Scouting Report: Anthony Miller, WR

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

It was another solid win for the Patriots last night. While the Broncos might just be a bad team this year, Denver is a place that the Patriots have had their struggles, so to have a game where Brian Hoyer and Brandon Bolden are running out the clock is a good thing. There are some things that still need to be cleaned up, especially on defense, but for now, lets enjoy the victory and get ready for the Raiders next week in Mexico.

We are in mid November already and it’s weird to think that the college football regular season is almost over. I have been grinding through tape and to be honest, so far I am pretty lukewarm on this class overall. My focus has been on the Seniors, so maybe things will get better once the underclassman declare, but usually by this time I have found “my guy” and it just hasn’t happened yet. Today’s prospect comes close though. In fact, I wasn’t even scouting him. When Jimmy G got traded, I felt it was important to give a serious look at the QB class and it just so happened I started with the Memphis QB Riley Ferguson. I kept noticing that #3 was catching everything and my focus quickly shifted. The notes said “Anthony Miller.” How could I forget about Anthony Miller? Finally, a prospect to get excited about. Here is what I saw that got me so excited.

Name: Anthony Miller (#3)

School: Memphis (rSr.)

Height: 5’11” (unofficial)

Weight: 190 Lbs (unofficial)


Miller has been ultra productive for Memphis over the past 4 years and has done so from a couple of different offensive schemes. He has excellent burst and footwork at the snap, making it difficult for defenders to get their hands on him. Miller is also a very good route runner from multiple positions. He excels in the slot and uses his quickness to get open, but runs a good route tree from the outside as well. He has an excellent combination of hands and body control. He makes his Quarterback look good by making difficult catches look easy. He has a rare knack of knowing and using the sideline to his advantage. Miller has above average return ability and should contribute immediately on special teams in the NFL. He is an explosive player who plays much bigger than his actual size. He was a walk on at Memphis and from all accounts, won a scholarship through hard work and dedication to getting better. He is well liked by teammates and is a team leader.


As a Patriots fan, I think we have all seen that guys who do not fit the prototypical WR size requirement can not only play in the NFL, but thrive when put in the right position to do so. However, there are still teams out there that want their Receivers a certain size, so a guy like Miller will not be high on their boards. Miller will benefit from adding some bulk so he can withstand the hits slot receivers tend to take in the NFL. Miller is another guy who fits in the quicker than fast category and shouldn’t be asked to run routes deep down the field. Memphis plays in conference that does not have a ton of NFL talent, so their probably will be an adjustment period to the speed and physicality that the NFL brings.


I am a big Anthony Miller fan and I think he would be a great long term plan for the Patriots as their future slot receiver. Like the players before him that have succeeded at that position in New England, he was an afterthought who made a name for himself with hard work and determination and now plays with a chip on his shoulder. The issue will be value vs. need. Right now I think he grades out as a late 1st/early 2nd and that can only go up if he runs faster than expected. Do the Patriots want to use that high of a draft pick on a position that may not be considered a big need? We shall see, but I would have no problem using one on a guy like Miller.






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  1. Stephen J says:

    Well Steve E we were just talking about Dorsett and here you go he is starting to get more involved both Evan Lazar and Ben Volin highlighted the same play in their Film Review/Breakdown

    Evan Lazar (Yankee Concept)

    Ben Volin

    Plus his snap count increased this week against the Dolphins he had 43 of 70 snaps which is 61.4% of offensive snaps
    last week against the Raiders he had 28 of 60 for 46.7% of the offensive snaps

  2. td says:

    Good article over at on why SF may not be playing Jimmy G. They think it Lynch wants to keep the free price down on Jimmy and they cite a midpoint of Glennon and Osweiler as a target.

    They also note that Pat’s seem adept at prying out good draft picks for expiring contract players; Colling & Jimmy G from inexperienced front offices.

  3. Stephen J says:

    It was announced earlier today that Malik Reaves has accepted his invitation to play at the up coming East West Shrine Game.

    #1 Malik Reaves CB Villanova 6’0″ 200 lbs

    What I like about him is he is a good open field tackler

    Here is his Junior highlights

    His teammate Rob Rolle was the play maker unfortunately he tore his ACL and will red shirt next year otherwise he would of been the one making waves. Malik is the enforcer.
    I see him as a potential Undrafted Free Agent. Like to see what he does with a step up in competition.

    • Stephen J says:

      Here is a DraftBreakdown Video of him against S Dakoda St. TE Goedert abused Villanova but Malik did make a couple of nice plays/tackles

  4. GM-in-Training says:

    Bennet and Ebner to IR.


    Do they…
    1. Elevate Grissom from PS to add a heavy ST?
    2. Elevate D. Jones or D. Travis from PS to add good-sized mobile ST?
    3. Elevate Will Tye for a move TE and heavy/mobile ST?
    4. Pillage some other team’s PS?
    5. Look around for a FA?

    None of those are exact replacements.

    • Russell says:

      A player to watch is; TE Scott Orndoff 6’5″ 256 lbs. on Cinny’s P-Squad. Orndoff went undrafted out of Pittsburgh, & is a guy I had on my Patriots draft board last yr.

      • steve earle says:

        Orndoff might be the best of the possible outside TE’s (they all have their weaknesses) his is a high drop rate but on balance a better blocker. He might also have a higher ceiling if he can reduce the drops. My thought of increasing Hollister’s load and adding someone at another position (makes me think I’d like to see what WR McCarron can do) is possible too.

    • steve earle says:

      I’d think D. Jones would be a logical replacement for Ebner. Good size/speed and knows the system. If Tye isn’t your TE choice a couple TE’s who may be plundered off others P-sqds are Cole Hikutini last I knew he was with the 49ers and Jake McGee with Pitt. Both are move TE’s not much of blockers. Or we could just give Hollister a heaver work load and use the open slot for another position.

    • steve earle says:

      I take the “sigh” is Bennett to IR? Does this signal he will retire after the season or Bill will want to keep him for a couple more?

      • EdgeX says:

        He’s still under contract for next 2 years…question is if Pat’s keep him. Don’t think anyone knows yet – too early to tell.

        • steve earle says:

          Right! Actually there are two questions. One, does he intend to retire or not? Two will bill decide to keep him or trade him? My opinion is that we have seen how effective and rare really good TE’s can be and Gronk is one of these. However Gronk gets hurt every year almost and last season having Bennett was a huge factor. Keeping Bennett on board for two more years will be expensive but worth it. JMO.

  5. Stephen J says:

    Per Jim Mcbride Martellus Bennett to go on IR

    It was nice while it lasted

  6. Stephen J says:

    Connor Williams Declares for 2018 NFL Draft

    This from Jon Ledyard on Connor Williams

    • steve earle says:

      Connor is one of my top 3 LOT prospects. I think we have a snowball in H—s chance of drafting him but —but–but?

