My Way Too Late Senior Bowl Observations

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

The flu is no joke. We began the battle against it on New Years day with my 5 year old getting hit hard. We are hoping it is coming to an end with my dad being released from the hospital yesterday after it sent him there over a week ago. It was scary and our family almost ended up as one of those stories you see on the news. Thankfully my dad is a tough S.O.B and refused to let some bug kill him as he so eloquently put it. Just be careful. Okay, enough with the public service announcement. With all the drama, I fell behind on one of the major events leading up to the draft, the Senior Bowl. I did some binge watching last night and got myself caught up and here are my thoughts on the week.




While all the talk was on Allen and Mayfield, it was two guys on the South team I was more interested in from a Patriots perspective. Kyle Lauletta out of Richmond came into the week as a guy who wouldn’t be able to showcase the same athleticism as Allen and Mayfield, but was known for his off field intangibles and his ability on the field to process things quickly and make plays. Going into the week, he was one of my top QB targets for the Patriots, and nothing he did here has changed that. The other QB is was interested in was Mike White out of Western Kentucky. During the week it looked like he struggled with consistency, but in the game, he looked comfortable in the pocket and showed the ability to go through his progressions.


This is a tough position to evaluate because of the way practices are set up. In the game, I thought the two biggest names at the Senior Bowl, Kalen Ballage and Rashaad Penny both played well. Ballage showed a little more power in his running style than his game film does, so that was good to see. Penny’s biggest question mark is still pass protection, but he ran as advertised in the game. I wrote up Wadley earlier this year, but he came in even smaller than I thought, which isn’t good. He is still a good player, but he may be limited to a change of pace role in the NFL at his size. I am intrigued by Darrell Williams out of LSU. This guy has been stuck behind 2 highly ranked RB’s the past few year and has not really been given a shot. In the games I watched, the LSU offense didn’t look much different with him in it. He could be a late round gem.

Wide Recievers:

Maybe the biggest winner of any player regardless of position this week is Penn State’s DaeSean Hamilton. He got open consistently in practice and caught everything thrown his way. He doesn’t wow you with his athletic profile, but he is a good route runner. Michael Gallup was good, but didn’t really do anything to make me want to move him up or down in my rankings. I need to go back and watch more of J’mon Moore and Byron Pringle as I thought they both showed flashes. Allen Lazard was exactly who I thought he was, a big kid who wins contested throws, but lacks speed to separate.

Tight Ends:

Losing Goedert to injury early in the week was a bummer. I thought Gesicki and Fumagalli played as advertised. I thought Gesicki did a better job at blocking than I thought, which is a good thing for his draft stock. The guy that intrigued me the most is Ian Thomas out of Indiana. He is the opposite of Gesicki and Fumagalli. Thomas is known for his blocking, but I thought he ran routes well and showed reliable hands. He isn’t a playmaker, but could be a well rounded guy who does everything well.

Offensive Tackle:

I went into the week excited to watch Brian O’neill out of Pitt. He has good feet on tape, but he really struggled this week. He just does not have the core strength yet to handle power. Alex Cappa got a lot of love during the practice week, but he struggled in the game. I have not seen enough of him to really give an opinion. The guy I am most intrigued with is Tyrell Crosby out of Oregon. I am writing up his scouting report now, so stay tuned.

Offensive Guard:

Two names that consistently came up all week during practice came from this position. Isaiah Wynn and Will Hernandez were the talk of Mobile it seemed like and rightly so. The could not have a bigger difference in play style, but they both are very successful. Wynn is a Tackle convert who moves well on his feet and is a technician. Hernandez looks like a throwback player with that neck role. He is a huge mauler than eats up defenders, but still moves surprisingly well for a guy his size.



Defensive End:

Most of the conversation revolved around Marcus Davenport all week. He had his ups and downs for sure. He struggled the first couple of days to do anything really, but improved on Day 3 of practice and had himself a good game. His size and athletic traits are intriguing and he will be a mid to late first round pick. Chad Thomas is the guy that intrigues me out of this group, but honestly, this group was underwhelming to me.

Defensive Tackle:

This is a very intriguing group. There are a lot of names that stood out for me. Being from Kansas and having some friends who actually are Fort Hays State alum, I was given the heads up about Nathan Shepard early this fall. I was bummed when he got hurt, because he looked very good against the bigger school players. Justin Jones and Andrew Brown were two guys who really caught my attention. I had watched Brown earlier and was luke warm on him. He was used more as a 2 gap run stuffer at Virginia, but he showed some real athleticism down in Mobile this week. It will be interesting to see how high he goes after his performance. Harrison Phillips flashed this week as well and I think he is a mid to late first round pick. I am also intrigued by both LSU Defensive Tackles as well.

