Scouting Report: Marcus Davenport, DE


NEPD Staff Contributor: Jeff Fidler

Awhile back, I (Mike) did my scouting report on Marcus Davenport. At the time, Jeff was just a twinkle in my eye and so I thought it would be cool to get a second opinion on the same player. Today Jeff takes a look at a player that has become a very polarizing figure in this draft. His stock has risen and fallen more than a roller coaster at an amusement park. I will link my report from early December at the end of Jeff’s report if you are interested in reading what we saw the same and what we may have seen differently.

Marcus Davenport  –  Patriot-Type Player  –  U.T.S.A. (University of San Antonio)  – DE  –  6’6/260



  • Born Sept 4, 1996. Son of Ronnetta (5’10) & Ron Davenport (6’4).
  • Went to Stevens High School in San Antonio, Texas. Played Football, was defensive player of the year for Basketball, Track & field1,600m track & field relay qualifier, shot put.
  • Multidisciplinary studies. Fav class is philosophy. Writes poetry.
  • Showed up at U.T.S.A. weighing 198 & since gained over 50lbs.
  • Recently named to the Wuerffel watch list for his role in community volunteering.



  • Enormous, 6’6/260 frame that could bigger & take on another 10 lbs. Vines for arms.
  • Long, lean athlete that knows how to use his length. Power – Displays Long arm, Chop, Rip moves. Can combo together  long arm/rip, Chop/Rip. Has some dip to him. Strong hands.
  • At times shows nice speed to power.
  • Can set the edge & unleashes power through rolling his hips.
  • Quick first step. Light mover. Long strider.
  • Lined up DE, OLB, dropped in coverage
  • Very good motor. Doesn’t sell out for stats. Always looking to make an impact like getting batting down passes if he can’t get to the QB.
  • Good awareness. Can sniff out misdirection. Good lateral movements. Even as a big guy, he can handle edge to sideline speed for outside/off tackle runs.
  • Football I.Q. & overall play improved each year.


  • At 6’6/260 Davenport lines up mostly out wide & uses space to build up speed. With his size you want to see more physicality to his game. Needs to train in close, hand to hand combat.
  • Too often opponents get their hands inside on him. He’s too big & too strong for that. Has to do a better job at using his arms & hands to stay clean.
  • Has to play w/ lower pad level.
  • Tries to make everything a fight instead of using his length, speed to go around, slip past defenders.



Marcus Davenport is easily one of the most intriguing prospects in this years draft. He’ll turn 22 a week before the season officially starts in Sept. He’s a huge, long levered young man w/ his best football in front of him. If I’m Marcus or someone close to him I’m focusing on lower body explosion & hand work. Get w/ Chuck Smith & fine tune those hands for close quarter combat in the trenches. Improve upon those two traits & the sky is the limit. Davenport isn’t an immediate starter. He needs to be slowly brought along & integrated into the defense throughout the season. Right now I have Davenport as a late 1st, early-mid round 2nd pick.


Scouting Report: Marcus Davenport, DE/LB

35 Responses to “Scouting Report: Marcus Davenport, DE”

  1. Stephen J says:

    In recent years Stanford has become the Rutgers of old. Currently you have Jonathan Bademosi, Cameron Fleming and Jordan Richards. Recently you also had RB Tyler Gaffney. Now with that in mind I’ve been wondering who could be next from Stanford this year. There are several to choose from DT/DE Harrison Phillips, DB Justin Reid, TE Dalton Schultz even LB Peter Kalambayi and OT David Bright. Yet there is one that keeps coming up and seems to have BB written all over him and that’s 6’2″ 197 lbs CB Quenton Meeks.

    Now personally I’m not as high on Quenton Meeks and this link gives a fair assessment of him in my opinion.

    With that said I keep hearing things like, He’s got nice size/length. High football IQ. The Stanford corner is a coach on the field and you can tell from his anticipation and awareness/recognition.

    This from today’s Draftwire: In today’s NFL, teams are looking for complete corners who have the size and physicality to match up with bigger receivers, but also the fluidity and quickness to handle smaller targets.

    One of the most complete players in this year’s class, Stanford’s Quenton Meeks.

    His father, Ron Meeks, has more than 20 years NFL coaching experience.

    This from Jonah Tuls: Want to watch a press coverage clinic on re-routing the receiver with controlled and patient hands? Watch Quenton Meeks in the first outing against USC
    as well as this: Best goal line fade defender in this draft? I’m putting my money on Quenton Meeks.

    Tyler Brooke of the Scout Academy: Uses sideline as leverage well and can react to limit separation at the route stem.

    Tyler Brooke: comfortable and confident covering routes with an outside release.

    Tyler Brooke: Not always the cleanest tackler, but Meeks’ is willing to step in the box and make a play.

    Has a lot of promise if you refine his technique.