  7. GM-in-Training says:

    Pats may have 11 players injured for next week at Buffalo.

    Most of them defenders…

    I’m guessing they activate Gillislee to deal with the weather.

    I’m worried about how nicked up they are.

    • steve earle says:

      Speaking of injury’s I didn’t like the looks of Ebner’s. We won’t know the extent for a couple of days likely but if it’s bad he could go onto the IR list. If that happens I’m debating with myself whether we bring up someone from our P-sqd or from outside? Obvious advantage of bring up one of the 5 ( I think) DBs is knowledge of the system. If from outside, is their any FAs worth adding at this point?

      • GM-in-Training says:

        PS DB David Jones would make the most sense for backfilling special teams. There’s not really an OT or LB backup on the PS…maybe, sorta Grissom?

        • Russell says:

          I agree David Jones DB P-Squad moves up with Ebner likely done with ACL. Hard to know if he will be ready for the starting roster next yr.
          I thought Trapasso ‘s mock was interesting, tho I disagree with 10-12 of his picks, it was different then most mocks.
          I like Marcell Ateman but not 1st pick for NE. DE Chubb is very good and I see him in the top 5 picks. QB Mason Rudolph going to Arizona.

        • Stephen J says:

          My guess is Damarius Travis and that is based as same playing style as well as similar height weight. If they did go with Jones maybe they would use him as a returner just don’t know where he stands health wise the last thing I heard was he was dealing with an injury.

  8. Stephen J says:

    2018 Free Agency

    It might not be the most accurate but this could come in handy

  9. Stephen J says:

    QB’s drafted during BB’s stint and their Height

    2000 Tom Brady 6’4″
    2002 Rohan Davey 6’2″
    2003 Kliff Kingsbury 6’3″
    2005 Matt Cassel 6’4″
    2008 Kevin O’Connell 6’4″
    2011 Ryan Mallett 6’6″
    2014 Jimmy Garoppolo 6’2″
    2016 Jacoby Brissett 6’4″

  10. Russell says:

    I feel this draft class is rich with talent “in the Patriots window”, 2nd and 3d round, looking like good prospects. Some positions BB would only draft a senior, with a lot of College game experience, OL, S, CB, QB in my opinion.
    The 49ers 2nd pick #34 ? (Patriot’s ) will demand the most trade interest by other teams watching quality prospects who dropped out of the first round, on day 2.
    Hard to know if BB wants to carry 3 QB’s next yr. when he could carry an extra player else where on the roster. So I tend to feel (with Tom Brady’s window) BB needs to train a back-up QB this yr. late in the draft, and keep Hoyer 2018, then release Hoyer 2019 and draft another QB, too carry 3 QB’s.
    SS Tre Flowers 6’2″ 200, 4.54 40 yd. Oklahoma looks interesting. I feel like BB drafts a SS maybe even two at that position, that can play Special teams, with Slater, & Chung retiring.

    • Russell says:

      Chris Trapasso mock draft is very well done, for an early shot.

      • Turbo says:

        I think ithis is a terrible mock. Chubb at first is ridiculous, Clevland has enough talent at that position. The Colts need O-Line the most. Mason Rudolph is a big reach at 8. Okoronkwo is again a huge reach at 11. There is no way Barkley is not going the first 10 pick. Detroit already has Abdullah and Riddick as a small-shifty RB, they need an EDGE guy the most. Minkah at 23 is laughable, he’s easily a top 10 pick. TJ Edwards is a big ass reach again. Pats definetly don’t need a WR in the first round. Saints is going to go defense in the first round for sure.

        This Trapasso guy is terrible, everyone is hating on him with a good reason. CBS is useless this year, sadly.

        • steve earle says:

          Certainly terrible if you, I, or most Pat’s fans were doing the drafting but what he’s doing is projecting what Cleveland will do and then later what BB will do. I can see the Browns doing this but darn if I could see Bill going for a WR in the 1st rd, no way…… Please no.

        • Turbo says:

          If he actually thinks Cleveland is going to pick an EDGE guy with the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft he should resign from his job.

        • steve earle says:

          LOL. yea but his editor(s) should take a look at his stuff (providing they know anything) before they approve it. They might be added to that resign list too otherwise.

  11. Stephen J says:

    OT Tyrell Crosby takes out 3 Defenders in one shot

    • steve earle says:

      But can he do it most of the time? Really though its impressive when things line up just right like this did.

  12. Turbo says:

    Ohhh man it’s so good to see Justin Herbert back, it was painful to watch Oregon since he was injured. He’s my QB #1 next year, unless Darnold stays another (he should).

    • Turbo says:

      Matt Miller tweeted the same exact thing, about 10-20 minutes after me 😀

      Oregon is going to be a fun team to watch next year.

  13. Stephen J says:

    Marcus Davenport

    You may want to send someone else other than a RB to defend him.

  14. Stephen J says:

    Matt Miller’s Scouting Notebook: Is This the Worst Draft Class of the Decade?

    As I go through the prospects of this draft class there are ones that do excite me. Yet even they have issues that in normal years knock them down. This year there only seems to be a handful unless the Jr’s declare early. Even then there seems there will be more demand than supply.

    So if this turns out to be the case will BB do something similar to what he did last year by trading draft picks for players already in the league?

    • steve earle says:

      If he does I hope it turns out better then this years did.

      • Stephen J says:

        I’d say this year has worked out. Brandin Cooks is working out well. I’m not sure who we could of got in the draft that would have contributed as much as Brandin Cooks has.

        • steve earle says:

          Cooks is the only impact player we got. Only player we drafted that is playing a major roll is Wise Jr., really not impressed very much by overall results.

        • Stephen J says:

          Wow Tough crowd not impressed by 1 an impact player 2 a player that’s playing a major role 3 not to say one player who could still play a major role/make an impact that is on injured reserve in Derek Rivers and 4 someone that no one seems to know what is going on with in OT Tony Gonzalez which may or may not play a role for a small draft class that is impressive to me.

        • steve earle says:

          Really? Yes to Cooks but you can’t claim Rivers and Garcia, or Wise they were drafted. Still waiting for Dorsett to make more then cameos, otherwise we did pretty much as well with UDFA and vet signings.

    • EdgeX says:

      Love Matt Miller but I think that is a click bait article by him.

      November is really WAY, WAY, too early to judge a draft class.

      And I think Matt knows this.

  15. Russell says:

    watching tape/game of S Quin Blanding 6’1″ 215 lbs. 4.58 40yd. Virginia . Very impressed with him as a tackler, and reading plays. Good in coverage , & plays all over the D. Senior experience , avg. 10.5 tackles per game a yr. the last 4 yrs. as a starter. I have him as my #1 SS on my Patriots draft board.

