Mock Draft Monday: No Offense To The Offense, But Lets Get Defensive

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Well, now that the site seems to be running smooth again, we can get back to the important stuff like Mocks and Scouting Reports. I have the Combine on in the background and the Defensive Backs are running their 40’s as we speak. With that in my mind, I thought we could look at doing a mock that is strictly defensive. Both Jeff and I have done our all defensive mocks, let us know what you think and what you would do.

Jeff’s Mock:

Round 1 Pick 31:  Landry, Harold, OLB/DE, Boston College (B)

Round 2 Pick 31:  Carter, Lorenzo, OLB, Georgia (B+)

Round 2 Pick 32 (CLE):  Jefferson, Malik, ILB, Texas (A)

Round 3 Pick 1 (CLE):  Reid, Justin, FS, Stanford (A)

Round 3 Pick 31:  Meeks, Quenton, CB, Stanford (A+)

Round 4 Pick 23 (CLE):  Shepherd, Nathan, DT, Fort Hays State (A+)

Round 4 Pick 36:  Cichy, Jack, ILB/OLB, Wisconsin (C+)

Round 6 Pick 38 (OAK):  Reed, DJ, CB, Kansas State (A+)

Round 7 Pick 1 (CLE):  Ostman, Joe, DE/OLB, Central Michigan (A-)


Mike’s Mock:

Site: Fanspeak

Board: CBS

Needs: Fan-Voted

Difficulty: Difficult

Round 1, Pick 31: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado– Obviously Corner has the potential to be a big need with the inevitable loss of Butler. Oliver has great size and ball tracking skills with the ability to play man or zone. He would pair nicely with Gilmore and the pair would be a formidable duo in the secondary.

Round 2, Pick 11: Taven Bryan, DL, Florida– Bryan is a guy who can get after the QB from the interior. He gives the Patriots more athleticism up front and would be a nice compliment to Brown.

Round 2, Pick 31: Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College– Okay, so I can only hope that the board falls the way CBS seems to have their players ranked. There are so many guys at this point on the board that I would be happy with that I could see a small trade down. Getting Landry here is probably not realistic, but adding a pass rush talent at the end of round 2 would be great.

Round 3, Pick 31: Rashaan Gaulden, CB/S, Tennessee– I got my outside Corner in the first and now I get a player who can play the slot or even some Safety. He is a tough nosed player who isn’t talked about a lot, but he has really good tape.

Round 4, Pick 36: Fred Warner, LB- Somebody is going to have to explain to me why “big draft” is so low on Warner because getting him here would be an absolute steal. You put Warner next to Hightower and the middle linebacker position is set. He is a rangy player who can drop into coverage and in a limited sample showed great instincts to come downhill and make plays.

Round 6, Pick 31: Siran Neal, S– Small school kid with good size and shows good all around game. He is a smooth mover but can come up and play in the box as well. He is athletic enough to play some slot corner as well.


I thought this was going to be a little more difficult, but like I said above, the board fell perfectly to me. There were offensive players I would have taken with those last 2 picks probably, but the first four, the decisions were pretty easy.





46 Responses to “Mock Draft Monday: No Offense To The Offense, But Lets Get Defensive”

  1. brandonmaxham says:

    defense mock draft version 2:

    1st:Isaiah Oliver CB Colorado – Outside corner has speed . is physical but not too much and has ball skills.

    2nd:Uchenna Nwosa EDGE/OLB USC – natural leader , has speed and agility , converted from safety.

    2nd:Josh Sweat DE/OLB Fla St – good pass rusher , better fit as OLB

    3rd:Rasheem Green DE USC – balanced at stopping the run and rushing the passer , can move inside on passing downs , he is raw and could use some improvement.

    4th: Fred Warner ILB/OLB BYU- versatile, good tackler , natural leader and discipline

    5th:D.J Reed CB Kansas St – slot corner mostly because of his speed and lack of height.

    6th:Troy Apke S Penn St – has speed, good special teams player.

