nd:Dorance Armstrong OLB can rush drop back has good to great contact balance
    3rd James Looney DL-DE good in space nice with his hands to rush QB under valued player
    3rd: Trequin Smith WR play bigger than size good deep threat fights for ball
    4th:DJ reed cb-FS has all the skills want can cover plus tackle only short.
    5th Trey Quinn WR Sticky hands route runner
    6thPhillip Lindsay RB hyper type can rush good Vision catch pass protect plus play ST one fav players for Pats
    7th:Woodside QB

    • steve earle says:

      This is your 2nd mock taking (reaching) for DT Looney. I personally don’t like his skill set and if I did I wouldn’t take him higher then a 5th, if we had a fifth. Even then there would be better value there. Obviously not seeing what your seeing. Doesn’t look strong vs the run, doesn’t look like he could set an edge if moved outside, and there are far better rushers in this draft.

      • kevin z says:

        Well I got rushing Help with Settle plus Armstrong. Looney good in space good cutting down the runs on the outside able tackle out of his area. His Hands are above average which most players are not coming out of college nowadays like Mcginnest said during the combine

        • steve earle says:

          Yea, Settle and Armstrong are good but you could get Looney later or even better get a player like Sweat or Haynes for out in space. Both these guys have good size and speed can rush and cover. Better overall value I think?

        • kevin z says:

          I’m not so sure steve sweat always dinged up and Haynes a situational player read only pins ears back to rush not interested covering or stopping the run

  15. kevin z says:

    Nice player doubt Pats take him at 31 though. If there in the 3rd rd for sure take him I’m in the camp where CB or WR taken no earlier than the 3rd rd to much Depth in route running WR types in this draft. Which a great thing for the Pats.

  16. steve earle says:

    Good looking short med receiver. Yac looks really good, didn’t see any projected estimate of round to be drafted?

    • kevan says:

      I think he gets drafted alot earlier than people think. Early 2nd at the latest, but I’m guessing 1st rd

      • steve earle says:

        In that case we should pass do to far more critical needs. A WR isn’t much good if our QB is on his back because we don’t have a LT that can protect him.

    • Ryan says:

      My guess would be mid-second due to a WR class that’s weak at the top. He’s in a similar situation to Zay Jones last year, and I think he’ll go in the same area (Jones was drafted at #37).

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