  16. steve earle says:

    I see that 49ers released Ray Ray Armstrong. Wondering if he clears wavers he would be worth bringing in for a look?

  17. Stephen J says:

    Could BB be eyeing another Navy Midshipman this year.

    • Daniel Sullivan says:

      Thank You. I enjoyed that I am sure he will never forget that.

    • steve earle says:

      Did you look down a bit? Some guy needed some humor and showed a Make a Wish kid in same kind of thing but dude tackled him. Not any humor about it. Looked like real thing.

  18. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft.
    1 Brian O’Neill OT Pittsburgh
    2 Marquis Haynes DE Ole Miss.
    2 Kendrick Norton DT Miami
    3 Jaylon Smith WR Louisville
    4 Myles Gaskin RB Washington
    5 Alize Mack TE Notre Dame
    6 Anu Solomon QB Baylor

    Red Sox top target for free agency should be J.D.Martinez.

    Enjoy plenty of Turkey, Family and Football. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • steve earle says:

      Happy Turkey day Dan. I don’t know a lot about O’Neill except he a converted TE but I read he’s a Jr. Has he said he is coming out for the draft? I’ll see what I can find on him. Haynes is listed at 227# on Draft Scout I have on my board, likely a good OLB prospect, good pick. Once again there are some good prospects where we need help, it’s just a matter if Bill will make some picks instead of trading down for more picks. We seem to be running out of def play-makers.

    • steve earle says:

      Watched the Pitt/ Miami game today & focused on O’Neill at LT. Did a very good job from what TV allowed me to see. Focus was drawn to Pitt RB Dillison (name on back of shirt) who I could find no listing on. Ran like a possessed demon, anybody know about this kid? Tried Pitt rosters, not listed.

  19. macspak says:


  20. Stephen J says:

    Dane Brugler of has come out with his 1st mock draft of the season

    In the 1st round he has the Pats Selecting

  21. Stephen J says:

    Here is todays Fanspeak Mock Draft

    30: R1P30
    34: R2P2
    62: R2P30
    94: R3P30
    137: R4P35
    172: R5P34
    209: R6P30

  22. steve earle says:

    In spite of the injuries on the offensive side we still have a great offense yet I wonder why Dorsett has not become more involved? Is it simply a matter of game planning or something else? We see him occasionally running a route but seldom targeted. Is he unable to get separation, no trust by Brady, does anyone have any answers? I’m curious.

    • Russell says:

      I would guess Dorsett is still learning the system, and practice time with Brady, is limited. I also would not be surprised if the Offense is trying to find something that “fits” his skill-set, much the same as TE Allen. I would be shocked if both Allen & Dorsett don’t contribute down the stretch.

      • Stephen J says:

        I was thinking the same thing with TE Allen. He was here all spring summer and just started clicking 2 games ago. So give it time not many come in here right away and grasp the system.

        • steve earle says:

          Okay guess I just have to wait and see if you and Russell are right. No reason except my impatience to think your wrong. Hope he catches on soon.

  23. Russell says:

    The Patriots signed DE/LB Eric Lee off Buffalo’s P-Squad. Lee was undrafted (2016) and signed on with the Texans. The Patriots saw Lee in joint practice , and game with the Texans. Lee is 6’3″ 260 lbs. from South Florida where he was team captain in 2015.
    His Pro-day; 40 yd. 4.72 , Bench 24, BJ- 9’9″, 10 yd. 1.60, 3-cone, 7.41

  24. Stephen J says:

    Fanspeak Mock Draft

    30: R1P30
    34: R2P2
    62: R2P30
    94: R3P30
    137: R4P35
    172: R5P34
    209: R6P30

    • steve earle says:

      Wow! I really think Brandon Parker this high is questionable? We just don’t have that much info yet. Lets see how he does at the Sr. Bowl and combine. I also question Ejiorfor as low as you have him. No problem with the names you put up just where.

      • Stephen J says:

        We shall see how he does at the Senior Bowl but for now he is putting a stamp on where he is playing

        LT Brandon Parker has won the @MEACSports Offensive Lineman of the Week award for a seventh time this season. #FCS

        • Stephen J says:

          Next up the Celebration Bowl Dec 16 Atlanta Ga. NC A&T State are undeafted this year 11-0

        • steve earle says:

          Well I have my eye on him too but really want to see his pass blocking skills demonstrated against top level def prospects. If he is half as good at that as he is with run blocking I will agree with you but like the man in the movie said “show me the money” or in this case let him prove it. I hope he can.

  25. Russell says:

    I’m also watching LB Darius Leonard 6’2″ 230 lbs. South Carolina, who is one of the more active guys in pass coverage, while still being a strong tackler. He has the look of a SS, with short area quickness, but not a great 40 yd time, 4.72. Big on special teams (Block FG) & tackler.

    • JH says:

      Also a fan of Darius Leonard… I would think his 40 time would be pretty good based on what I’ve seen of him, what makes you think its bad? I think he can continue to add weight and he’ll look more like a linebacker, but a lot of different teams feature a smaller linebacker these days and Leonard is a perfect example of this new age linebacker type.

    • Stephen J says:

      FCS All-American SR LB Darius Leonard @SCStateAthletic recorded 10 total tackles including 2.5 sacks & 2.5 TFL in his last college game. He finishes his SR season with 114 total tackles, 8.5 sacks, 12 TFL, 2 INTs, 1 FF, & 1 Defensive TD

      Here is a thread of a whole bunch of plays

  26. GM-in-Training says:

    I guess the college scouting is really kicking into high gear now that there’s so much video available on key players.

    As to the Pats’ current state;
    1. I have a gut feeling that the Pats are resting Gillislee, because they don’t really need him in good weather, but will especially need him in the cold 4 of the last 5 games of the season.
    2. Malcom Mitchell is still eligible to return from IR. Rumors are they’re evaluating him this week. I think they will be cautious with him because once he starts practicing again, they’ll only have 3 weeks to activate him. With 4 TE and 3 good receiving backs, they’re getting by without Hogan, let alone Mitchell.
    3. I wonder how their defense will perform in cold weather. Rowe and Gilmore seem dinged up, and it’s harder to stay ding-free in the cold. The DT are also dinged up.
    4. Looking at the rest of their schedule, Pittsburg worries me the most because that game is probably for home field advantage.

