Mock Draft Monday: No QB Addition


NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken and Jeff Fidler

Everyone loves a mock draft. I know many of the our faithful readers here like to do them, so we thought it would be a good idea to start a new segment here on the site. Hence, Mock Draft Monday was born. Each week, Jeff and I will officially put out a new mock draft using different parameters so we can create different scenarios. We also hope that you all will get involved and create your own draft using the same set of parameters that we used. I know I look forward to seeing the differences in each persons idea of how to handle the weeks challenges. For our first Mock Draft Monday, we decided to use the scenario where the Patriots do not draft a QB of the future. Here is what both Jeff and I came up with taking this into account.

Jeff’s no QB mock draft:

Round 1, pick 31: Jaire Alexander, CB: Louisville

Round 2, pick 11* (from SF): Dallas Goedert, TE South Dakota State

Round 2, pick 31: Duke Ejiofor, DE Wake Forest

Round 3, pick 31: Martinas Rankin, Tackle Mississippi State

Round 6 pick 31: Siran Neal, Safety Jacksonville State


Mike’s no QB mock Draft:

For my draft, I used I used NFL draft scouts list and fanspeak’s team needs. I also did the mock draft of the difficult level. Here is what I came up with.

Round 1, pick 31: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa: In this mock, a lot of interesting names fell to pick 31. I struggled with choosing Jackson over guys like Goedert, Arden Key, Taven Bryan, and Derrius Guice. In the end, I went with Jackson because I think he can be a plug in play player at a position of need while not bring the off field questions a guy like Key would bring.

Round 2, pick 11: Harold Landry, DE, Boston College: Goedert was still on the board, as well as a couple Tackle prospects I am intrigued by, but getting Landry here would be a steal in my opinion. Even though his 2017 tape is not near as impressive as 2016, he was dealing with an ankle injury. His tape in the past has shown a top half of the first round talent as a pass rusher and is something the Patriots surely could use

Round 2, pick 31: Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon: Well, I got lucky and Crosby fell to me here at this pick. I think with a little coaching, Crosby has a chance to be a very good Tackle in the NFL. I love his athleticism and his demeanor. He just needs some technique work in his pass sets and his hand usage.

Round 3, pick 31: Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State: Leonard is a long, athletic linebacker with vines for arms. He moves well in space and has some potential as a spot pass rusher if need be. The Patriots need to get faster on defense and pairing Leonard next to Hightower would be a good start.

Round 6, pick 31: Darrel Williams, RB, LSU: My first mock of the year has to have my first binkie of the year in it. I think I said all I needed to say about Williams in my scouting report of him.


Overall Thoughts:

I really like what Jeff’s mock. If the Patriots can get Rankin in the 3rd that is good value and I almost pulled the trigger on Goedert with both my first picks, so I also really like that pick.

As for my draft, well, it is almost a dream scenario and probably will be my best one of the year. Not only did I fill needs, but I got guys I don’t expect to be there when the actual draft roles around.

What I noticed when doing this exercise is that I want more picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. There were so many names on the board that I wanted to pick. That is what I think an exercise like this helps with, getting a feel for where the sweet spot in the draft is.

Now lets see what you got. This week is easy, but hopefully in the next coming weeks we can come up with some scenarios that challenge you all a little bit.




32 Responses to “Mock Draft Monday: No QB Addition”

  1. Big w says:

    1 trade down Tim Settle
    2 Tywuan lewis
    2 Dawson cb
    3 Sam lb
    4 Brett Toth ot
    6 best slot reciever

  2. jimr says:

    1St Carlton Davis CB Auburn
    2ND Harold Landry DE BC
    2ND Kyzir White Saf. West Virginia
    3Rd Micah Kiser ILB Virginia
    5Th Brett Toth OT Army
    6Th Emmanuel Butler WR Northern Arizona

  3. kevin z says:

    1st – DT Derrick Nnadi Big plus can Rush

    2nd – EDGE Harold Landry
    2nd LB Dorance Armstrong Binkie plus need
    3rd – CB-S Rashaan Gaulden being over looked like DJ reed here as well
    4th – DT PJ Hall Smaller Bowling type Binkie plus a need
    6th – OT Brett Toth

  4. Nick B says:

    I agree with the notion of getting more 2nd/3rd round picks. This draft appears flush with depth at areas of need for the team, especially on defense.

    Does anyone have some thoughts around who the Pat’s might consider trading up in the first to grab? Or alternatively, what prospects would cause the team to trade out of the 1st round if they were unavailable at 31?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Both of those scenarios you asked about will be a part of mock draft mondays in the future.

      • Nick B says:

        Awesome, love the new segment.

        Here’s what I ended up with (same parameters):

        1st – CB Isaiah Oliver
        2nd – LB Malik Jefferson
        2nd – EDGE Hercules Mata’afa
        3rd – DL Tim Settle
        4th – LB Josey Jewell
        6th – OT Brett Toth

    • Russell says:

      Trading up is an interesting question. trading their 1st pick and 2nd pick (49ers), they could move up as high as, 16th- 17th, moving up aprox. 14 spots.
      OT Orlando Brown, or OT Mike McGlinchey, may be worth the move, if Solder does not resign.