  2. kevin z says:

    my Draft Board for 2018 draft. Not in order just who I like

    DB-Justin Reid
    DB-Rashaan Gaulden
    DB-DJ Reed
    DB- Mj Stewart
    DB-Quenton Meeks
    LB- Fred Warner
    LB-Dorance Armstrong
    LB-Oren Burks
    LB-Lorenzo Carter
    DL- Shepard
    DL-Rick sieler
    DL-Tim Settle
    OL-Colton miller
    OL-Brandon Parker
    OL-AleX Cappa
    TE- Hayden hurst
    TE-Ian Thomas
    RB-Ito smith
    RB- Chase Edmonds
    RB-Justin Jackson
    RB-John Kelly
    RB-Philip Lindsay
    RB-Mark Walton
    Wr-Daurice Fountain Don’t know enough about WR’s Fountain a Route Running type I know of

  3. Russell says:

    Who is Troy Apke S Penn St. 6’2″ 198 lbs. 4.34 40, 41 V , 131BJ , 6.56 3-cone, 4.03 20yd. Stand-out special teams, S- Career 44 games played 111 tackles

    • Stephen J says:

      You mean one of the guys who was tasked with covering DeSean Hamilton during practices.

      He was a converted WR who became a starter at Safety this year.
      He had 36 Solo Tackles 55 Total Tackles 1 Int 3 TFL 5 PBU’s 3 QBH’s
      He was MVP of the NFLPA bowl game where he had a team-leading seven tackles and an interception, which he returned for a 56-yards

      His athleticism shows on field as can be seen here on several plays

      but his lack of experience showed as well at times which can be seen here

      Some things he needs work on

      He has below average route recognition which causes him to be slow to close or locate the ball as seen above which is a little surprising considering he was a WR. Another possibility is that he maybe slow in processing that recognition.

      He can also take poor angles on throws while in converage

      • Stephen J says:

        Here is the Int at the NFLPA bowl game

      • Stephen J says:

        While he can be inconsistent in getting good clean wrap ups he is a good fundamental tackler that doesn’t cause many penalties

      • Stephen J says:

        Here is a good article on his transition from WR to S with some quotes from DeSean Hamilton

      • Stephen J says:

        Year in Review Troy Apke 2017


        productive special teams play blocking a punt in 2015 and recording 13 special team’s tackles prior to his starting career

        As a safety, he was the last line of defense and rarely did any traffic get behind him. Penn State’s elite defense relied on him to keep everything in front and it worked.

        Apke fortified a defense that allowed just 12 touchdown passes and forced 10 interceptions.

        The last 2 remind me of BB’s Defense where they give up yards not points.

      • Russell says:

        Good info Stephen J he moves onto my late rounds group. Looks like a special teams type that BB would go for. Watched some of his tape last night.

      • steve earle says:

        Still looking for that quality 6th rd guy for my mock. You seem to like Troy Apke but then give a list of negatives. When I mentioned Siran Neal who was mentioned by Mike or Jeff you then gave another list of neg’s. Of these two which would you prefer and why? Seems as I said prospects at this point come with blemishes. Can you clarify you thinking here? Thanks.

        • Stephen J says:

          I gave two areas he needs improvement on.

          As far as which one I like hands down Apke over Neal not even close.

          Apke competed against top competition consistently where Neal did a few times.

          People rave about how well Neal did in the Senior Bowl practices but if they were game situations there would have been a few flags thrown for PI’s but that wasn’t mentioned in reports. He relies more on his athleticism to make plays and not enough technique. To his credit he made several nice plays during the Senior Bowl even though he was over aggressive by not being technically sound and relying on his athleticism which led to way too many penalties.

          Apke has just 1 year starting experience(which is why he will be a mid-late rounder) but went against DeSean Hamilton during practices day in and day out. DeSean was continuously mentioned during the Senior Bowl as one of the best WR’s there. Apke is technically sound for the most part with an occasional lapse. He isn’t aggressive where you will get targeting calls because your relying on your athleticism. He rely’s on his technique while being athletic.
          Now Apke can also play Special Teams at a very good level while he is developing like he did at Penn St. That added to his outrageous combine is why I have him over Neal

          There is also another player I would consider ahead of Neal as a later round choice at this point as well and that is Dane Cruikshank of Arizona. He is a physical versatile DB that uses technique as well. He had a good combine was tied for 1st in the bench for DB’s with 25. Ran a 4.41 40 along with a 38.5″ Vert. Plus did well enough in the Pats favorite measurement the 3 Cone with a 6.89. Along with that he was one of the talked about players at the East West Shrine Game. Draft Analyst said this about Cruikshank The big cornerback passes the eyeball test at first glance and was even more impressive once the whistle blew to start drills. He was incredibly quick, fluid and polished in all fundamentals of his position. Cruikshank showed outstanding ball skills from the first day of practice. Then the following day this Cruikshank was mentioned in our notes section yesterday, and he took it to another level this afternoon. He stood out in drills, displaying the quickest backpedal and hip turn of any defensive back and the most explosive plant and drive to the ball.