    • steve earle says:

      Your thinking that Gillislee my be used more as the cold sets in is not unreasonable we’ll have to wait and see. The O-line is doing a much better job of run blocking of late and having a big back pounding opposing secondaries can be a big advantage. Not that we get entirely away from wgat we’re doing now.
      I thing getting Mitchell back has it’s advantages but even when he was healthy he was no Hogan. When/if he comes back who does BB cut to make room?
      Not sure the cold will have much effect on the def unless your thinking of footing on frozen fields. As I recall from my own old experiences the cold didn’t sap our strenth late in games like hot does. Could be wrong.
      Pitts is playing real well and they will be at home. Still Bill has a history of handling them home or away but agree it’s our biggest threat rest of the regular season. I never bet against the Pat’s when home field for the playoffs is on the line.

      • Stephen J says:

        As far as the Steelers and Bill handling them. Bill and Tom handled Dick LeBkeau’s defense well over the years but Dick LeBeau is now with the Titans and Keith Butler is their defensive coordinator. As for me I’m not concerned with the outcome of the regular season game sure it would be nice to win but I’d rather win the playoff game. If anything we can use that game to make adjustments win or lose in case we meet again in the playoffs.

        • steve earle says:

          Point well taken. Win or lose bill will make adjustments but I did find it easier to identify where we had to adjust if we lost. Not that I think losing is better but the mistakes are more obvious.

        • Russell says:

          I agree with Stephen the Patriots will be careful with play’s and personnel they use against Pittsburgh, knowing they may see them again.
          Pittsburgh could stumble as they play down to their competition, (lost to Bears, Jacksonville).
          Injuries from this point on will be big so they will bare watching.
          I’m hearing WR Mitchell will likely be called off IR towards the play-offs.

  27. Russell says:

    Another LOT worth watching is; Joseph Noteboom, 6’5″ 320 lbs, TCU, 5th yr. senior, 4.98 40 yd. wide wing span, 3 yr. Academic Big 12, computer science, and has an undergraduate degree. Moves his feet very well, has good strength but will need to add more, but has the frame. Good hand usage, good run blocker at the second level.

    • Stephen J says:

      Thanks Russell for bringing up Joseph Noteboom. Here is what I came across when researching him.

      1st this by Tony Pauline

      I’ve liked tackle Joseph Noteboom the past two seasons and believe he’s a tough, slug it out blocker who gets the most from his ability. Noteboom is also a stiff and shows little in the way of footwork or the ability to block in motion. As a result he’ll be a late round pick and may be kicked inside to guard at the next level.

      2ndly I did like what PFF had to say about him before the season started here

      For some reason I think of Logan Mankins while researching Noteboom. Although he could fill in as Tackle will more likely play Guard like Mankins is my train of thinking but someone to keep in the back of my mind and see what happens during the offseason ie bowl games combine and pro days

  28. Stephen J says:

    2 of My Favorite OT’s have accepted their invitations to the Senior Bowl as well

    1 Most will know recognize him and thats

    2 Has gone pretty much unheard of until now

    • steve earle says:

      Well I guess I put Parker on my latest mock just in time. Guy is a brute force run blocking on a team that appears a run first offense. Guy pancakes one after another on his highlights.

    • Stephen J says:

      For those that don’t know Brandon Parker here is some information on him from

      Small School Prospect – Brandon Parker/T/North Carolina A&T: Last year while doing Aggies film work on Tarik Cohen, who’s now making his mark as a rookie in the league, I couldn’t help but notice the mammoth offensive lineman plowing open running lanes on the left side. The more I watched the more I was intrigued and immediately stamped him with a draftable grade. In the early going of the 2017 season, Parker has not disappointed. Measuring 6-foot-7 and 315 pounds with arms that reportedly reach 35 inches, Parker is a dominant force with above average footwork and lateral agility. He’s efficient as a run blocker and pass protector and comes with tremendous upside.

      • Stephen J says:

        The biggest knock I’ve heard on him so far is this A little raw with hand placement & positioning

      • Stephen J says:

        This was posted on at the beginning of the season

        Has never surrendered a sack in his career … Enters his fourth straight season as the Aggies starting left tackle … Has only been called for four penalties in his career … Has played in 35 straight games with 35 straight starts … Was the first Aggie to win MEAC Offensive Lineman of the Year since Qasim Mitchell did it in 2001 … He and Mitchell are the only two linemen in program history to win the honor from the MEAC … Has good speed, good length and plays hard on each down … Has the longest reach on the team at 107 ½ inches … Has gotten stronger and increased his weight during his time at N.C. A&T … Can bench press 225 pounds 20 times in one set … Improved his bench press max from 340 to 360 pounds … Also has a squat max of 510 pounds

    • Russell says:

      Good find Stephen, watched some tape on OT Parker & like him a lot. Intelligent player, with experience. The question will be were in the draft, but looks like a Patriots type prospect. Nice find !!

  29. Stephen J says:

    TE Adam Breneman UMass has accepted his Senior Bowl invitation

    PFF has him with 57 catch-able targets with ZERO drops

  30. Stephen J says:

    Dallas Goedert has accepted his Senior Bowl invitation

  31. Stephen J says:

    Marcus Davenport has accepted his invitation to the Senior Bowl

  32. Stephen J says:

    Anthony Miller has accepted his invitation to the Senior Bowl

  33. Stephen J says:

    A Small school guy making big splashes.

    Siran Neal #5 DB 6’1″ 205 lbs from Jacksonville St. Has received and accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl.

    If you don’t know who he is, you soon will in the off season.

    He plays CB/S and special teams. Has played LB.
    Last year he played against LSU with 5 tackles 1.5 TFL’s( 1 TFL can be seen in the clip above)
    Had a 100 yard Kickoff return for a TD that was negated by a flag on the other side of the field during a spring game earlier this year.
    Was voted team captain

  34. Stephen J says:

    I came across this article last night. It intrigued me.

    So today I started watching some DraftBreakdown youtube clips (Miami 2016,Clemson 2017) of Tremaine Edwards Jr of Virginia Tech. When I did Tremaine’s style of play reminded me of Donta Hightower. I saw what the article was talking about. The one thing that the article didn’t mention was an area he could improve on and that is play diagnosis. If he correctly diagnosed more plays correctly he would of been in better positions or nor taken out of plays. Don’t get me wrong he can diagnosis plays its just something he needs improvement on. While only a Jr this year if he decides to come out. He would be on my radar.

    Here are his stats from this year

    VT has Tremaine Edmund’s listed as 6’5″ 250 lbs
    Patriots have Donta Hightower listed as 6’3″ 265 lbs

    • steve earle says:

      Draft Scout has him listed at 6-4 236 ( no big deal) and rated as a 2nd rd rising pick. Another option for us to watch and consider, good work finding him Stephen.