    Gavino Borquez: excels in press man coverage, trusts his reads and naturally flows to the ball, flexible hips

    Here is a breakdown of Meeks by Jonah Tuls from before the 2017 season began:

    Interesting stats

    Quenton Meeks held Josh Rosen and DeShone Kizer to 47 and 45 QBR; without him in the lineup, those QBs’ ratings were 88 and 95.

  2. John says:

    Re-signing Solder is a must. Two free agents I really want are Trent Murphy and Eric Reid. Reid is such a versatile SAF and Murphy is an underrated pass-rusher coming off an ACL injury.

    Keep: Solder, Slater, Ebner, Waddle, Amendola, M. Flowers, Burkhead.
    Sign: Trent Murphy, Eric Reid


    1. Rashaan Evans LB
    2. Tim Settle DL
    2. Kerryon Johnson RB
    3. Darius Phillips CB


    • Stephen J says:

      Just as a reminder Trent Murphy still has a 4 game suspension to serve for PED’s. He was injured and went on IR before he was suppose to start serving it at the beginning of the season.

  3. Stephen J says:

    BB is at it again. Trading picks for players. This Time/Year DT/DE Arik Armstead.

    Here is a good article put by SB Nation put out yesterday on Arik Armstead.

    A couple of Highlights that stood out.

    Before being drafted a general manager and a college scouting director told me Armstead’s best fit would come as a five-technique defensive end in a 3-4 defense. In a 4-3, he would play a power left end and move inside to tackle to rush the quarterback in passing situations… Player Comparison: Calais Campbell. Campbell and Armstead are very similar athletes.

    That plays out in this clip here showing a few plays

    Back to the article. In his 1st year he played in 16 games, though only 375 defensive snaps. where, he had the highest PFF pass rushing productivity (PRP) of all 3-4 DEs that year.

    In year 2 he got injured in camp and played through the injury but lasted only 8 games and 334 snaps before being placed on IR. During that time though he had 21 hurries and 3 sacks in 168 pass-rush snaps for an NFL-best 11.2 pass-rush productivity rating.

    During those two seasons he had 62 total pressures which would have led the league in 2016, despite playing 77 fewer total pass-rush snaps than Calais Campbell, who had a league-high 56 total pressures

    Now you say why would San Fran want to trade him then. Here is why in his third season 2017 a new regime came in and they changed his role to play a LEO Edge rusher to make room for Solomon Thomas and allow DeForest Buckner to play the other End. In doing so he lost 10-15 lbs in order to play that role whiched caused his performance to suffer. Not helping matters any he suffered another season ending injury.

    Now before you say he is injury prone here is what happened. In the first injury he suffered a separated shoulder from a 300 lbs man falling on top of him while he was on the ground. The second injury was a fractured wrist where someone stepped on it. Two freaks accidents.

    San Fran has a decision to make on whether or not to exercise his 5th year option. Sound familiar. This years version of Brandon Cooks. Instead of exercising that option they trade him for wait for it San Fran’s original 2nd round pick.

    No this hasn’t happened it’s just a proposed idea I had, as a possibility where I could envision BB doing. One other thing if you don’t think San Fran would be willing to part with Arik Armstead let me bring you back to just last year where San Fran was entertaining trade offers for every vet for the right price.

    To me Arik Armstrong is better than anybody else we could get in this draft at that position especially at that price.

  4. Daniel says:

    I’ve seen one professional mock draft placing Safety Derwin James at 30 overall, although most have him much earlier. I’d like him on the team if he fell down to 31.

    I wanted Bill to draft Jeremiah Attaochu a few years back. Would like to see him picked up in free agency for cheap if he happens to be cut, and it looks like he will be.

    Can the Pats save money at LT and get a quality replacement for Solder? I personally don’t want what remains of a dwindling amount of cap space to be expended signing him to a big money deal.

    • steve earle says:

      Attaochu never excited me and his career so far confirms that to me. Can’t see him as an upgrade over what we have and we do need to upgrade.

    • Stephen J says:

      You said the key words Daniel

      Quality replacement.

      NO. Teams are drooling at the possibility of getting Soldier because there is no Quality LT’s on the market. He is the best one out there by a mile. Most of the Quality OL out there are RT’s or interior OL or older and not in their prime any more.

  5. kevin z says:

    2 Fred Warner LB-S Bigger Coverage LB moves like a big safety though cover backs and TE’s
    2 Dorance Armstrong Sideline to sideline LB Huge upside rangy tackle all over field
    3 Fatusaki DT can rush plus stop run
    3 Rick Sieler DL over looked but a good player
    4 Ito Smith RB can rush plus catch which huge for Brady
    4 Brandon Parker ot Help Protect Brady
    4 PJ Hall Hall NT Bowling Bowl type
    6 Philip Lindsey RB can catch which huge for Brady plus plays ST

    With QBs releasing ball faster need Faster LBs with Dline holding its ground to stop the run plus help keep LBs clean. To combat the quick throws DT or NT that can rush important since up the middle the fastest way to QB that reason picked at DT and NT

    • steve earle says:

      Your reasoning is good it seems to me though I’m thinking Warner in particular is a little early as he’s being mocked around a 3rd. but you probably think well enough of him to disagree and that’s okay you’ve put together a very sound mock. Nice job, gives the rest of us something to think about.

