Tuesday Two A Days: Auden Tate and Michael Gallup


NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

While the draft may seem like it is still a long ways away, it will be here before you know it. That is why I (Mike) have decided to start a new segment here, which is Tuesday Two a Days. Jeff and I will be bringing you two reports on players that play the same position and similarly graded so you can get a feel for the similarities and differences of the two prospects. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of each of them and help you make an informed decision on where and if the Patriots should take them. For our inaugeral Tuesday Two A Days, we look at two Wide Receivers.

Prospect #1: Auden Tate

Auden Tate  –  Patriot-Type Player –  WR  –  6’5/225  –  F.S.U.



  • Born February 3rd, 1997.
  • From Irmo, South Carolina. Went to Wharton High School. Suffered through injuries most of SR year. All county basketball selection.
  • 4 Star commit to F.S.U. in Aug, 2014. #22 rated WR.
  • Father played football (RB) & track (10.28 100m) at South Carolina’s Gaffney High School



    • Huge, Prototype 6’5/220 frame. Long,lean athlete, long arms. Proportioned body.
    • Huge catch radius. 3rd highest 50/50 catch rate @ 65%. Red Zone nightmare. Back Shoulders/Outs, Fades, Go, Slant, Cross Hash.
    • Very good, very strong natural hands. Will pluck the ball out of the air w/ authority.
    • Great body control. Will contort, twist & stretch anyway he can for the ball. Great hand/eye coordination.
    • Wins @ l.o.s. , in route, w/ natural separation because of his length & size (long strider). Also uses stutter & lulls defender w/ hesitation move. At times shows good, subtle hand usage at l.o.s. & throughout route to right before the catch.
    • Tracks the ball like a centerfielder. Will make over the shoulder catches look easy. Blocks out defenders like a power forward.
    • Very tough player who catches through contact. Not afraid to lay out for a ball or take a big hit.
    • Good blocker that at times executes nice stalk blocks. Will get inside, extend & lock out arms to drive DB’s back. Uses body to shield himself off to create space for ball carrier. Mindful of flags.



  • Injuries have been an issue since SR in high school.
  • Doesn’t have long speed. Separation comes from length, physicality etc.
  • Route running, overall could be tighten up a bit. From getting in/out of breaks to head fakes.
  • Not for lack of effort but at times you can tell he’s not the primary target. Has to play every snap like he’s getting the ball.



Tate will be a 21 y/o rookie w/ enormous potential if he can stay healthy. He comes from an offense that was a mess the past two years, so his stats are irrelevant to me. He might not have Moss-type long speed but he’s elite at 50/50 contested catches & in the Red Zone. He would also be a great 3rd down option. Combine that with great hands, his age & a willingness to block makes him a prospect every team will covet. If Tate adds some nuance to his route running he could be a great player. He could easily become a QB’S best friend & security blanket because of his attributes. Right now I have Tate as a mid-late 1st, to early 2nd round pick.


Player #2: Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup  –  Patriot-Type Player  –  WR  – Colorado State  – 6’1/205



  • Born March 4th, 1996. Mother Jenny Gallup.
  • Was adopted & raised in a multicultural household.
  • Hometown – Monroe, G.A. Went to Monroe High School & earned 16 letters, multi-sport athlete that excelled Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track & Field (4X4, 4X1)
  • Went to Butler Community College in Kansas because of grades before transferring to Colorado State.
  • Improved each year & maintains it’s due to work ethic, training/practice, film study.



  • Solid 6’1/205 with long arms & what looks like bigger than average hands. Could & should add another 5-10lbs w/ no drop off.
  • Quick twitch steps help separate at l.o.s. along w/ jab/hop step, hesitation. Also physical at l.o.s. & in route w/ hands & body. Subtly & sometimes not so subtly. He’ll use hands, elbows, even little hip checks to get open. Shows a little physical nuance in this area.
  • Runs all routes. Screens, drags, crossing routes, go’s, post/corner. Not nuanced but works all areas/all 3 levels.
  • Strong hands that snatch the ball out of the air while he uses his body to shield off the defender.
  • Will go up & get the ball. Even at 6’1 he was top 5 in 50/50 contested catches this past year. Very good tracking ability & will adjust to how the ball is thrown. Very nice body control. Will catch through contact.
  • Quick burst in/out of his breaks. Long strider running.
  • Turns into RB when the ball is in his hands. Tough to take down & prides himself on it. Good balance. Brings Y.A.C.
  • Knows how to deal with different types of people & situations because of background. Understands what it takes & has put in work.
  • Play on the field, Football I.Q. & stats improved each year.