Outside Linebacker:

The name that got the most buzz was Shaq Griffin out of Central Florida. He has a great story and I think he can be a successful player in the NFL if he is put in the right situations. The guy that caught my attention and need to go back and watch is Kemoka Turay from Rutgers. He is similarly sized to Davenport but I thought he showed to be a better pass rusher during the week of practices. He might be the guy I am most excited to see.

Inside Linebacker:

Not a whole lot stands out from this group so far for me. Tre’ Williams made some plays early in the week. Nick Deluca is a small school guy who has some intriguing traits, but I didn’t see a whole lot from him, good or bad. I am intrigued by Fred Warner out of BYU as well. He seems to have the size and athletic profile the Patriots look for. I just need to watch more of his tape.


Two corners stood out for me during the practices. B.J. Hill out of UNC did a nice job mirroring receivers in one on one drills all week. I have not watched any of his tape, but he has moved up to the top of this list. The other is Isaac Yiadom from Boston College. He also did a nice job sticking with Receivers all week. I grew up less than a half hour from the University of Dubuque, so it was good to see a guy from a local small school get a shot on the big stage. Michael Joseph showed he had the athletic traits to hang with the big boys. He was inconsistent, which is expected, but he did okay considering the situation.


This is another tough position to evaluate during the week, but Marcus Allen from Penn State looks the part. He struggles with change of direction, but would be a great successor in the Patrick Chung role when his time with New England comes to an end.


Sorry this is probably old news to you all, but hopefully there is a nugget or two in their that you found interesting and informative. I will be back soon with more scouting reports.


50 Responses to “My Way Too Late Senior Bowl Observations”

  1. Nick B says:

    I would love to see the Pat’s draft Rashaan Evans or Malik Jefferson (Texas) to fill the LB need and grab Ronnie Harrison in the 2nd round would be huge. Excited for this draft, SB loss hurts but I hope Belichick is locking in to revamp the defense this offseason.

  2. Russell says:

    K Stephen Gostkowski contract ends 2019 ( $4.3 mil. a yr.) I think getting an extension for him (3yrs.??) is a high priority. (5.5 mil. a yr. ??)
    My friend in the organization, tells me Nate Solder will resign. I think at around $8-8.5 mil. a yr. for 2 yrs.
    LB Harrison is also a lock to resign, maybe 2 yrs. $2.5 mil. a yr. ??
    WR Brandon Cooks ($ 2 mil. a yr.) contract ends in 2019 , Patriots have a fifth yr. option, but an extension would be a wiser move.
    DT Alan Branch ($4.2 mil. a yr.) contract ends 2019, BUT releasing him in favor of a rookie, saves $$$
    DE Trey Flowers ($709 K a yr.) contract ends in 2019, so an extension here is a MUST.
    RB Dion Lewis ($1.3 mil. a yr.) needs to be resigned, 3 yrs. 3.5 mil. a yr. ?? James White ($ 4 mil. a yr.) good 2021, Gillislee ($3.2 mil. yr.) is gone in favor of Burkhead ($3.1 mil. a yr.) AND a cheap rookie (RB Kalen Ballage 6’1 225 lbs. ??)
    Nate Ebnor ($1.2 mil. a yr. ) contract is ending. Mattew Slater ($1.8 mil. a yr. ) contract is ending (Retiring??)
    WR Danny Amendola ($1.7 mil. a yr.) contract is ending, resign. Edelman’s contract ($5.5 mil. a yr.) is good 2020. WR Mitchell ($729 K a yr.) 2020, Chris Hogan, ($ 4 mil. yr.) 2019, So youth in the slot maybe draftable.
    TE Dwayne Allen ( $ 7.3 mil. a yr.) 2020 seems to costly for a blocker. Draft a guy at TE, to go with Hollister.