      • steve earle says:

        I’m torn about that. Yes would love to get one of those OT’s if Solder retires but would hate to miss a very needed prospect later. Your really making it tough on me Russell but I’d make that trade I think.

  5. Russell says:

    Really think CB Anthony Averett , Alabama is very over looked. Look for a strong Combine 40 yd. time 4.4, strong B-jump, & Vertical jump.
    Strong CB with strong special teams skills (Jr. led kick-off team with 8 stops) breaks down & tackles well, 48, 39 solo as a Jr. Only two yr. starter, so not as much experience as I like, but BB will like special teams skills. Now a 3d rounder, After a strong Combine, I think 2nd round if BB wants him.

  6. Russell says:

    Interesting Mocks. I don’t see OT Rankin still on the board mid- 2nd round. The position is important however, if Solder does not resign.
    Monday no QB draft;

    1st- OT Joseph Noteboom
    2nd- DL Harrison Phillips
    2nd -DE Tyquan Lewis
    3d — CB Anthony Averett
    4th — S Quin Blanding
    6th — CB Dee Dalaney

    • steve earle says:

      Why Noteboom at #1? Guys a day 3 projection.

      • Russell says:

        I think Noteboom had a great Senior bowl, and is one of three OT’s who can start at LOT in the draft. There is room for improvement Yes, his intelligence, study habits/ work ethic are 100%. Bill Poulan called Noteboom a 1st round talent, that has all the intangibles.

  7. R2 says:

    I used I also used NFL draft scouts list and fanspeak’s team needs. I also used mock draft of the “difficult” level. Here is what I came up with. I would prefer to trade down at 31 and 43 for more picks but trades not available of free site.

    Round 1, pick 31: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
    Round 2, pick 11: Arden Key, Edge, LSU, Pick is boom or bust but with 2 picks and not having to look for QB in draft worth the risk.
    Round 2, pick 31: Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College, listed as 66th best prospect, both top TEs available, centers Price and Daniels also and 3 DL lead by Bama’s D Hand. It was between Hand and Landry. Chose Landry because depth on Edge weaker than DL.
    Round 3, pick 31: Nathan Shepard, DL, Fort Hays State (my binkie) BB will would more likely go for Jaylen Samuels due to position versatility. I wanted CB or SS here but nothing worthwhile here.
    Round 4, pick 34: Donte Jackson, CB, LSU: Small but very fast long speed. I will be interested to see if 3-cone meets BB standards. Thought about K Kelley, CB, SD State or Fred Warner, LB, BYU here but wanted another CB here. (Note: comp pick)
    Round 6, pick 31: KC McDermott, G/T, Miami: Developmental OL from good program. I think BB signs Soldier so developmental prospect enough.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      So… I have a friend who is a higher up at Fort Hays State and she has put me in contact with both the head coach and the defensive Coordinator and I am hoping I can work out a time to talk with both of them as well as Shepard himself.
      She has worked directly with Shepard and has nothing but great things to say about him.

      • steve earle says:

        Mike, I’m really looking forward to such an interview with Shepherd and coaches. There is really not a lot I can find on him and he is drawing attention enough to be a real question. Is he for real or a product of writers need to fill a column?

        • Mike Gerken says:

          I have access to all of their game film now, which is awesome. Now, if I could either have my kids not be sick or bad weather close down school, I would get to watch. It is like having a present under the Christmas tree that I can’t open.

      • steve earle says:

        Even more interested now Mike, rip into those sudo X Mas gifts asap. Take care of those kids first last and always though.

    • steve earle says:

      I am very surprised that Landry lasted down to the bottom of the 2nd rd. Glad you were able to add him and DT Shepherd, both positions I believe are critical. Taking 2 CB’s have to ask if you consider that a need requiring 2 or if it was a best value available kind of thing? I really would have gone for Warner there but that’s not to say your wrong just that we already have a full complement of CBs. Do you feel Jackson offers enough value to replace one of our vets?

    • Brian says:

      I’m all aboard the Nathan Shepard hype train. He’s my number one draft target for this team. Think we have to grab him before Denver though in the early 2nd or 3rd as Vance Joseph coached him in the senior bowl and apparently is quite high on him.

      • steve earle says:

        I have one foot on board right now just need a little push. Hoping Mike will tell us what I want to know

  8. kevin z says:

    If Landry there Mike in real draft I’m sure Pats pounce on that mayb even with 1st rd pick if there.

  9. kevin z says:

    I think myself TE a need as well rather wait til 3rd rd though for Ian Thomas. Like how he improves all the time never peaked I Like him more than most do though.

  10. steve earle says:

    Not only no QB but no DT to try to get push up inside on passes which has been a problem. Nothing against a Saf or a TE just they are not apparent weakness at this point.

    • Jeff Fid says:

      I think TE is a bigger need than most think. Gronk is gone in a year or two the most & even when he plays he’s one shot away from calling it quits. Alexander & Goedert were ultimate value meets need picks. And I think Rankin is very under rated rn as well. Love to see him & Scar together.

      • steve earle says:

        Yes agree he may retire this year but we don’t know that which is my point. He also may play for three or four more years which we also don’t know. Jimmy G was drafted to replace TB as early as this past year but that didn’t happen either. Now if Gronk decides to hang’em up before the draft then I’m all in for a TE but until I know I see no point in assuming. That’s all I’m saying.

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