Martinas Rankin

Rankin is an interesting prospect with the ability to play multiple position, but what is his long term potential?

NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler


  • Born Oct 20, 1994. From Jackson, Mississippi. Went to Mendenhall High School in Mississippi.
  • Spent two years at Miss Gulf Coast Community College before transferring to Mississippi State in 2015. Big time j.u.c.o. recruit (Top 5 overall player & Top OT)
  • Had very good 2016 & 2017 at Miss St to put himself on the national map.
  • Made 2 Time S.E.C. Academic Honor Hill
  • Majoring in Kinesiology
  • Choose Miss St over OSU, Ole Miss, Louisville, Missouri & others.
  • Spent time practicing at Center last spring.


  • 6’4+/310 with long arms & big hands. Looks like an athletic, oversized T.E.
  • Versatility – Offers positional value across the line. Has several very good traits for all spots, mainly from his play in the run game. Practiced playing Center last spring. Play looks like it would translate to G/C if desired.
  • Pass Pro – At times looks like natural w/ a smooth slide. Quick kick out & balanced set. Upper & Lower body are in sync. Will land a solid punch, extend long arms w/ a strong grip. Kick out out hips & drop his butt to anchor down & his man stops. Feet mirror his man up the loop to keep up & push him upfield. Head stays on a swivel. Will chip or push his 1st target & pick up on an inside/out twist. Great job at picking up stunts. Eyes are always moving, mind is always processing & never panics.
  • Run Game – Versatile, savvy, smart run blocker that offers a ton. Skilled in several blocks. Good balance & body control on reach blocks, will fire off the l.o.s. & deliver powerful down blocks, smart, fluid on pulls. Smooth mover that does a great job of locating & hitting his target. Good job at taking care of job #1 before he goes looking for work on the 2nd level. Maintains block until play is dead. Plays w/ good motor.
  • Smart player who’s play improved & expanded at Miss St. Has good instincts.
  • Team captain who coaches praise for hard work & putting the team first.
  • Big part of Bulldogs great rushing game. Almost 2,995 rushing yards, 249 per game. Best for them since 1980.



  • Footwork & Hand Placement have to improve if he wants to play at OT. Will come out flat & on his heels on his drops. Pass Rushers sill take advantage several ways, inside or cross his face. At times will lunge, become top heavy & hand placement will be inconsistent. Has a tough time recovering when he doesn’t land a good strike.
  • At times Base will get too wide when run blocking & narrow when in pass pro.
  • Has to play lower & w/ better leverage.



Rankin is one of the most versatile players overall in the entire draft. He’s played LT but his savvy play in the run game looks like it would translate very well in the NFL. He’s an athletic, smart, smooth mover who shows nuance on several blocks. His versatility & calm play style screams Patriots. A dominate G/C that can play Tackle in a pinch has value. One that can still be molded into “your” player brings extra value. Especially to teams that run a lot of heavy sets or bring in an extra linemen an pass plays.


Traits That Translate

Here are some clips that Rankin’s poise & versatility.




4 Responses to “Martinas Rankin”

  1. lenny says:

    Isn’t this guy Cameron Erving 2.0? Practically a clone? It is a cautionary note whenever they say, “He’s really good, we’re just not sure which position he should play.” No one ever said that about Anthony Munoz. There will be guys who eventually find their true position after becoming pros, but they are the exception. You draft them. I’ll pass.

    By the way, great trade for Shelton. The Pats get a 24 year old better-than-average run stuffer for a nominal exchange of mid-round picks. Excellent deal, maybe the most lopsided yet of the off season when you consider how little they gave. Belichick might have a future in this football thing. He is pretty astute. The Browns, by contrast, are still the Browns.

  2. brandonmaxham says:

    I like them too that’s why I put them in it and feel like they are a possibility.

  3. kevin z says:

    I like your Mock Brandon just for the Armstrong and hall picks two of my favs.
    Also like Reid Woodside along with Leonard can dig Dissly as well

  4. brandonmaxham says:

    mock draft with lots of trades : 1st traded to LAC for 2nd ,3rd and 4th . 4th traded to SF for 5th and 4th. 3rd traded to LA Rams for two 4ths. 4th traded to DAL for two 4ths. 4th traded to SEA for two 5ths.

    2nd : Dorance Armstrong JR OLB/ DE Kansas

    2nd : Justin Reid S Stanford

    2nd : Mike Hughes CB UCF

    3rd : Martinas Rankin OT Ole Miss

    4th : Will Dissly TE Washington

    4th : Logan Woodside QB Toledo

    4th : Darius Leonard OLB SCST

    5th : John Kelly RB Tennessee

    5th : Ja’Von Rolland-Jones OLB/DE ARKST

    5th : P.J Hall DT SHST

    6th : Jaylen Samuels FB/RB/TE NCST

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