  3. Turbo says:

    My “board” by positions (i don’t care about IOL, cuz that’s not a need. Also no TE cause i don’t want to spend high draft pick on it and the depth is thin):

    QB: Mike White, Kyle Lauletta, Nic Shimonek, Lamar Jackson, Chase Litton
    RB: Sony Michel, Chase Edmonds, Mark Walton, Martez Carter, Rashaad Penny
    WR: DJ Moore, Keke Coutee, Baexton Berrios, Cedrick Wilson, Auden Tate
    OT: Tyrell Crosby, Desmond Harrison, Jamarco Jones
    DL: Taven Bryan, Harrison Phillips, Tim Settle, Rasheem Green, Da’Shawn Hand
    LB: Rashaan Evans, Lorenzo Carter, Malik Jefferson, Fred Warner, Darius Leonard
    CB: Carlton Davis, Siran Neal, Arrion Springs, Darius Phillips, Anthony Averett
    S: Kyzir White, DeShon Elliott, Kameron Kelly, Afolabi Laguda, Jesse Bates

  4. kevin z says:

    2a) Martinas Rankin OT
    2b)Oren Burks LB
    2c) Sony Michel RB
    3a) Kyle Lauletta QB
    3b) Andrew Brown DL
    4 comp) Poona ford DT
    6) Cody O’Connell OT

  5. JH says:

    Trade 1st for mid-2nd and mid-3rd.

    2ND – DE Harold Landry, Boston College
    2ND (trade) – SS Kyzir White, West Virginia
    2ND – QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond
    3RD (trade) – LB Darius Leonard, South Carolina State
    3RD – CB Brandon Facyson, Virginia Tech
    4TH – OT Brandon Parker, NC A&T
    6TH – RB Ryan Nall, Oregon State

    I love all of these players and think most of them are in a reasonable spot in the draft. Not sure if Landry will fall that far but really just looking for a speedy rusher with potential to eventually set the edge… I don’t think we need any more power guys. Hopefully there will be more names to choose from after the combine. I wanted to see Lauletta do well at the senior bowl and he won the frikin MVP… new favorite QB in the class.

    Sign Dontari Poe
    Sign Aaron Lynch

    Poe gives us the dominant force we need up front and can contribute right away versus drafting a rookie who will likely need time to develop. We already have A LOT of young DT’s. Lynch will simply be high-upside depth.

    (Keep Martellus Bennett)
    Resign Nate Solder
    Resign Dion Lewis
    Resign Danny Amendola
    Resign Rex Burkhead
    Resign Cameron Fleming
    Resign Johnson Bademosi
    Resign Marquis Flowers

    Cut Mike Gillislee
    Cut Alan Branch

    I think we should draft an O-tackle on Day 3 and have him compete for a spot with Garcia. If we resign Solder and Fleming that would give us them two plus Cannon and whoever wins the battle between Garcia/draft pick. The “loser” so-to-speak would probably go to the p-squad.

    Otherwise, re-signing all these players would give us sufficient depth at every position. I don’t think any of them will be that expensive, and I think Poe is the only “high-profile” guy on this list. I think we let Malcolm Butler go because it will give us more money to sign these guys, and we already have Gilmore, Rowe, J. Jones, and Bademosi to work with. I also don’t think Butler has played too well this year. Ideally we’d just draft someone on Day 2 to develop.

    • JH says:

      Additionally, I think we should cut Dwayne Allen, Shea McClellin, and David Harris which would give us around 30 mil. in cap space.

    • steve earle says:

      I’m ready to let CB Butler go he was just not that effective this season for what ever reason. Though if he signed a reasonable contract based on incentives to see if he can rebound next year that could be okay. AS for Poe he’s an $8 million man so won’t come cheep. Think I’d rather draft and develope, but that’s just me.

      • steve earle says:

        Oh forgot about Landry, I doubt he makes it to our first let alone a 2nd but if he should, well I have 4 guys lined up for our 1st maybes. If we should take someone with our 1st then expect we trade down the 2 SF for extras so your selections will still line up.

        • JH says:

          I think that’s pretty reasonable, and to your point we would then be able to grab someone in the first… good call.

      • John says:

        Butler played well as any corner can this year. It’s nearly impossible to cover in the NFL right now. Did you watch AJ Bouye and Jalen Ramsey? Both were victimized this past game, and they are two of the top corners in the NFL.

        PFF ranks him as an upper tier corner. Not only that, but when he does get beaten he seems to forget about it. Which is actually huge. Some corners once they start getting beat will continue to reel. His mental toughness is pretty legit.

        Would like to see Butler re-signed.

        • JH says:

          He’s actually ranked as an “average” corner by PFF, 51st in the league to be exact. I think he’s just having a relatively down year and could easily bounce back but I’m not sure if he’s worth the money that he is demanding to have, especially since we already have a very expensive cornerback on the roster. In my opinion we could use that money elsewhere at positions of need, cause we look decently stocked at CB without him (Gilmore, Rowe, J. Jones, Bademosi).