      • Stephen J says:

        Tremaine has a twin brother Terrell that plays Safety for VT as well. Tremaine will turn 19 on draft day.
        Terrell just had season ending surgery on his shoulder 6 days ago. That may play into his decision to remain another year. I have heard both he has decided to stay another year and that he will declare for the draft. My guess is it may depend on where the commission has him and or both him and his brother ranked as a 1st-2nd round come out anything else stay in. Have to wait and see for now.

  35. Stephen J says:

    In an article posted by David Flores of

    UTSA wasn’t on defensive end Marcus Davenport’s radar when he was a senior at Stevens High School, but his attitude changed when he made a recruiting visit.

    UTSA defensive end Marcus Davenport, on why he choose UTSA.

    “I didn’t plan none of this, honestly,” Davenport said. “Coming here, the real reason I came is because I met some real good guys on my visit. I was like, I want to be part of this family. The rest just happened to work out because I was surrounded by great people. I feel the older guys laid a foundation for us.

    “I remember our shirts said, ‘Leave (A) Legacy.’

    Here is his updated stats including last nights

  36. Turbo says:

    Mock 2.0. Trade our 1st to a mid 2nd and mid 3rd.

    2 (SF): Rashaan Evans LB
    2 (trade): DeShon Elliott S
    2 : Lorenzo Carter OLB/DE
    3 (trade): Harrison Phillips DT
    3: Kerryon Johnson RB
    4 (comp): Cedric Wilson WR
    6: Parry Nickerson CB

    • steve earle says:

      Another big back in late rds could be Kalen Ballage Arz St. 6-3 230 4.53/40. A Blount type used for short yardage/ red zone. Total yards 2016 was 1005, 536 rushing & 469 receiving with 15 TDs.

  37. JH says:

    Found an interesting RB prospect… Jordan Chunn out of Troy… 6’1″ 230 power back with surprising speed for his size as well as the ability to catch and block. He’s a 5th year senior and ran for 190+ vs. LSU this year. Only glaring weakness with him is his fumbling issues… has 8 career fumbles on about 600 touches which puts him somewhere around a 75 fumble rate, which is considered bad. He had 2 fumbles vs. LSU. BB obviously doesn’t like running backs who fumble but if this guy is available late on Day 3 I think he’s worth a shot. Fumbling is something that can be coached. Here’s the best video highlights I could find of him.

  38. Stephen J says:

    Is Anthony Miller making Riley Ferguson look good? How good of a QB would Riley Ferguson be without Anthony Miller?

    • Stephen J says:

      Right now in the 4th Quarter Riley Ferguson is 19/25 for 303 yards 2 TD’s 1 Int

      of which Anthony Miller has 7 catches for 162 yards and 2 TD’s

      The other 8 receivers have 12 catches for 141 yards and 0 TD’s

    • steve earle says:

      Well the QB must put the ball in the right place after reading the Def and finding the open receiver. It’s up to the receiver to get open and make the catch. So no, I don’t think it’s a case of making the QB look good, both are doing their jobs.

  39. Stephen J says:

    Here is a 2018 Draft Database that you guys can check out if your interested

  40. steve earle says:

    Funny how new information can change how, well I, look at my mocks. Thing is I now have two guys I’m very high on and the only way I can see to possibly draft them both is by trading down our 1st for a mid 2nd and 3rd. I know just a couple days ago I wrote that we have plenty of time to look at that kind of thing. Call me fickled but what can I say? Any way I want to run this by everyone to see what you all think.

    2 SF) Duke Ejiorfor DE Wake Forest 6-4 270 ( good rush, solid defender)
    2 Td v ) Marcus Davenport DE/OLB 6-6 235/255 ( size and quickness lends to OLB)
    2) Derrick Nnadi DT Fla St. 6-2 304 ( Veta Vea being mocked higher)
    3 Td v) Cody O’Connell OG Wash St. 6-8 348 ( huge OG, great pass blocker, good run blocker)
    3) Josey Jewell ILB Iowa 6-1 236 ( Great vs rub, good drops, hood hands, instinctive)
    4 comp) Coles Rayes Saf. No. Dak. 6-2 215 (ball hawk, strong run support, 4.64/40)
    5 Traded
    6) Brandon Parker OT N.C. A&T 6-6 300 ( run first team, power blocker, develop pass block)
    7 comp) Kalen Ballage RB Arz St. 6-3 230 ( 26 career TD,2016 =536 rush, 469 rec, 15 TD)
    Option on #6 & 7 to use as trade.

      • steve earle says:

        Great write up Stephen, thanks. I am salivating at the thought that we could possibly both Ejiorfor and Davenport (see my new mock just below) who has the same skill set, judging from highlights. Add those two to Flowers and Wise Jr and we would have an incredible rotation. The gamed Patricia could work on opposing offenses could set a new standard for NFL defenses.

    • steve earle says:

      As I think more on this mock I believe the idea that GM expressed earlier that we should trade our #6 for a future #5 then use that to trade later for a vet player would serve us better. I would also apply that to our #7 comp. The picks down there are no more likely to stick them UDFA’s it seems to me. cudos to GM.

  41. Stephen J says:

    Here are 2 players I just came across in a tweet

    Anthony Winbush, Ball St – 11.5
    Joe Ostman, CMU – 11

  42. Stephen J says:

    Dallas Goedert is playing today at 3 pm South Dakoda St (8-2) vs South Dakoda (7-3) on ESPN3. Goedert is a Jackrabbit wearing #86

  43. Stephen J says:

    Marcus Davenport is getting all the attention as he should but one of his teammates just might interest the Pats and his name is Devron Davis. He is 6’0″ 210 lbs. Plays DB both CB/S. Was highly recruited coming out of HS. Ended up being a Juco transfer.

    Here is a good write up on him

    • steve earle says:

      Good team with a couple good prospects. DE excites me a lot more then a DB at this point. The more highlights I see of Davenport the better I like hin. I wouldn’t be against using our #2 SF to draft him. At least it gives us another option for the position, gotta love that.

  44. Russell says:

    QB Matt Linehan career break down;
    2014, 378 att., 58.7 % 11 TD , 18 picks
    2015, 391 att. 63.4% 16 TD, 11 picks
    2016, 415 att. 61.9% 19 TD, 10 picks
    2017 , 9 games, 281 att. 61.6% 16 TD, 4 picks

  45. JH says:

    Here’s an article that was just recently written about Marcus Davenport, the DE out of UTSA. This guy is an absolute beast. The article mentions that he’s ranked 1st on Pro Football Focus for pass-rushing productivity and 3rd for run-stopping amongst 4-3 DE’s (he’s 3rd overall behind Chubb and Bosa). He’s destined to shoot up draft boards this offseason.