  • Has to refine route running in terms slight fakes, setting up double move, making routes look the same before breaking/cutting, not rounding routes etc
  • Admittedly not a good blocker but says he wants to improve. Has to keep it simple at first but has physicality to pick it up.
  • Doesn’t have elite or long speed but play speed. Never going to win w/ athleticism.
  • Will take more, heavier hits at the next level & really should put on a few pounds.

Video Clips:




Like many prospects Gallup didn’t walk a straight line into the NFL. It was filled with unique upbringing & household. Struggling start to adulthood & a lot of learning along the way. Not only has this help shape Gallup, he uses his past as positive on how to deal with different types of people & situations. This makes for a well rounded young man who who just happens to be very good at football.

If not for his blocking Gallup would be a prefect fit but nonetheless I have to add him to the P-TP list. He has to work on a few things but he’s shown plenty already. Dominates lower competition & shows he belongs with the likes of Alabama & Boise St. Can get off the l.o.s, in/out of breaks & his best feature are his hands. Tough, physical, jack of all trades type. I believe there’s a great chance Gallup slips past round 2. Which in my honest opinion, would be very good value for a player like Gallup who just gets it done.

23 Responses to “Tuesday Two A Days: Auden Tate and Michael Gallup”

  1. Stephen J says:

    Locked on Patriots Mark Schofield takes a crack at a QB Mock Draft for Inside the Pylon


  2. Stephen J says:

    NFL teams can start signing CFL players to contracts

    3 CFL players the Pats have showed interest in


  3. Russell says:

    Interesting to note; the % of cap dollars spent by position.
    Patriots are 1st 14.21% for the most spent, TE position, (Under contract 2018) includes Bennett.
    Patriots are 2nd , 4.70% for the most spent, special teams, (K- P _ LS under contract 2018)
    Patriots are 32nd, 8.14 % for O-Line, spending ( Under contract 2018), NO SOLDER
    Patriots are 27th , 9.71 % for D-Line , spending (Under contract 2018), IF the Patriots cut Branch, they drop to 30th.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah, the special teams ranking will probably stick, but it’s quite likely Allen and Bennett will be gone for cap relief. Solder being resigned should bump up the O-line, and an extension for Mason would also cause an increase. On the D-line, it seems likely that a low level free agent and a draft pick will be brought in, but because of all the youth there, they will likely stay near the bottom of the league. Of course, an extension for Flowers could increase that figure. The cap numbers right now I don’t think tell us much, as every team releases multiple players every year to create cap savings. It will be interesting to see how those numbers change between now and the start of the season.

      It would be great if someone came up with a combined model for looking at how much a team has invested in certain position groups by combining free agency dollars spent as well as draft capital for those players that are still on their first contracts. For example, if a team takes offensive lineman with their 1st round picks 4 years in a row, the money spent on the line in the 4th year may be relatively low, but that team has obviously made a huge investment in the position group and left other position groups behind, even if those position groups may have more free agent money going to them.

  4. John says:

    I worry about Tate’s ability to seperate. He even looks slow, after watching clips of him.

    On the other hand, I like Gallup alot. I think there are alot of WRs in the second round/third round that are being heavily undervalued. Anthony Miller, DJ Moore, Keke Coutee, James Washington (wish his route tree was more advanced) are all names that come to mind.

    • Jeff Fid says:

      I hear ya. I think Tate can get def improve on r/r, if he does that will absolutely help. It’ll never be his strong suit but he can move once he does have a lil room to work with.

      Gallup is really fun to watch. Hard time believing he won’t catch on with someone an have some type of success. He’s just that guy. Think he has a high ceiling despite not being super “athletic”. He just gets it done. I think he’d fit in great here

  5. Stephen J says:

    We all know Tom Brady looses trust in his WR’s when they primarily drop the football and are not where they are suppose to be. Well one thing that I just started focusing on looking at is Receptions/Target %.

    So using the two players above along with some players already on the team and one that was formerly on the team here is what I’ve come up with for some perspective.