          Here is a play that is broken down that displays some of those fundamentals

          An area where he needs improvement with is when the ball is not in front of him where he has his backed turned and is running with the receiver. That is where he can struggle.

    • Stephen J says:

      Per Mark Daniels

      In the last three Combines, I tracked 84 players that met with the Patriots. They drafted one – Tre Jackson.

  4. GM-in-Training says:

    Jordan Thomas (CB Oklahoma) set a new Combine record in the 3-Cone: 6.21

    That is just…wow.

    He’s 6’0″ 186#.

    His knock is that he ran a 4.64 40-dash.

    Slot CB?

    Slot receiver?

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Correction: 6.28 3-cone.

      The old record was 6.44 seconds.

    • Stephen J says:

      Also set a record on the bench by putting up a whopping 4 reps.
      Was inconsistent in his play and got beat deep several times.
      Unconfirmed reports of off field issues and lost his starting job at the end of the season.

  5. brandonmaxham says:

    Defense only mock :

    1st : Rashaan Evans ILB Alabama

    2nd : Leighton Vanderesch ILB Boise St

    2nd : Justin Reid S Stanford

    3rd : Rasheem Green DE USC

    4th: Quenton Meeks CB Stanford

    6th : Nathan Shepherd DT FHST

  6. kevin z says:

    Defense ONLY Mock. Feel like Pats in need of speed so mayb some reaches but this my Speed draft lol.

    1st- Dorance Armstrong DE-LB was misused has great upside as a sideline to sideline player
    2nd- Justin Reid CB- S enough speed to play both I believe
    2nd- Fred Warner LB-S good space player can Cover as a LB which needed good instincts as well.
    3d – Fatusaki DT can stop the run plus rush can move out of area to chase down RB’s as well
    4th – Griffin LB-S one hand or not has Speed can make plays can cover. keep him clean in the least a ST demon IMO.
    6th – DJ reed smaller but a smooth athlete

    • carlo strada says:

      Captain Hook on the 4th round i d like, love the way he feels the game… i want that guy in open space

  7. Russell says:

    Defense ONLY Mock;

    1st- DL Harrison Phillips
    2nd- DL Duke Ejiofor
    2nd- S Quin Blanding
    3d – LB Josey Jewell
    4th – CB Brandon Facyson
    6th – CB Greg Stroman

    • steve earle says:

      Well I suppose I could live with this mock. You have a good DT, a good DE, a good saf, a good LB and two CB’s, I guess I like it.

  8. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Josey Jewell ILB Iowa
    2 Derrius Guice RB LSU
    2 Rasheen Green DE USC
    3 Anthony Averett CB Alabama
    4 Sean Welsh G Iowa
    6 Andre Chachere CB San Jose St.

    Free Agents
    Terrelle Pryor WR
    James Hurst OT
    DaQuan Jones NT

  9. EdgeX says:

    Based on Justin Reid’s combine numbers…could he play CB to pair with Gilmore? Thoughts?

    • Stephen J says:

      Edge I was wondering the same thing but when I investigated a little more and then looked at the combine results he is Devin McCourty 2.0 with a bigger frame. Their playing styles are nearly identical Reid is good at man to man can struggle in press and zone but look at their combine results

      ………….Justin Reid…………..Devin McCourty
      Height….6’0 4/8″………………5’10 6/8″
      Weight….207 lbs……………….194 lbs
      Arm Len..31 5/8″……………….32″
      Broad……10′ 8″…………………10 6″
      3 Cone….6.65…………………..6.70
      20 Shuttle.4.15…………………4.07

      • Stephen J says:

        You could also add Eric Rowe into that equation as well

        Height 6′ 0 6/8″
        Weight 205 lbs
        Arm L…31 1/2″
        Broad…125″(10′ 5″)
        3 Cone..6.70
        20 Shut.3.97

    • Stephen J says:

      Here is an answer in an interview with Reid by Jon Ledyard

  10. Michael says:

    Regarding Okoronko, did you skip him because you didn’t think he’d be there @ 31 or 63?