    • steve earle says:

      He does sound really good and wonder if he might come down to where we could draft him? I suppose it will depend on how teams factor in level of competition? I believe I read he will be going to one of the post season all star bowls, hoping he gets an invite to the combine so we get a real measure of him. On the other hand it might be better if he doesn’t if you catch my drift?

      • JH says:

        Totally agree with you. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’ll get a combine invite, but I wouldn’t be too upset if he couldn’t fully perform because of a small injury or something. I think if he does go through the drills other teams are going to become very interested, but at the same time he may get to where we’re picking because of the small school label, as you said.

      • Stephen J says:

        For some reason Marcus Davenport makes me think of Jamie Collins

        • steve earle says:

          See what you mean, similar body type along with quickness. Instincts look good too, I think the question is where could we draft him without reaching?

  46. Russell says:

    QB Jeremiah Brisco career stats as of today;
    43 games played, 697 comp. 1209 att. 57.7 % 106 TD’s 29 Inter. 6’3″ 225 lbs.

    • steve earle says:

      Draft Scout has him as 7-FA & rising, few other sites include him at all. Your the only reason most of us have ever heard of him. I think he may be worth bringing in. Where is your guess he might be drafted or do you think he will?

      • Russell says:

        QB Brisco has gotten mixed scouting reports. He is a Brett Farve Type QB, (In my opinion) forcing the ball into tight coverage, at times. With small school guys always tough to estimate about the draft.
        Last yr. I liked Copper Rush as my #1 prospect, & he went undrafted, but is now the Cowboys back-up QB.
        When the Patriots took Garoppolo, my #1 prospect was A.J. McCarron, now back-up in Cinny.
        So still early, I like Brisco, but Woodside, & Linehan interest me as well, for the Patriots. Finley is interesting from a larger school.

        • steve earle says:

          Even the pro’s miss more then strike gold with QB’s. I think that may be because of the many intangibles the position requires which are every bit as important as the skills involved. When we get down to small schools the problems only increase so it’s as much art as anything picking a good one.

  47. EdgeX says:

    Have you guys watched any tape on TE Dallas Goedert?

    This info was on an article on the NFL website:

    270 lbs
    4.65 40 time
    10″ + 1/8th inch hand size
    Soft Hands
    Good Blocker
    Plays with a mean streak

    What more could you want in a TE?

  48. Stephen J says:

    I was reading today that it wouldn’t surprise people that Baker Mayfield may only be 5’10-5’11” and not the 6’1″ that he is listed as. He seems to have what the Pats look for accuracy pocket presence it’s just a matter of height. I think I’ve read that BB likes the taller QB’s which seems to be accurate when you look at the QB’s he has drafted recently but something dawned on me today. Back in 2005 BB brought back Doug Flutie who played in 5 games. He was only 5’10” and 180 lbs. Now sure it may have been a local retirement thing and not as a long term starter but he did use him. So BB may not be totally against Baker Mayfield’s height. If that’s the case and Baker Mayfield does slide and reaches the Pats at the end of the 1st would BB take him. That would also give them that 5th year option in case Brady sticks around longer and goes for another record as the oldest active QB which now belongs to Steve DeBerg who started for the Falcons against the Jets at 44 years and 279 days old.

    • steve earle says:

      Never can say never but I think it’s unlikely. Draft Scout has Mayfield rated as a 3rd rd pick though rising. Really hard to see him rising to 1st rd especially if he is found at the combine to be under 6 foot. I have nothing against under 6 foot QB’s, but NFL does.

    • Stephen J says:

      My initial QB rankings as it stands now after Baker Mansfield it would be

      Logan Woodside..9792…………….87………………19………………..65.5
      Riley Ferguson….6579…………….59……………….17……………….62.1**
      Mike White………10071……………65………………30………………..65.4
      Matt Linehan……10769……………62………………43………………..61.4
      Ryan Finley………6366…………….36………………17………………..61.7

      ** 2 years for Career

      Logan Woodside..6’2″………..210
      Riley Ferguson….6’4″………..210
      Mike White………6’4″………..225
      Matt Linehan……6’3″………..239
      Ryan Finley……..6’4″………..205

      Intially I also had Luke Falk ahead of Logan Woodside due to his stats but as I researched more there were issues such as pocket presence eyeing or locking in on his receiver’s and not progressing through beyond his 2nd and occasionally 3rd receiver.

      • Stephen J says:

        One other QB I just came across and looking into is Nick Stevens

        6’3″…..215 lbs

        7925 yards……65 TD’s…..27 Int’s…..62.0% Completion

      • Russell says:

        QB Woodside is very interesting, watched him a few days ago. He passes the eye test, and could be a steal in the latter rounds.
        I have Mayfield in the 2nd round.
        QB Jeremiah Brisco is my #1 prospect on my board, tho he’s an early 2nd round pick.

        • Stephen J says:

          Thank You for reminding me Russell that is the other QB I was going to look at. By the way how is football smarts determined. Someone can be book smart or can take tests but still not be football smart.

        • Stephen J says:

          Jeremiah Briscoe

          6’3″ 225 lbs

          Yards 10095 TD’s 106 Int’s 29 Completion % 57.7 Career to date

        • Stephen J says:

          Scouting Report: Jeremiah Briscoe, QB, Sam Houston State

        • Russell says:

          Football smart is understanding why a play works, and what defensive changes affect the play reguardless of your execution. Pre-reads & play changes, pre-snap, based on your knowledge of what makes a given play successful. Matt Linehan’s dad designs plays at the NFL level, so it would seem likely he understands how /why things work. His higher interception rate may be more from his slower different delivery.

    • Russell says:

      I think its highly unlikely BB would draft Mayfield. Brady’s time is now so drafting other positions early, seems better for the team & a developmental QB late.
      4th round comp. pick or 6th round as the draft board stands now for the Patriots.

  49. Stephen J says:

    I finally watched some Anthony Miller last night thanks to this post. Very Nice. While watching he reminded me of Steve Smith Sr. Similar style of play and similar attitude. The word that comes to mind is scrappy. Though today I saw a scout having him as his 5th overall WR in this class. Now Steve Smith Sr was drafted in the 3rd round the 74th overall pick. As far as size and weight goes he is the same size as Danny Amendola who the Pats have listed as 5’11 and 190 lbs. Now I will be interested when the combine pro days come and see if he puts up numbers more like Steve Smith Sr or Danny Amendola (who went undrafted). One reason I see him possibly is because we are going to need to replace Amendola Edelman and possibly Cooks after next year due to salary cap. Not to mention Chris Hogan who after this year could be cut/released without any dead money which I don’t expect but the year after that he will be a UFA at the age of 31. So that’s 4 potential spots to fill in the next 2 years by WR’s that would fill a similar role as Anthony Miller.