    Auden Tate 2016 Targets 45 Receptions 25… % 55.56
    …………….2017 Targets 63 Receptions 40… % 63.5
    …………..Total..Targets 108 Receptions 65… % 60.19

    He compares very similarly to former Pats WR Brandon Lafell 6’3″ 210 lbs

    Brandon Lafell 2016 Targets 107 Receptions 64… %59.81

    Now Michael Gallup 2016 Targets 117 Receptions 76…. %64.96
    ……………………….2017 Targets 163 Receptions 100… %61.35
    ……………………….Total Targets 280 Receptions 176… %62.86

    He compares to two current Pats

    Chris Hogan 2016 Targets 58 Receptions 38… % 65.52
    ………………2017 Targets 59 Receptions 34…% 57.63
    ………………Total Targets 117 Receptions 72.. % 61.54

    Malclolm Mitchell
    ……………..2016 Targets 48 Receptions 32… % 66.67

    In case you were wondering the highest/best % goes to

    Danny Amendola
    ………………2017 Targets 86 Receptions 61…. % 70.93
    ………………2016 Targets 29 Receptions 23….% 79.31
    ………………Total Targets 115 Receptions 84…% 73.04

    Rob Gronkowski also fares well
    ………………2017 Targets 105 Receptions 69….% 65.71
    ………………2016 Targets 38 Receptions 25……% 65.79
    ………………Total Targets 143 Receptions 94…..% 65.73

    • Stephen J says:

      The one WR in the draft that excels in this department that I’ve calculated is KeKe Coutee

      KeKe Coutee 2017 Targets 108 Receptions 93….%86.11

      • steve earle says:

        That makes a strong case for Coutee in spite of his lack of ideal size. I’m putting him in the same box (4 comp) with Ito Smith for now. Much in my mind will depend on if we resign Lewis or not and How BB moves around in the draft. If we get another 4th I could see both of them getting taken by Bill, or not? Anyway I like your eval reasoning here.

      • Jeff Fid says:

        Keke C. & Kirk are both perfect fits here. Never bought the lottery hype for Kirk but he’s an outstanding weapon. Same w/ K.K.C. Both waterbugs w/ hands. I think Moore, James, Miller & a few others fit as well.

        That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if teams wait on WR this year.

        It would be great to someone here while 11/80 are still in N.E. as well

        • Stephen J says:

          Here are some WR’s I calculated

          DJ Moore Maryland
          2016 Targets 78 Receptions 41….52.56%
          2017 Targets 130 Receptions 80…61.54%
          Total Targets 208 Receptions 121..58.17%

          DaeSean Hamilton Penn St
          2016 Targets 62 Receptions 34….54.84%
          2017 Targets 82 Receptions 53….64.63%
          Total Targets 144 Receptions 87…60.42%

          Cedrick Wilson Boise St
          2016 Targets 95 Receptions 56…58.95%
          2017 Targets 136 Receptions 83..61.03%
          Total Targets 231 Receptions 139..60.17%

          Christian Kirk Texas A&M
          2016 Targets 131 Receptions 83….63.36%
          2017 Targets 113 Receptions 71….62.83%
          Total Targets 244 Receptions 154…63.12%

          Trey Quinn SMU
          2017 Targets 155 Receptions 114…73.55%

          Anthony Miller Memphis
          2016 Targets 134 Receptions 95…70.90%
          2017 Targets 148 Receptions 96…64.87%
          Total Targets 282 Receptions 191..67.73%

          James Washington Ok St
          2016 Targets 131 Receptions 71…54.20%
          2017 Targets 117 Receptions 74…63.25%
          Total Targets 248 Receptions 145..58.47%

          Marcell Ateman Ok St
          2017 Targets 87 Receptions 59…67.82%

          Richie James Middle Tenn St
          2016 Targets 162 Receptions 105…64.82%
          2017 Targets 56 Receptions 31……55.36%
          Total Targets 218 Receptions 136…62.39%

          Dante Pettis Wash
          2016 Targets 73 Receptions 53….72.60%
          2017 Targets 99 Receptions 63….63.64%
          Total Targets 172 Receptions 116..67.44%

          Tra Quan Smith UCF
          2016 Targets 106 Receptions 57…53.77%
          2017 Targets 86 Receptions 59…..68.61%
          Total Targets 192 Receptions 116..60.42%

          Allen Lazard Iowa St
          2016 Targets 119 Receptions 70…58.82%
          2017 Targets 130 Receptions 71…54.62%
          Total Targets 249 Receptions 141..56.63%

          Byron Pringle Kansas St
          2016 Targets 83 Receptions 39….51.72%
          2017 Targets 58 Receptions 30….46.99%
          Total Targets 141 Receptions 69…48.94%

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Interesting stats. My question with this is if this stat takes into account QB play. I mean, Notre Dame’s QB situation was as bad as I have seen, so there is a good chance that ball thrown towards Tate may have a lower chance of being caught because of the throw, not because of the WR.
      Obviously this is just another layer to the onion, and its good to see a new perspective. I just wonder what the perimeters are.