      • kevin z says:

        Thanks Steve. Yea may have Warner a little early I think he a top 50 or 60 player though. I figured wouldn’t be there in the 3rd rd so grabbed him up. Glad gave something to think about

        • steve earle says:

          Well yea if your sold on Warner not being a 3rd then you made a rational decision taking him where you did. From Mikes write up on him I can’t find much fault. As I said good job.

  6. John says:

    Would love for Davenport to fall to us, but I think his length, athleticism, motor, and mental apt. are going to push him to the top end of the first (top 20). It would be amazing if he did. Settle, Davenport, Rashaan Evans, Ronnie Harrison are my man-crushes of this draft.

    1. Marcus Davenport DE
    2. Tim Settle DL
    2. Kyzir White SAF
    3. Duke Dawson CB

  7. Chris D. says:

    Kemoko Turay, edge defender from Rutgers is a prospect I’d like to learn more about, seem like a great fit in New England.

    • steve earle says:

      Maybe we can get Mike to do a report on him? Draft Scout and some others seem to think well enough of him to project him as a second day pick. I’d like to hear more too.

  8. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft with possible trades.
    1 Traded to Cleveland for 2nd and 4th round picks.
    2 Traded to Giants for 3rd and 4th round picks.
    2 Nathan Shepherd DT Fort Hays State
    2 Justin Lawler DE SMU
    3 Simmie Cobb WR Indiana
    3 Micah Kiser ILB Virginia
    4 Zachary Crabtree OT Oklahoma St.
    4 Jaylon Samuels TE/WR/RB NC State
    4 Mike White QB Western Kentucky
    6 Jordan Wilkins RB Mississippi St.

    Red Sox Predictions by this coming Friday J.D. Martinez will be signed by Sox.

    • kevin z says:

      Like your trades Daniel as well as the Positions chose as well. Think best for more picks in this draft too. Shepard for sure gets overlooked at DT I like him as well as Hall along with Fatukasi Geat value for DT later in this draft instead of reaching high for one.

    • Brian says:

      Nathan Shepard is my binkie in this years draft class. Powerful man with a ton of character and potential. Think if he hadn’t injured his hand in the senior bowl then he’d be talked about in the 1st round. My worry is that Denver grabs him with their 2nd rounder though after coaching him and getting the up close look in the senior bowl.

  9. macspak says:

    I know it is beyond the scope of amateurs but I have to believe somebody at the pro football or scouting level has done an analysis of major mistakes in the draft, taking those high who never made it, taking those low or not at all who became stars, to determine what characteristics were missed when making or not making those choices. What type of psychological screening do prospective signees go through. Not the Wunderlic, which seems useless, but looking for the key traits that define success or failure.

    • steve earle says:

      I think every scout looks for the answer to your question like men use to look for the fountain of youth. I expect there is no one group of traits that guarantees success or it would have already been discovered. Interesting thought to consider though.

    • Russell says:

      Interesting thoughts . I think it’s a combination of traits ; experience at a high level, coaching, team captain, type of degree (s) obtained, off the field back ground, ability to show improvement, works hard on & off the field, plus ability on the field.
      Because it’s such a combination of traits, that’s why it’s so hard to put your finger on anyone trait, or group of traits.
      Look at Harrison Phillips ability & work etic on and off the field..

  10. Russell says:

    My pre-Combine mock draft;
    BB trades first pick to Detroit, for 2nd (51) 4th & 5th.

    2nd; (49ers) DL Harrison Phillips
    2nd ; (Lions) OT Joseph Noteboom . This is considering Solder retires or leaves, as hard to see BB paying over $10 mil. a yr. for Solder. Tho I’m hearing he will be back, cost??
    2nd ; DE Tyquan Lewis
    3d ; S Quin Blanding
    4th (Lions) QB J.T. Barrett
    4th (comp.) RB Kalen Ballage
    5th (Lions) LB Matthew Thomas
    6th ; QB Matt Linehan

    • macspak says:

      with so few picks, and thus so many holes in the draft, I can’t imagine BB does not trade down at least twice. I would prefer he uses their #1 and trades down with SF’s 2nd rounder presuming you get a more talented player at 31 than 41 – 42. This team needs talent, athletic, fast and quick players.

      • steve earle says:

        I agree with you Mac. I have a short list of guys for #31: Marcus Davenport, Marrice Hurst, Termaine Edmunds and Harold Landry that we should draft there but if none available I think Bill should trade down the pick. Prefer one be there.

    • steve earle says:

      I like Harrison Phillips too but just not this high. On the other hand I really think Davenport would be a great pick at #31 but expect he will be taken earlier.

  11. Russell says:

    Never been a big fan of Davenport, an interesting prospect, but I like Tyquan Lewis better as an edge player.

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