  50. Russell says:

    Watched interesting prospect from Central Michigan, DE/OLB Joe Ostman 6’3″ 253 lbs. VERY quick, High motor, chases plays all over the field, holds his own with 300 lb. O-lineman. Strong tackler, Academic stand out, 3.66 GPA (Marketing), reminds me of last yrs. T.J. Watt collage tape (now with the Steelers), High school State wrestling champion.

  51. Russell says:

    Here’s what “I think “” the College QB’s are drafted by;
    Sam Darnold ; returns to school
    Josh Rosen ; N.Y. Giants; 1st round
    Mason Rodolph ; N.Y. Jets ; 1st round
    Josh Allen ; Arizona ; 1st round
    Luke Falk ; Cleveland ; 2nd round
    Jeremiah Brisco ; Pittsburgh ; 2nd round
    Baker Mayfield ; Jacksonville ; 2nd round
    Riley Ferguson ; Baltimore ; 2nd round
    The rest are 3d round or later;
    Lamar Jackson, Chargers
    J.T. Barrett ; Miami
    Matt Linehan ; Patriots ??
    Mike White ; New Orleans
    Kurt Benkurt ??

    • steve earle says:

      So your saying we have no chance to draft Rudolph? Oh darn, well I didn’t expect Bill would anyway. Question, what do you see in Linehan that wasn’t in the available highlights of him. Also where I am lacking on QB assessment what should I be looking for when I watch these highlights? Oh, two questions I guess.

      • Russell says:

        QB Linehan is football smart, student of the game. He understands how/why plays work (Dad is Offense Coor. for the Cowboys.)Played at Idaho when they were 1-10, and now 9+ wins, seen the bad times and worked to improve. You can see his improvement going back two yrs on tape. BB like’s guys who show;
        improvement from 1 yr. to the next.
        Students of the game that understand “why’ things work
        Abilitiy to learn, & any NFL ties that help them with lack of experience
        Linehan is not NFL ready, but is a Brady “type” coming out of college. Watch some tape of Brady in college.

      • Russell says:

        When watching QB’s, Steve, I watch;
        the arc on the ball on deeper throws
        shoulders square & throwing motion
        Ability to move the S on the field (eyes, head)
        Interviews, (Smart, student of the game, etc. )
        Program he’s in, and quality of his WR/TE & O-line play.
        Teams he plays agains’t

        • steve earle says:

          Good tips Russell, thank you I’ll look for those things. Heck I was an old O-linemen never got to watch or QB or hear the coaching he got. This might help.

        • Russell says:

          I was a DB/ KR, when I tried out with the Patriots in 1980. Geno Cappilatti (spelling) Patriots Kicker was the special teams coach, who I worked with that day.

    • JH says:

      Where do you envision Finley going? I think he’ll come out because this year is his fifth year of college, so he’ll be considered pretty old if he came out this year anyways, but REALLY old if he stays.

      • Russell says:

        If Finley enters the draft, I would estimate, a 3d round pick, & the patriots could be in the mix for him.

  52. Ryan says:

    I grabbed data from Anthony Miller’s games against “good” opponents (listed below for you to judge). I didn’t set a cap beforehand, I just chose the strongest opponents, which is why it turned out to be nine games.

    Games chosen:
    2016- Ole Miss, South Florida, Houston, Temple, Tulsa, WKU
    2017- Houston, UCF, UCLA

    It’s a little incomplete, since 2017 is ongoing, but here’s where he’s at so far against tougher competition:

    81 catches, 1256 yards, 10 touchdowns over 9 games. Pretty impressive, but note that he did get shut down by UCF this year and Temple last year. Still, looks like he doesn’t back down from competition and he should have a good shot to make it the NFL. This year’s WR class doesn’t have half the depth of last year’s, and I’d be shocked if Miller makes it out of the 4th round. Is he worth a 3rd-rounder? I don’t think so, but trading up in the 4th generally doesn’t cost much and I’d be happy to do so if it means picking up a player as good as Miller is.

    • Ryan says:

      Clarification on him not being worth a third-rounder: talent-wise, I’d say he belongs at the end of the third, but I think we have bigger day 2 needs this year.

      • steve earle says:

        Agree Ryan. We will have a full complement of returning WR’s as I’m sure you know but the Def front and O-line both need reinforcements IMO. I wouldn’t mind a WR or a QB or a Saf after those spots are taken care of just think priority’s must be addressed first.

        • Ryan says:

          For sure. Miller’s a good player, no doubt, but the need isn’t quite there (slot receiver is still a long-term requirement to think about) and I wouldn’t consider reaching into the third round for Miller.

  53. Russell says:

    Nov. Patriots Mock;
    1st,— DT Maurice Hurst, Michigan, 6’2″ 285 lbs.
    2nd, (SF)- OT Chukuma Okorafor, Western Michigan, 6’6″ 330 lbs.
    2nd, —- LB Micah Kiser, Virginia , 6’1″ 240 lbs.
    3d, —- DE Andrew Brown, Virginia , 6′ 4″ 284 lbs.
    4th, (Comp)– QB Matt Linehan , Idaho , 6’2″ 215 lbs.
    6th, — SS Trey Marshall, Florida State, 6′ 215 lbs.

    I would like QB Jeremiah Brisco , but he looks like a 2nd rounder and moving up, and the need for others is best for the team. QB Matt Linehan (Dad Cowboys Offensive coordinater) has good looking foot work, arm, & work ethic.
    The Patriots will need about $3 mil. in cap space to sign this group.

    • steve earle says:

      Oh yea Russell this is one of your bests, I like it. I like your using picks we currently have ( the 4th comp exception still okay) even though we both expect BB will trade down our 1st. There will be plenty of time for spec on trade downs later. Nice job.

      • Russell says:

        Thanks Steve, I’ torn between Braden Smith, & Okorafor. Both have VERY quick feet. Oko has played only LOT, and needs work on his hand usage & blocking at the second level. Smith is stronger & has played mostly RG, & RT, has better hand usage, & blocking at the second level. Smith has played agains’t better players at Auburn.
        Smith won’t make it past the second round, where Ok0 will be maybe 3d round limited. However can Smith play LT??

        • steve earle says:

          Agree and think which ever of the two it’s a win. Me I’d go with OT because there are still going to be some really good guard prospects down in the 4th early 5th even. Okorafor may need some polishing but is well worth the pick.

      • macspak says:


        I agree with Steve. Something about the priority of positions and the caliber of players projected at each position rings true. We can’t keep trying the fill priority positions of need with late round gambles, which seldom bear fruition. Edelman’s are one in a thousand.

        NICE job!

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Really like the pick of Linehan in the 4th. He is a guy I have targeted for the Patriots as well.