        • JoeyNL says:

          One of the reasons why the Patriots love Bulter is that he is very strong in run support. He won’t shy away from contact and rarely misses tackles.

          The biggest knock with Butler is his lack of speed. On longer pass plays he loses leverage because the faster receiver is able to get a better position on the ball.
          Butler would benefit from a stronger pass rush and shorter plays because the longer a play has time to develop the more Butler struggles to stay with his receiver.

        • JH says:

          I’m not saying Butler is completely useless… I think he can be a starting corner on a good defense. I just don’t think we can afford to pay Gilmore and Butler’s demanded salary at once, and we also have enough depth at corner to where we could survive without him.

      • JH says:

        I agree that Poe won’t come cheap. However, if we can get up to $30 mil. in cap space I think we can afford to sign him for $6-7 mil. plus the rest of the players I mentioned.

  6. John says:

    Back to some prospects I like for the Pats and a mock.

    RB: Ronald Jones, Jaylen Samuels
    OL: James Daniels, Billy Price, Mason Cole, Brian O’Neill, Braden Smith, Isaiah Wynn
    WR: James Washington, DJ Moore
    DL: Taven Bryan, Tim Settle, Trenton Thompson, Rasheem Green, Sam Hubbard
    LB: Rashaan Evans, Oren Burks
    CB: Darius Phillips, Duke Dawson
    SAF: Ronnie Harrison, Marcus Allen

    1.) Rashaan Evans: Off-ball LB. Quick reaction, high IQ, and production from a Saban-led team. Screw that he’s undersized. SEC 2nd team

    2.) Rasheem Green DE/DL: Production + potential + scheme versatility? Why is he not getting more love? Why is Sam Hubbard (who I also like) getting more love? Crazy pills. PAC 1st team, coached by Kenechi Udeze.

    2.) Marcus Allen SAF: Chung replacement. Ronnie Harrison-esque/lite. Hopefully not gone by here, but could be. Would consider taking higher. Big Ten 1st team.

    3.) Duke Dawson CB: Reminds me of Butler. Compact, smaller frame. Does well in short area. Fights, fights, and fights. SEC 1st team.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    • John says:

      Quite possibly could push Green into the 1st, Allen with high second, and Oren Burks to the late 2nd.

      If you don’t think Oren Burks is a Pat, look him up. And he’s being heavily underrated.

  7. steve earle says:

    Well after all it seems necessary that I must make some compromises in my mocks. I have 4 prospects for our 1st rd though not at all convinced any of them will reach us. They are Maurice Hurst, Marcus Davenport, Termain Edmunds, and Harold Landry. If even one comes to us draft him otherwise trade down for a 2nd and a 3rd which I consider likely and will mock accordingly.

    2a) Duke Ejiorfor DE Wake Forest 6-4 270
    2b) Martinas Rankin OT Miss St. 6-5 315
    2c) Tarrell Edmonds SS Vir Tech 6-2 220
    3a) Tim Settle DT Vir Tech DT 6-3 335
    3b) Sione Teuhema OLB S.E. Lou 6-4 245
    4 comp) Ito Smith RB So. Miss. 5-9 200
    5 traded
    6) Cody O’Connell OG Wash St 6-9 369

    It’s also likely BB trades around and picks up additional picks but there is no way to forecast these moves so this is the best I can do with what we know know.

  8. Russell says:

    After Senior Bowl Mock ;
    1st- DL Harrison Phillips, I would move Phillips to the 4-5 Tech. to hold the edge.
    2nd- TE Mike Gesicki, I had Gesicki in my Oct. Mock,
    2nd – S Quin Blanding
    3d – RB Kalen Ballage, This guy reminds me of James White in College, tho bigger 6’1″” 225 lbs. 1 fumble in 193+ carries.
    4th – DT Poona Ford
    6th – Taylor Lamb

    No O-lineman as I think Solder resigns, Waddle resigns and we lose Fleming, Garcia takes his roster spot.
    Gillislee is gone, Lewis & Burkhaed resign, so room for a rookie alone with White at RB.
    Branch is gone, Slater retires, Ebner ?/? TE Allen is gone, CB Butler gone, LB Harris ggone, LB Harrison resigns, LB McClellin ??, LB Langi ?

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Your assessment of who stays and who leaves seems pretty spot on. The Pats don’t have a lot of cap going forward, perhaps $16M according to OverTheCap, so a lot of those exits will be a necessity.

      I’m not sure how much there will be to pay Solder and Waddle. What about Cannon?

      If Bennet, Allen and Branch go, that frees up about $14.6M.