  11. GM-in-Training says:

    I don’t know about Landry for 1st.

    He’s got the speed and change of direction, but he’s about 15 pounds too light to contain the run, his arms are a couple inches too short to have an advantage brushing off blockers, didn’t have great college production, and for a 1st round pick, I want a guaranteed, versatile, 4-down stud.

    I don’t think there is such a beast in the 2018 draft at the end of rd 1, so I’d switch to LB, and go for Vander Esch or Edmunds, or look for an elite CB.

    • matt says:

      Cant Landry add muscle? Also about his arms they same thing was said about Richard Seymour when the Pats drafted him.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        I’m not saying DE without long arms can’t be elite. A bunch of guys named “DeMarcus” prove they can. I’m just saying Chandler Jones, Trey Flowers, Andre Carter, show the 35+” arm prototype the Pats have found get the most sacks.

        Also, because elite DE FA are so expensive, it really makes sense to try to draft one. This year especially, I worry the Pats can’t afford expensive FA.

  12. Stephen J says:

    Not a fan of Taven Bryan either. Sure he has athleticism and can be disruptive but is lacking in technique and struggles to finish plays consistently. He heavily relies on his athleticism to win plays, and doesn’t have a plan of attack when his first move fails. I will take who we have in Laurence Guy 10 out 10 times without hesitation or 2nd thought.

  13. steve earle says:

    Mike I particularly like Siran Neal in your mock. I had not heard of him before but looked him up and think you have found a kid with great potential. Draft Scout projects him a 4-5 pick but I can easily see him sliding into the 6th. Also Jeff has us getting some extra picks some which way and think I’d go for him up into the 5th rd. What say you?

    • Stephen J says:

      The thing about Neal was that he was the most penalized player on the team drew a ton of pass interference penalties.

      • steve earle says:

        I think that was addressed by the grabbing a handful of shirt comment I read. We are talking about a 6th rd mock selection. Thing is he has other traits that are very appealing and can expect with coaching and experience penalties can be reduced. Every prospect taken in this level of the draft can be expected to need work to correct problems he is no different.

        • Stephen J says:

          No thanks better players can be had in this draft without those problems in that range to undrafted.

      • steve earle says:

        Okay if you say so.

  14. carlo strada says:

    regarding both draft mocks, when talking bout Landry, i start thinking Okoronkwo , could be a better OLB/DE overall (later on)…mainly, because he´s got a mechanic advantage on bigger OT (lower center of mass+ longer arms) , i mean, not only he´s better at setting the edge, but also he´s a similar pass rusher… Im quite aware Landry is a great pass rusher, but what doesnt makes me click, is that he´s beat constantly on the edge on running plays

  15. steve earle says:

    Great I’d love both. But Jeff, what did I miss here? How did we get three picks from Cleveland?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I think Jeff used first which creates computer generated trades that you can accept or not. They get a little crazy sometimes and if you really wanted to you could end up with 20 picks in a draft using their model.

  16. kevin z says:

    just like to say like both Mocks a fan of most players you both have. Justin Reid along with Meek.
    Shepard along with smooth DJ Reed. If get Warner that late def calling the draft Police lol. Also like the Gaulden pick think he getting overlooked . Also like Neal pick in the 6th

    • Nick B says:

      Couldn’t agree more, big fan of all the guys in the mocks. Lorenzo Carter, Malik Jefferson and Nathan Shepherd together would be awesome.

      • Stephen J says:

        Not a fan of Malik Jefferson at all. He reminds me of a more athletic version of Elandon Roberts. Malik consistently misreads/diagnosis plays probably because his football IQ is low and he rides the play/and flow of O-line. He looks completely lost at times. Sure when he accurately reads plays(guesses correctly) he makes some wow plays with his athleticism but he misses on way to many plays. He takes bad angles over pursues. I’ll pass.

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