      • Russell says:

        Linehan is football smart. He has an odd throwing motion, somewhat like Cam Newton. Foot work fairly good, gets shoulders square. As developmental QB he has the tools.

      • steve earle says:

        Watched some highlights on Linehan and my impression is mixed, nothing great, nothing terrible. I only see one QB that we can expect to be in our pick ranges that I like and that’s Mason Rudolph and he will likely not get out of the 2nd rd. My question then is will it really be “necessary” to take a QB this draft or should we wait for 2019 draft? If it is necessary shouldn’t we ignore the fact that it will take a high pick to do so, bite the bullet and just do it?

        • macspak says:

          If a JG like caliber is there even at our #1 or either #2’s, we take him. Can’t screw around with the QB position and father time eventually will find where Brady lives.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Mac, Your so right!

  54. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Dorsett is very good I have as not as good as Cooks but very good.
    BB should give him a chance to play. Both of them on field together will
    be scary for defenses.

    • steve earle says:

      Really hope your right Dan actually I thought he would see more snaps Sunday but I think that was due to game planning ( keeping away from Den CB’s) which worked to perfection. With Hogan still out be looking for his greater involvement down Mexico way.

  55. JH says:

    Did anyone ever find anything out about DE Marcus Davenport? I mentioned him in the last post, 6’7″ 255 and athletic but not sure if athletic or raw.

  56. GM-in-Training says:

    My guess on position priority will be
    1st: DT (Penetrator who can rush and also stuff…the next Wilfork)
    2nd (SF): LB (6’3″, 260 fast and smart)
    2nd (Pats): QB (Quick release, good pocket presence)
    3rd: OT (6’7″+, 35″+ arms)
    4th: (goes to Eagles for Rowe)
    6th: Trade for future pick, which gets used in September 2018 for a veteran
    7th: RB who weighs over 225.

    I think they need to start developing youth at LB. It takes a couple years to create a green dot guy, and Hightower is likely to have more trouble staying on the field.

    I know they need to groom replacements for Branch and Chung. I think one of the Safeties on the PS will be ready to step up at SS. Probably David Jones. Malcom Brown is good, but he’s not as explosive as Wilfork was, and if they could get that at the end of the 1st, I think they’d take it. DT in the 1st tend to work out.

    • steve earle says:

      Okay comments, your #1) Vita Vea fits description and has good stats I mocked him at our #2. No telling if he drops to there though. Your #2 SF) sounds great, any name to go with that? our #2) QB? maybe? #3) talent thinning out going down toward bottom of the round. #4 may still get a comp pick? 5 is traded away, and I don’t get #6. Are you trading it or using it? #7) let me suggest Kalen Ballage RB Arz St. 6-3 230 4.53/4.56 forty. Under rated power and good speed.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        I like your names.
        My expectation is the Pats will trade their 2018 6th for a 2019 5th, which they will trade away in September 2018 for a veteran and maybe a 2019 6th or 7th.

        They generally think a veteran they like will have a better chance of contributing than a 6th rounder.

        See Marsh, Bademosi, M. Flowers, and others from years past.

        No, I don’t have a specific name of a big stud LB who will be available around pick 34-36…just thinking this might be a year to go looking.

        • steve earle says:

          Okay got you on that trade, makes good sense now that I understand it. Also I agree on that stud LB just thought you might have had someone in mind I hadn’t heard of. Most of the collage LB’s today seem on the lighter side and the DE’s who would fit the size desired appear on the slower side for LB’s. Have to check out the Davenport kid JH has brought up. Maybe he has a turn of speed that could fit. Let you know when I do.

        • steve earle says:

          Quick check on Draft Scout has Davenport listed at 6-6 235 and 4.77/40. Not bad but not great fit. Still worth a look.

  57. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I have seen Anthony Miller play on TV several times he is very good.

    Patriots Mock Draft 2.0
    1 Carlton Davis CB Auburn
    2 Equanimeous St.Brown WR Notre Dame
    2 Andrew Brown DE/DT Virginia
    3 Jarrett Stidham QB Auburn
    4 Ike Boettger OT Iowa
    4 Porter Gustin DE/OLB USC
    6 Tyree Robinson S Oregon
    7 Nick Wilson RB Arizona

    To the Red Sox Logan Morrison should be the answer to power bat without giving
    up great young stars that are only get a lot better. He will hit 45 homers in Fenway.

  58. Russell says:

    I’ve watched Miller too, interesting prospect. I’m interested in Allen Lazard 6’4″ 225 lbs 4.58 40 yd. as a TE type prospect, as a miss-match. I don’t feel he fast enough at WR.

    • steve earle says:

      Lazard at 223# is to light for a TE, he is a WR, big, tall and probably can match up with LB’s if time of 4.58 is right. He is slotted as a 2nd-3rd pick by draft scout so I ask myself has he more value then a DE/ LB or O-line with our 2nd?

      • Mike Gerken says:

        Oooh, don’t get me started on Lazard. I have a hard time being subjective when it comes to my beloved Cyclone players.
        Excellent hands, excellent body control. NFL size and can make tough contested catches. Smart player who can read defenses and find holes. He is a little rigid in and out of cuts and I think deep speed is an issue. I think where he could be great is from a big slot position. Think Anquon Bolden or Larry Fitzgerald now.

    • JH says:

      I would love to draft a receiver but I don’t know if its a high need or where they’d fit on the roster next year. Edelman, Mitchell, Hogan, and Cooks will all be signed plus Amendola likely coming back and Dorsett on a cheap contract. I think Dorsett could still become something, many people forget he was a first rounder.

      • steve earle says:

        I keep hoping Dorsett will break out but so far not so much. I fear he will be a bust but if so will not cost much to cut.

        • JH says:

          Agreed. In the event we cut Dorsett I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to draft one.

        • steve earle says:

          @JH, Given the WR’s on the roster already, if Dorsett should be released, adding a WR pick would create a crowd so a receiver probably shouldn’t be taken before the 4th rd IMO.

  59. GM-in-Training says:

    Don’t you like Riley McCarron? He’s a little shorter, a little lighter, very good change of direction, didn’t cost a draft pick and is already on the PS. I agree slot WR need to be closer to 200 pounds to be able to take the impacts.

    • Stephen J says:

      I do I did a big write up on him during the draft. I was glad to see him land on the Pats practice squad. As far as weight goes Danny Amendola is 190 lbs and Julian Edelman is 200 lbs so that range seems to be the Pats range currently. Wes Welker was 185 lbs.

  60. steve earle says:

    Sounds really good Mike. Like you I wonder if “need” will come first or not? Even so he sounds like our kind of guy. I’ll be looking him up and thanks for the tip.

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