      Gillislee and Harris would free up about $4M.

    • JH says:

      What’s the situation with Bennett? Is he going to be too expensive to bring back or is he retiring? I thought since he was cut we could resign him for cheap or something like that, but everyone seems to be assuming he will be gone.

      If he does leave I’m not sure how I feel about drafting a rookie as Gronk’s backup. It would be like trying to draft a starter because Gronk is injured all the time and we like to run 2 tight end sets anyways with the right personnel. Hollister hasn’t played very much either so we would have two inexperienced players as his backups if we drafted one. That would be chaos if Gronk went down again next year. I think Hollister can be a TE #2b, so maybe we can get one in free agency to be TE #2a? Of course this is if Bennett leaves, if he stays I think we’re fine but no one seems to think he’ll be back like I said.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        I think we picked up Bennet on Waivers, at veteran minimum for this year because of the high guarantee he got from Green Bay. Next year, the guarantee doesn’t seem to apply, and his current terms are for $6M.

      • steve earle says:

        As you say everyone assumes Bennett will be gone but he seemed pretty happy when he came back. Not that that it means anything but as you suggest picking up a rookie in the draft is problematic and what TE FA’s are likely to be available who would be an upgrade on Allen is also a question. So I’m wondering if BB might decide it’s better to bit the bullet and offer Bennett a two year deal at something approaching what GB had? Bennett might decide that the grass is not always greener elsewhere.

        • JH says:

          If I got to choose I would just pay Bennett the money. I think he’s worth it… he can wreak havoc with Gronk when they’re both healthy and we’ll still have a functional tight end to work with if one goes down. I agree that he seems to be happy in New England and I believe I’ve read that he likes the city of Boston too.

          I’ve looked at the free agent tight ends for this year and I didn’t see any that caught my eye, maybe Austin Seferian Jenkins or Cameron Brate?

        • steve earle says:

          We are definitely on the same page JH. I agree retaining Bennett would be our best option. ASJ might be the best 2nd choice but he’s no Bennett. His contract total value was a little under 5.255 mil. for 2 years I believe. Still I like Bennett but if he wants to much to stay, well have to wait and see.

    • Stephen J says:

      Solder Retires.
      Waddle gets contract elsewhere.
      Fleming resigns.
      Garcia is a guard to compete with Thuney.

      Gillislee is most likely gone. Healthy scratch for most of the season.
      Dion Lewis goes to Detroit with Matt Patricia. Lions looking for a RB plus Lewis will get paid too much on the market for the Pats too match.

      Burkhead resigns.

      Branch is gone.
      Slater ??
      Ebner ?? due to late ACL injury may not be fully healthy in time.
      Martellus Bennett retires
      TE Dwayne Allen stays. Dwayne Allen finished the regular season ranked 6th among all TEs in @PFF’s run blocking grades (82.0)
      Butler signs elsewhere.
      Harris retires
      Harrison retires
      Shea McClellin either restructures his contract and extends for a better price(You don’t pay reserve LB’s 3.18 million a year) or he is gone save 2.35 million by cutting him.
      Langi ??
      Danny Amendola goes with Josh McDaniels to Colts. Josh and Danny have a great relationship remember Josh is the main reason Danny came to Pats from the Rams
      Marquise Flowers signs elsewhere after playing well here. Goes to the highest bidder. Would love to see him sign here though.
      Ricky Jean Francios resigns.

    • steve earle says:

      No problem with Phillips with our 1st but can he rush from outside as well as set the edge, I mean effectively? It is a little different then from an inside rush. Then with the TE in the 2nd much as JH says, if Gronk goes down and Allen is gone that leaves Hollister and a rookie. I looked at the FA list and see nothing that gives me any comfort. Is it reasonable to think Bill will either keep Allen or Bennett around? If he does what’s the cost vs value? More production from Bennett or less for less with Allen?

  9. Stephen J says:

    Matt Miller: Daesean Hamilton Great route runner but dropped a few that’s an issue.

    Draft Analyst: DaeSean Hamilton/WR/Penn State had several drops and let a pass go right through his hands early

    Senior Bowl through 3 Quarters: DaeSean Hamilton: 1 catch, 5 yards on five targets, one drop.

    Great route runner for sure but hands are inconsistent at best. More of a body catcher than hands catcher.

    No Thank You Pass.

    Mike Gesicki. Grew up and played High School Football 2 towns over from where I lived and my parents still live in NJ. He is basically a big WR whose blocking has improved but is still unreliable at best. I love the guy and root for him but I wouldn’t draft him.