      • Stephen J says:

        Well that depends PFF’s stats take into account catch-able and non catch-able balls but unless they put out an article it is difficult to get all that info unless you work for them. Now the one I just came across this week and started using, I believe just only takes into consideration passes that were thrown away ie if thrown away it doesn’t count as a target. Now there are other things I take into consideration as well to help with that such as is it just this WR on this team if so its likely him. What is his average yards per catch if it’s higher than yes it’s more likely going to be lower percentage. I also look to see if that person who has a low percentage catch ratio is lower to a teammate that has more yards per catch if that’s the case then it’s likely that receiver. Then their is the drop ratio which is not exactly easy to come by either. Then lastly you watch tape to see if the numbers match up. So yes it’s an inexact science and only a piece of the puzzle but it does give you a perspective idea how they did during their college career. The good receivers even make bad QB’s look decent. Now there will always a couple that slip through the cracks due to their QB’s yes but this is what we have for now.

  6. EdgeX says:

    Derrick Johnson from the Cheifs won’t get a new deal and is a free agent. I know he’s older, but think the Pat’s might be interested? Supposedly he wants to play for a contender…

    • Jeff says:

      I’d like to see that if it’s an affordable contract. I think he could do well as a part-time player and give some time for whoever they draft at linebacker in case they aren’t ready to go day 1 as a rookie. It would be great if the depth chart got crowded enough that the Pats would have the option of moving on from guys like McClellin (for cap space) and Roberts (for lack of performance).

    • Mike Gerken says:

      While I am not sure if Johnson is the answer ( I worry about age and injuries catching up to him fast) something definitely needs to be done at the position, both in free agency and the draft. The thought of special teamers and career backups playing significant roles again next year gives me a migraine.

    • Stephen J says:

      As I said before Nigel Bradham of the Eagles is a free agent and would be my top target. The eagles are 10 million over the cap

      Ranked sixth among LBs in @PFF’s coverage grades and fourth in yards per coverage snap.

      Is 28 years old. 6’2″ 241 lbs

      Fewest Yards allowed per snap even better than Myles Jack of Jacksonville


      • EdgeX says:

        What’s he going to command in free agency though?

        • Stephen J says:

          2 years 11.9 million according to spotrac.com.

          The one thing also to keep in mind with Bradham is another team with plenty of cap space like the 49ers. If they decide they want him especially with the recent arrests of Reuben Foster they have way more cap space that we can not match. Same goes for Dion Lewis.

      • Jeff says:

        Yeah he’s likely to cash in with a huge contract. The Pats can probably only afford one big contract this offseason, and my guess is Solder is the top priority for that. They might be able to squeak in a second big money contract, but then they’re really going to have a hard time retaining guys like Flowers, Cooks, and Mason. I’d rather see them limit the big contracts and use any cash they have to extend a couple of those guys.

        • steve earle says:

          I have to agree with you on the big contracts though I wish we could afford otherwise. I suspect the lack of cap room will make it more likely then not that Bill will trade down not only our 1st but one or more of our 2nds. Expect a couple 2019 picks included to keep costs down in this years draft.It will play havoc with all our mocks but when hasn’t it?

  7. Mike Gerken says:

    I am trying to figure out this whole video clip aspect as I love the idea of visuals, so bear with me as I continue to work this out.

    Good write ups Jeff. You and I see Gallup in a very similar way. Not the most gifted from an athletic profile, but uses his body well to create space. Strong hands to make contested catches. Should be a strong red zone threat.

    Tate is a polarizing prospect and the opposite of Gallup from an athletic perspective. Tate might have one of the highest ceilings at the position in this draft. The injuries are a real concern for me. Long speed is the other concern for me. He is an easy, long strider that struggles to create consistent separation and he rounds out his routes at the stem, allowing defenders to read the route and regain leverage. I have both as Day 2 picks, closer to 3rd rounders.

    • Jeff Fid says:

      First off thank you for doing this & taking the time to mess w/ clips.

      Second we agree with both players.

      Actually think both complement each other if a team were to double dip.

      I just think Tate could be that red zone, 3rd, 50/50, back shoulder etc guy w/ us. He has flaws but what he does, he does elite. Maybe even use him as a flex on some plays if he gets stronger & blocking continues to improve? Really intriguing player.

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