    Ian Thomas:

    Kyle Crabbs: Ian Thomas (TE) has dropped multiple passes already today and practice is 50 minutes old.
    Ian Thomas is an athletic TE who also can run good routes but is just the opposite of Mike Gesicki in that his hands are unreliable but is a good blocker.

    Durham Smythe:

    The TE that showed up all week at practice and in the game in both catching and blocking was Durham Smythe of Notre Dame. He caught TD passes at practice from both Allen and Mayfield. He also caught one in the game from Allen. He can also block

    At it said this Ian Thomas had his moments too but of all the tight ends to boost their stock, it feels like Smythe did the most this week. He was excellent in the game. Smythe is well established as the most natural ‘Y’ tight end in the class. He’s considered a good blocker. In this game he showed what he can do as a receiver, getting open on a well timed wheel route to grab one of Josh Allen’s touchdowns. Smythe could be a third rounder.

    Jon Ledyard saying this: Here’s a take for you all Durham Smythe might be TE1 in Mobile

    Durham Smythe 6’5″/253 was also the Senior Bowl Team Captain for the North.

    He may not wow you athletically but he is the most balanced TE here in both blocking and receiving.

    Rashaad Penny:

    After researching him and seeing what he can do in the punt and kick return games I wanted to see more of him last week. The two concerns I had coming into the week was pass blocking and protecting the ball. Well it didn’t take long before both the concerns I had showed their heads.

    Rob Rang: Rashaad Penny I’ve seen him mishandle at least two returns and put the ball on the ground twice more as a runner this week.

    DraftMaverick: As much as I like Rashaad Penny the really big, huge issue is that he is BAD in pass pro, that will not fly in the NFL.

    Darrell Williams:

    Like Mike I too took notice of Darrell Williams. Things I noticed with the limited amount of action this week he seems to pass protect fairly well. He ran and caught the ball in both the game and practices. Now its a small sample size so tough to really say. The one thing I’m trying to determine is this is he both a threat as a pass catcher and as a runner. If so I’m all aboard because one other thing I looked at was his touch to fumble ratio. 365 total touches in his career 0 fumbles.

    Kalen Ballage vs Jaylen Samuels: 1st off I don’t love either but offer something the Pats may love and that is versatility with size. Both can run and catch. Both can pass protect. I like Ballage better as a receiver than runner but like Samuels better as a runner over Ballage in most part due to Samuels having better vision as a runner. Ballage protects the ball better than Samuels. Jaylen Samuels fumbled the ball 1 in every 131.66 touches during his career. While Ballage fumble 1 in every 193.33 touches.

    The RB that had a good week but was quiet during the game was Ito Smith. He showed burst, elusiveness while running and receiving. In pass protection while not great he held his own and was one of the top RB pass protectors. He is also only 1 of 2 draft eligible RBs who have:

    100 career catches
    1000 careers receiving yards
    40+ career rushing TDs

    The other Saquon Barkley

    Offensive Tackle

    I agree Brian O’Neill biggest disappointment. Looked Bad all week. He could be this years version of Conor McDermott, Conor had hype at the end of the year and fell due to performance during the post season leading up to the draft.

    Tyrell Crosby was the best OT there in my opinion but he also had his struggles at times but far fewer than anybody else.

    Alex Cappa was for the most part dominant verse the power rushers but was dominated vs the speed rushers.

    Brandon Parker struggled but got better as the week went on, like most of the small school players. He looked good at times though and has potential as a back up. I think he had higher highs but also lower lows than Davenport did last year. Over all I think he played better than Brian O’Neill did.


    Will Hernandez: The battles between him and Nathan Shepard were a joy to watch. Two Titans going at each other. While he didn’t struggle often he did with the faster DL’s.

    Isaiah Wynn : As impressive as Will Hernandez was Isaiah Wynn was even more so to me. His technique combined with his feet were just outstanding. He was the only one that gave Andrew Brown fits consistently all week during practice. The thing that amazed me most about Wynn was that he practiced all week with a torn labrum and still competed at a high level. To me he was the best Guard at the Senior Bowl and is worthy of a 1st round pick.


    Andrew Brown: 6’3 1/2″ 294 lbs Arm Length 34 1/8″ Wingspan 82 3/8″.
    compared to
    Trey Flowers 6′ 2 1/8″ 265 lbs Arm Length 34 1/4″ Wingspan 85″
    Just recently a NFL O lineman said you can’t punch Trey Flowers because of his Arm Length/Wingspan combined with his hand fighting

    Joe Marino:His burst, leverage, technique and power has overwhelmed blockers. Living in the backfield. Super disruptive.

    Jonah Tuls: Andrew Brown is really quick and explosive. The quickest player off the line every time.

    Jacob Infante: Very athletic: his first-step acceleration is nuts for a 285-pounder. Powerful, too. High motor player.

    Billy Marshall: Andrew Brown has unreal snap quickness

    ScouTurf: DT Andrew Brown is a freak athletically. Just ran the hoop drill with little to no wasted motion.

    DLineVids: Andrew Brown can’t get to Mayfield, so he gets his hand up & bats the ball down!

    DraftCountdown: Virginia DT Andrew Brown continues to flash for the second day in a row at the Senior Bowl.

    Game day:

    Kyle Crabbs:Andrew Brown is exploding here on every freaking snap.

    DLineVids: Andrew Brown is physical @ the POA. Blocker can’t dig him out. RB runs right up the blocker’s back!


    Derick Geise: Andrew Brown is like a poor mans Bradley Chubb. He is Chubb without his closing speed.

    While he played at 294 here during the Senior Bowl, this season he played at 285. I know he said he didn’t like being that 2 gap run stuffer at Virginia and was glad to be unleashed here and be more aggressive. I wonder if he could play at that 285 lbs and be that big DE.
    The one issue I have with Brown is that although he is disruptive, he seems to struggle finishing plays off maybe due to that lack of closing speed.

    Harrison Phillips:

    Was hoping to see more from Harrison Phillips in all honesty. While he made plays and flashed at times most of those plays came against inside O lineman who are more mid to late rounders even undrafted. On one play for example Center Mason Cole(who I consider a mid round pick who is a backup Center) handled Harrison Phillips pass rush.

    This from DraftMaverick describes how I feel and what I saw pretty accurately.
    It was night and day watching Shepherd rotate snaps at #SeniorBowl practice with much more highly regarded Harrison Phillips, who just seemed content to grapple with his man, rather than fight to get off blocks, like Shepherd did.

    To me it seems like if Phillips doesn’t win with his initial move the play is over. He doesn’t seem have a backup plan of attack, which leads him to just grapple with his man.

    Kemoka Turay: Probably the most freakish athlete at Mobile. Gumby incarnate. Such a treat to watch. Now with that said here are my issues with him. Yes he beats Tackles with his speed and flexibility but he takes himself out of the play most of the times. Meaning he makes these looping arcs behind the QB and comes back to make a play. In the NFL he is not going to have the time to do that. He needs to be more direct and keep the QB in front of him and use that flexibility in another way. Although he can set the edge I wonder is it good enough in the NFL. I’m reminded of Eric Lee when I watch him setting the edge. Eric Lee can do it but he also gets beat(struggles to get off blocks) a little to often for my liking. The other concern I have with Turay is dropping back in coverage. Initially I heard and saw a couple of plays where it appeared that he was either out of position or just was flat out beat. In watching more games of his he has plenty of experience dropping back but most of the time it seemed like a zone scheme and the QB just picked apart the zone scheme and not the player himself. So while it may not of been always him it doesn’t really answer the question of can he play in coverage. Yes he has done it often but how is he in man to man coverage instead of zone. I would of liked to have seen more of that in Mobile but didn’t.

    LB Darius Leonard:

    Darius Leonard of South Carolina St 6’2″ 229 lbs was bad the 1st day. To his credit he steadily improved and had a really nice game. Although he was beat for a TD it was just a great play he was right there in tight coverage. He had 14 TACKLES in the game to lead all players. He has long arms 34 1/8″ with an 82″ wing span. The thing that concerns me is his lateral agility as seen in this play here need to see his 3 cone and 20 Shuttle. Then where would he play. Could he play Chung’s role???

    CB MJ Stewart NC

    He just dominated in the practices not much else can be said but here are some quotes

    Joe Marino: MJ Stewart is simply dominating 1v1s. Pattern matching to perfection and playing the football beautifully.

    Jonah Tuls: I don’t think I counted a single rep where MJ Stewart lost in the one on ones. Great performance here on day one.
    Jonah Tuls: Day 2 MJ Stewart just bodied J’Mon Moore. He’s continuing his domination in these practices.

    Kyle Crabbs: Day 1 WR DJ Chark has been underwhelming as well, he’s had his lunch taken by MJ Stewart at least 4 times

    Billy Marshall: UNC CB MJ Stewart stays low and balanced in his movements while also being physical with Ateman

    Cole Thompson: The #UNC CB was the biggest winner for the south team defense all week. Physical, clean hips and attacks the ball well in the air that few receivers could handle.

    Ben Fennell: Tons of experience for UNC. Press man, boundary/field, slot, blitzing, strong tackler.

    He can play outside or slot

    DraftMaverick: MJ Stewart did have a good week, just a step below the top 2, IMO.. another plug and play nickel guy

    Special Teams

    The guy that caught my eye and attention that has received little attention was LS Tanner Carew of Oregon 6’1″ 242 who made 3 Special Teams Tackles while LONG SNAPPING. Think about it he snaps the ball while others start running down the field. He then runs downfield to make the tackle before anyone else does just mind blowing. Then to top it off he downed 2 punts inside the 10 and that was just the game itself.

  10. Tristan says:

    My 7 round mock draft for the patriots:
    Round 1 Harold Landry DE Boston College
    Round 2 Tyrell Crosby OT Oregon
    Round 2 Kyle Lauletta QB Richmond
    Round 3 Uchenna Nwosu OLB USC
    Round 4 (comp) Adam Breneman TE UMASS
    Round 6 Trey Quinn WR SMU
    Round 7 (comp) Siran Neal CB Jacksonville State

    Landry is a local product great value to take late first and could become an instant starter at the pass rusher position with great upside fits need value and versatile player who can play DE and OLB. Tyrell Crosby has left tackle ability. Good size and great tape did not give up sack this past season. Could play swing tackle if Nate Solder comes back from free agency. Kykle Lauletta former lacrosse player, family connections to Navy football, great accuracy and lots of starts. Best qb in the senior bowl game. Been compared with Jimmy G similar size, conference and traits. Has admitted patriots scoutsa have been at numerous games. Uchenna Nwosu OLB who was a team captain versatile can pass rush and play off the ball makes a lot plays good at setting edge, bats a lot of balls, great motor and solid all around player. Adam Breneman fromer Penn State tight end and UMASS tight end was 5 star recruit. Has all the skills had to retire from football due to knee injury came back to produce great numbers at UMASS in final 2 years. High level player with injury concerns. Smilar type injury risk to Easley which Bill was willing to take. Trey Quinn fits the patriots receiver mold – good route runner can play slot and outside, good hands, high production, not super athletic but consistent. Decent size. Siran Neal – impressed a lot at senior bowl for small school player. was tight on receivers, showed tackling ability, made nice plays in practice and game. well rounded corner with good size.

    • Daniel Sullivan says:

      I agree Landry and Neal would be good picks for Patriots. Breneman from UMass is a great
      idea for Pats. Your second round players I think they could get in later rounds.
      Overall excellent job enjoy the Superbowl.

    • steve earle says:

      Landry looks like a very good edge rusher though not sure he can set an edge consistently. To me he projects more as an OLB which is a need, so at end of 1st: Good pick. Crosby OT had a good year, better then I expected, and would project as a need: Good pick. If Bill want’s a qb this year Lauletta would be the one I would pick too. Good pick Nwosu you may be to late here but if he’s available Good pick. Breneman has as noted injury history. I’d consider Durham Smythe TE ND here. Smythe was not used as a receiver but showed ability at Sr.Bowl practices and he can definitely block. AS for Rds 6-7 there are so many possible picks yours are as good as mine. Over all good mock.

      • carlo strada says:

        do you think dorance Armstrong is a better alternative when compared to landry? i do believe, he´s better at it, love his arm lenght too

        • steve earle says:

          Dorance Armstrong is a DE, not a QB Carlo. I think yo have players mixed up? But as a DE he’s not bad, but I don’t have him all that high on my board around a 4th rd but that’s just me others have him higher. About QB’s this year I really don’t see any I think are sure things other then maybe the top 3-4. Hard to say with QB’s so much of their game is intangible.

      • carlo strada says:

        Hubbard or Armstrong are guys i d like the Pats to pick, personally

  11. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft.
    1 Harold Landy DE Boston College
    2 (Trade) Holton Hill CB Texas
    2 Martinas Rankin OT Mississippi St.
    3 Kentavius Street DL NC State
    4 (Comp.) Kurt Benkert QB Virginia
    4 (Comp) Andre Smith ILB UNC
    4 John Kelly RB Tennessee
    6 Siran Neal S Jacksonville St.
    7 Shaquem Griffen OLB UCF
    7(Comp) Ethan Wolf TE Tennessee

    Get Great Food good friends of family and make Superbowl Sunday a special day!

    Go Pats!!!!

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